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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Boss Kills
1Muphrid In Other NewsStormrage-US30047893793Not updated
2Lexiir In Other NewsStormrage-US29617303691Not updated
3Fenixdown In Other NewsStormrage-US30496123661Not updated
4Riichard In Other NewsStormrage-US30086163624Not updated
5Tyrrae In Other NewsStormrage-US28127993611Not updated
6Midevilwitch In Other NewsStormrage-US27626943456Not updated
7Vylanis In Other NewsStormrage-US26476753322Not updated
8Feardotcom In Other NewsStormrage-US23437063049Not updated
9Zenìa In Other NewsStormrage-US22215632784Not updated
10Eubring In Other NewsStormrage-US22544142668Not updated
11Rootee In Other NewsStormrage-US21194052524Not updated
12Smashêd In Other NewsStormrage-US21842252409Not updated
13Catacalysmic In Other NewsStormrage-US18165782394Not updated
14Letterbomb In Other NewsStormrage-US19004892389Not updated
15Shadowrader In Other NewsStormrage-US20273282355Not updated
16Graflen In Other NewsStormrage-US19213712292Not updated
17Idoc In Other NewsStormrage-US20102502260Not updated
18Buffretdps In Other NewsStormrage-US18124392251Not updated
19Rikuxlli In Other NewsStormrage-US15073221829Not updated
20Griiff In Other NewsStormrage-US15692471816Not updated
21Gograz In Other NewsStormrage-US16291221751Not updated
22Hawtmama In Other NewsStormrage-US15212271748Not updated
23Ultiorigin In Other NewsStormrage-US14632051668Not updated
24Freynor In Other NewsStormrage-US1516951611Not updated
25Avelica In Other NewsStormrage-US10085531561Not updated
26Phylias In Other NewsStormrage-US13441191463Not updated
27Bristów In Other NewsStormrage-US1219971316Not updated
28Rhiannah In Other NewsStormrage-US8953211216Not updated
29Krishnar In Other NewsStormrage-US9842101194Not updated
30Indigomøøn In Other NewsStormrage-US1112741186Not updated
31Nymphodin In Other NewsStormrage-US1065981163Not updated
32Celdinna In Other NewsStormrage-US1093631156Not updated
33Dangazone In Other NewsStormrage-US10331211154Not updated
34Salioh In Other NewsStormrage-US8132961109Not updated
35Alnitam In Other NewsStormrage-US9231761099Not updated
36Meanrock In Other NewsStormrage-US1023731096Not updated
37Hyaciinth In Other NewsStormrage-US1027641091Not updated
38Breezenai In Other NewsStormrage-US991961087Not updated
39Kyndi In Other NewsStormrage-US9591071066Not updated
40Ultimecià In Other NewsStormrage-US8072511058Not updated
41Phanatik In Other NewsStormrage-US8731631036Not updated
42Fathr In Other NewsStormrage-US988371025Not updated
43Antofdeath In Other NewsStormrage-US992231015Not updated
44Breezee In Other NewsStormrage-US845110955Not updated
45Chriton In Other NewsStormrage-US85780937Not updated
46Zahliah In Other NewsStormrage-US766129895Not updated
47Koranek In Other NewsStormrage-US620216836Not updated
48Bearlyheals In Other NewsStormrage-US666115781Not updated
49Nomerci In Other NewsStormrage-US71639755Not updated
50Stumpan In Other NewsStormrage-US527203730Not updated
51Helmira In Other NewsStormrage-US68533718Not updated
52Gauge In Other NewsStormrage-US485188673Not updated
53Thoranim In Other NewsStormrage-US425242667Not updated
54Jrollin In Other NewsStormrage-US58548633Not updated
55Yivola In Other NewsStormrage-US59134625Not updated
56Howshockin In Other NewsStormrage-US371250621Not updated
57Rrell In Other NewsStormrage-US488125613Not updated
58Çapslock In Other NewsStormrage-US52863591Not updated
59Aviendae In Other NewsStormrage-US54733580Not updated
60Kestian In Other NewsStormrage-US422104526Not updated
61Montclair In Other NewsStormrage-US50610516Not updated
62Baart In Other NewsStormrage-US43012442Not updated
63Rightsideup In Other NewsStormrage-US34853401Not updated
64Madeinhaven In Other NewsStormrage-US31973392Not updated
65Flueshot In Other NewsStormrage-US33134365Not updated
66Avilah In Other NewsStormrage-US35111362Not updated
67Gamgar In Other NewsStormrage-US26365328Not updated
68Shameros In Other NewsStormrage-US3243327Not updated
69Neanah In Other NewsStormrage-US29825323Not updated
70Kaalari In Other NewsStormrage-US3093312Not updated
71Eminica In Other NewsStormrage-US3065311Not updated
72Yrvaken In Other NewsStormrage-US3017308Not updated
73Hematochezia In Other NewsStormrage-US28012292Not updated
74Johndude In Other NewsStormrage-US22265287Not updated
75Shravanii In Other NewsStormrage-US2646270Not updated
76Elgebar In Other NewsStormrage-US22643269Not updated
77Razix In Other NewsStormrage-US2642266Not updated
78Midevasion In Other NewsStormrage-US2537260Not updated
79Orchiid In Other NewsStormrage-US24314257Not updated
80Tresda In Other NewsStormrage-US23511246Not updated
81Squishsquash In Other NewsStormrage-US2361237Not updated
81Marunar In Other NewsStormrage-US16770237Not updated
83Dessox In Other NewsStormrage-US22114235Not updated
84Rikuxlil In Other NewsStormrage-US19339232Not updated
85Nymphoroll In Other NewsStormrage-US20510215Not updated
86Hezmata In Other NewsStormrage-US2025207Not updated
87Tavshi In Other NewsStormrage-US17022192Not updated
88Palinteres In Other NewsStormrage-US1818189Not updated
89Isabellè In Other NewsStormrage-US1817188Not updated
90Meteoritè In Other NewsStormrage-US17114185Not updated
91Amaryliis In Other NewsStormrage-US13640176Not updated
92Rockn In Other NewsStormrage-US1646170Not updated
93Zillik In Other NewsStormrage-US1592161Not updated
94Tìk In Other NewsStormrage-US1553158Not updated
95Lunarmist In Other NewsStormrage-US1459154Not updated
95Simak In Other NewsStormrage-US1540154Not updated
95Silentplague In Other NewsStormrage-US1495154Not updated
98Krish In Other NewsStormrage-US1530153Not updated
99Lthrnck In Other NewsStormrage-US1460146Not updated
100Rikudied In Other NewsStormrage-US9845143Not updated

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