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Shen'dralar-EU Boss Kills
1Ayreon For the HordeShen'dralar-EU13842701654Not updated
2Lezcretors For the HordeShen'dralar-EU82278900Not updated
3Solracs For the HordeShen'dralar-EU69870768Not updated
4Guimard For the HordeShen'dralar-EU67489763Not updated
5Cahiev For the HordeShen'dralar-EU59629625Not updated
6Raw For the HordeShen'dralar-EU56426590Not updated
7Kök For the HordeShen'dralar-EU53343576Not updated
8Sarcangel For the HordeShen'dralar-EU50230532Not updated
9Twopenko For the HordeShen'dralar-EU4328440Not updated
10Thao For the HordeShen'dralar-EU33837375Not updated
11Piccota For the HordeShen'dralar-EU35617373Not updated
12Isengart For the HordeShen'dralar-EU30245347Not updated
13Sätrian For the HordeShen'dralar-EU28156337Not updated
14Müerto For the HordeShen'dralar-EU26426290Not updated
15Tulio For the HordeShen'dralar-EU27113284Not updated
16Sembonsakura For the HordeShen'dralar-EU25527282Not updated
17Truenolejano For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2376243Not updated
18Thundjin For the HordeShen'dralar-EU21819237Not updated
19Older For the HordeShen'dralar-EU17742219Not updated
19Bancohermano For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2190219Not updated
21Fauzeblanca For the HordeShen'dralar-EU1422144Not updated
22Insidiosa For the HordeShen'dralar-EU12510135Not updated
23Ryloth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU1034107Not updated
24Delkar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU88189Not updated
25Lifal For the HordeShen'dralar-EU721587Not updated
26Velana For the HordeShen'dralar-EU86086Not updated
27Guachurcio For the HordeShen'dralar-EU79079Not updated
28Sensi For the HordeShen'dralar-EU72577Not updated
29Arzach For the HordeShen'dralar-EU73073Not updated
30Muertakö For the HordeShen'dralar-EU71071Not updated
31Zakher For the HordeShen'dralar-EU58159Not updated
32Shagar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU51051Not updated
33Kökfire For the HordeShen'dralar-EU46248Not updated
34Arnyx For the HordeShen'dralar-EU46147Not updated
35Narizes For the HordeShen'dralar-EU40646Not updated
36Kylekatar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU45045Not updated
37Naktar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU44044Not updated
37Blackdïable For the HordeShen'dralar-EU44044Not updated
39Dradok For the HordeShen'dralar-EU36137Not updated
40Lhenny For the HordeShen'dralar-EU24024Not updated
40Makkenson For the HordeShen'dralar-EU141024Not updated
42Cïd For the HordeShen'dralar-EU17017Not updated
43Blazter For the HordeShen'dralar-EU13013Not updated
44Yhumi For the HordeShen'dralar-EU10010Not updated
44Évole For the HordeShen'dralar-EU10010Not updated
46Krontag For the HordeShen'dralar-EU909Not updated
47Iscarioth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU707Not updated
47Munchkkin For the HordeShen'dralar-EU707Not updated
49Ibi For the HordeShen'dralar-EU505Not updated
50Kulzart For the HordeShen'dralar-EU303Not updated
50Eltrolillo For the HordeShen'dralar-EU303Not updated
52Zrok For the HordeShen'dralar-EU202Not updated
52Altor For the HordeShen'dralar-EU202Not updated
52Tenkku For the HordeShen'dralar-EU202Not updated
52Kyôshiro For the HordeShen'dralar-EU202Not updated
56Nutcracker For the HordeShen'dralar-EU101Not updated
56Katasús For the HordeShen'dralar-EU101Not updated
56Fávila For the HordeShen'dralar-EU101Not updated
59Onil For the HordeShen'dralar-EU000Not updated
59Dieudonne For the HordeShen'dralar-EU000Not updated
59Remnoth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU000Not updated

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