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Arygos-EU Boss Kills
1Cumbres Ira DeiArygos-EU10871601247Not updated
2Lifiora Ira DeiArygos-EU9831591142Not updated
3Kaylar Ira DeiArygos-EU9541601114Not updated
4Shíva Ira DeiArygos-EU1007951102Not updated
5Lateria Ira DeiArygos-EU86055915
6Resil Ira DeiArygos-EU654211865Not updated
7Cîrion Ira DeiArygos-EU79624820Not updated
8Taora Ira DeiArygos-EU60856664Not updated
9Connerjason Ira DeiArygos-EU58325608Not updated
10Moonli Ira DeiArygos-EU55917576Not updated
11Náhy Ira DeiArygos-EU51045555Not updated
12Manix Ira DeiArygos-EU47868546Not updated
13Sephirus Ira DeiArygos-EU47758535Not updated
14Odinos Ira DeiArygos-EU4735478Not updated
15Robinja Ira DeiArygos-EU42834462
16Thîa Ira DeiArygos-EU39162453Not updated
17Bärwølf Ira DeiArygos-EU37257429Not updated
18Thunderbold Ira DeiArygos-EU4113414Not updated
19Solarya Ira DeiArygos-EU30885393Not updated
20Vivianne Ira DeiArygos-EU32065385Not updated
21Caerleon Ira DeiArygos-EU34835383Not updated
22Angeleys Ira DeiArygos-EU3304334
23Shocki Ira DeiArygos-EU29226318Not updated
23Bankofix Ira DeiArygos-EU26157318Not updated
25Páranoia Ira DeiArygos-EU2928300Not updated
26Xianghua Ira DeiArygos-EU21946265Not updated
27Paahaana Ira DeiArygos-EU25011261Not updated
28Nørîna Ira DeiArygos-EU21432246Not updated
29Mentar Ira DeiArygos-EU19038228Not updated
30Shavexý Ira DeiArygos-EU18728215Not updated
31Necromo Ira DeiArygos-EU1966202Not updated
32Aladorn Ira DeiArygos-EU1734177Not updated
33Norane Ira DeiArygos-EU13911150Not updated
34Nâmia Ira DeiArygos-EU1451146Not updated
35Merastin Ira DeiArygos-EU10725132Not updated
36Galven Ira DeiArygos-EU9436130Not updated
37Oríana Ira DeiArygos-EU1156121Not updated
38Shaíra Ira DeiArygos-EU10016116Not updated
39Kunglaô Ira DeiArygos-EU1006106Not updated
40Gastron Ira DeiArygos-EU89695Not updated
41Isena Ira DeiArygos-EU771289Not updated
42Despal Ira DeiArygos-EU87087Not updated
43Ðântè Ira DeiArygos-EU81182Not updated
44Jüly Ira DeiArygos-EU81081Not updated
44Sheniâ Ira DeiArygos-EU75681
46Domìnô Ira DeiArygos-EU392362Not updated
47Chìca Ira DeiArygos-EU56157Not updated
47Jênnà Ira DeiArygos-EU461157Not updated
49Mosuko Ira DeiArygos-EU282755Not updated
50Bandaura Ira DeiArygos-EU411152Not updated
51Platina Ira DeiArygos-EU49049Not updated
52Nasly Ira DeiArygos-EU45146Not updated
53Schamyi Ira DeiArygos-EU291342Not updated
54Blâckzwerg Ira DeiArygos-EU34135Not updated
55Lisara Ira DeiArygos-EU30030Not updated
56Miyuri Ira DeiArygos-EU21223Not updated
57Setsukó Ira DeiArygos-EU22022Not updated
58Leonîé Ira DeiArygos-EU21021Not updated
59Tevida Ira DeiArygos-EU8210Not updated
60Pentragona Ira DeiArygos-EU505Not updated
61Lisina Ira DeiArygos-EU044Not updated
61 Ira DeiArygos-EU314Not updated
63Yull Ira DeiArygos-EU303Not updated
64Seraphinâ Ira DeiArygos-EU202Not updated
65Shanyce Ira DeiArygos-EU101Not updated
66Schalkan Ira DeiArygos-EU000
66Néya Ira DeiArygos-EU000Not updated
66Wasgehtmann Ira DeiArygos-EU000Not updated
66Paahaanaa Ira DeiArygos-EU000Not updated
66Jägernoah Ira DeiArygos-EU000Not updated

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