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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ragnaros-EU Boss Kills
1Zenros For FunRagnaros-EU23843002684Not updated
2Blodyn For FunRagnaros-EU22354382673Not updated
3Kreweta For FunRagnaros-EU21434832626Not updated
4Kungdeath For FunRagnaros-EU16893532042Not updated
5Futsume For FunRagnaros-EU14472951742Not updated
6Haurudon For FunRagnaros-EU13183681686Not updated
7Taurenpowah For FunRagnaros-EU12703881658Not updated
8Beliaranzo For FunRagnaros-EU11423881530Not updated
9Angrenost For FunRagnaros-EU9724291401Not updated
10Cassak For FunRagnaros-EU9213301251Not updated
11Basketto For FunRagnaros-EU9822641246Not updated
12Payokvati For FunRagnaros-EU9871701157Not updated
13Narvalon For FunRagnaros-EU7632481011Not updated
14Midlife For FunRagnaros-EU8581451003Not updated
15Gashnasher For FunRagnaros-EU554349903Not updated
16Tarkero For FunRagnaros-EU718157875Not updated
17Vektors For FunRagnaros-EU751115866Not updated
18Rootss For FunRagnaros-EU586136722Not updated
19Naïve For FunRagnaros-EU556164720Not updated
20Kradgam For FunRagnaros-EU428256684Not updated
21Komamurá For FunRagnaros-EU58095675Not updated
22Zevraijn For FunRagnaros-EU518140658Not updated
23Ellysia For FunRagnaros-EU55680636Not updated
24Mizuton For FunRagnaros-EU479152631Not updated
25Xcessive For FunRagnaros-EU56763630Not updated
26Vaasgoth For FunRagnaros-EU53683619Not updated
27Nolak For FunRagnaros-EU56149610Not updated
28Annih For FunRagnaros-EU455137592Not updated
29Gorlic For FunRagnaros-EU458122580Not updated
30Bugatti For FunRagnaros-EU455117572Not updated
31Marxestlól For FunRagnaros-EU427134561Not updated
32Hyourínmaru For FunRagnaros-EU52219541Not updated
33Stevient For FunRagnaros-EU49636532Not updated
34Chatslav For FunRagnaros-EU349114463Not updated
35Kreeft For FunRagnaros-EU40721428Not updated
36Junghiul For FunRagnaros-EU255142397Not updated
37Necrit For FunRagnaros-EU31242354Not updated
38Futomara For FunRagnaros-EU23674310Not updated
39Shafal For FunRagnaros-EU116160276Not updated
40Atrej For FunRagnaros-EU26112273Not updated
41Shiropaws For FunRagnaros-EU23124255Not updated
42Atheoi For FunRagnaros-EU21831249Not updated
43Kapsas For FunRagnaros-EU87155242Not updated
44Stormangel For FunRagnaros-EU19442236Not updated
45Feitan For FunRagnaros-EU17856234Not updated
46Dermot For FunRagnaros-EU108114222Not updated
47Himring For FunRagnaros-EU16735202Not updated
48Skaliss For FunRagnaros-EU1947201Not updated
49Chufter For FunRagnaros-EU1912193Not updated
50Kavlwthika For FunRagnaros-EU16129190Not updated
51Calon For FunRagnaros-EU16311174Not updated
52Thaurish For FunRagnaros-EU10567172Not updated
53Khogan For FunRagnaros-EU11834152Not updated
54Enodeip For FunRagnaros-EU1331134Not updated
55Vacamea For FunRagnaros-EU1252127Not updated
56Nubzörz For FunRagnaros-EU3882120Not updated
56Grønnmann For FunRagnaros-EU5961120Not updated
58Syriusz For FunRagnaros-EU1181119Not updated
59Mybrokesz For FunRagnaros-EU7725102Not updated
60Treemugger For FunRagnaros-EU91091Not updated
61Pitsaboy For FunRagnaros-EU771289Not updated
62Scatterbrai For FunRagnaros-EU85085Not updated
63Plood For FunRagnaros-EU76278Not updated
64Frindsi For FunRagnaros-EU75277Not updated
65Frogwhiskerz For FunRagnaros-EU62466Not updated
66Láronixlól For FunRagnaros-EU521365Not updated
67Razawan For FunRagnaros-EU60060Not updated
67Pudderina For FunRagnaros-EU53760Not updated
69Valorna For FunRagnaros-EU451358Not updated
70Málphas For FunRagnaros-EU55257Not updated
71Payyo For FunRagnaros-EU55055Not updated
72Amser For FunRagnaros-EU44953Not updated
73Ginosajï For FunRagnaros-EU351348Not updated
74Lezbean For FunRagnaros-EU172542Not updated
75Theoxáris For FunRagnaros-EU38341Not updated
76Undue For FunRagnaros-EU40040Not updated
77Inglíp For FunRagnaros-EU122638Not updated
78Khubilai For FunRagnaros-EU34337Not updated
79Grandeeney For FunRagnaros-EU241236Not updated
80Ghone For FunRagnaros-EU33235Not updated
81Rounos For FunRagnaros-EU191534Not updated
82Kargut For FunRagnaros-EU33033Not updated
83Specttre For FunRagnaros-EU28129Not updated
83Aureon For FunRagnaros-EU27229Not updated
85Blaime For FunRagnaros-EU19827Not updated
86Forgore For FunRagnaros-EU12425Not updated
87Bloke For FunRagnaros-EU23023Not updated
88Amenos For FunRagnaros-EU101222Not updated
88Kharnagar For FunRagnaros-EU22022Not updated
90Xblitz For FunRagnaros-EU20020Not updated
90Shankye For FunRagnaros-EU101020Not updated
92Grindor For FunRagnaros-EU16319Not updated
92Hâvøk For FunRagnaros-EU19019Not updated
94Kivdilos For FunRagnaros-EU18018Not updated
95Kungbrutal For FunRagnaros-EU13013Not updated
95Hávøk For FunRagnaros-EU13013Not updated
97Myrcelle For FunRagnaros-EU11011Not updated
98Quiverman For FunRagnaros-EU3710Not updated
98Grimhoofer For FunRagnaros-EU10010Not updated
100Maozedðng For FunRagnaros-EU808Not updated

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