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Cho'gall-EU Boss Kills
1Grogre In NomineCho'gall-EU24696993168Not updated
2Miete In NomineCho'gall-EU22847433027Not updated
3Flèau In NomineCho'gall-EU18236432466Not updated
4Arsgunner In NomineCho'gall-EU17476802427Not updated
5Mouppet In NomineCho'gall-EU17063972103Not updated
6Zsosahaal In NomineCho'gall-EU14211591580Not updated
7Lunapandora In NomineCho'gall-EU11563411497Not updated
8Drahomak In NomineCho'gall-EU11513211472Not updated
9Aériz In NomineCho'gall-EU9753781353Not updated
10Mataya In NomineCho'gall-EU9662511217Not updated
11Fitzounnet In NomineCho'gall-EU1110721182Not updated
12Surâme In NomineCho'gall-EU83399932Not updated
13Machiavela In NomineCho'gall-EU71372785Not updated
14Gujnor In NomineCho'gall-EU60578683Not updated
15Griftgor In NomineCho'gall-EU6598667Not updated
16Silkine In NomineCho'gall-EU58577662Not updated
17Darkrow In NomineCho'gall-EU454140594Not updated
18Gilgalãd In NomineCho'gall-EU465103568Not updated
19Atheala In NomineCho'gall-EU50023523Not updated
20Fantastica In NomineCho'gall-EU35575430Not updated
21Alohomorah In NomineCho'gall-EU38729416Not updated
22Oeufdur In NomineCho'gall-EU38817405Not updated
23Kuronin In NomineCho'gall-EU26296358Not updated
24Fyrn In NomineCho'gall-EU207101308Not updated
25Niméda In NomineCho'gall-EU26819287Not updated
26Penetrator In NomineCho'gall-EU2804284Not updated
27Naindividu In NomineCho'gall-EU20914223Not updated
28Fye In NomineCho'gall-EU2061207Not updated
29Kakøuzou In NomineCho'gall-EU1735178Not updated
30Steackâché In NomineCho'gall-EU16012172Not updated
31Aryada In NomineCho'gall-EU1560156Not updated
32Lunadel In NomineCho'gall-EU1300130Not updated
33Darkage In NomineCho'gall-EU1270127Not updated
34Tueurdepoule In NomineCho'gall-EU1123115Not updated
35Élorãh In NomineCho'gall-EU1103113Not updated
36Nastacha In NomineCho'gall-EU97097Not updated
37Ichidamaldo In NomineCho'gall-EU61566Not updated
38Ortïe In NomineCho'gall-EU53255Not updated
39Drachenfel In NomineCho'gall-EU53053Not updated
40Yumeneko In NomineCho'gall-EU52052Not updated
41Flëau In NomineCho'gall-EU49049Not updated
42Galaadette In NomineCho'gall-EU44347Not updated
43Toupie In NomineCho'gall-EU25025Not updated
44Bööh In NomineCho'gall-EU15015Not updated
44Pachirata In NomineCho'gall-EU15015Not updated
46Tutulette In NomineCho'gall-EU13013Not updated
47Xïan In NomineCho'gall-EU12012Not updated
48Felion In NomineCho'gall-EU505Not updated
48Pism In NomineCho'gall-EU505Not updated
50Grogrette In NomineCho'gall-EU000Not updated

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