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Cenarion Circle-US Boss Kills
1Renrawelad ExaltedCenarion Circle-US1100321132Not updated
2Kmopaleki ExaltedCenarion Circle-US108691095Not updated
3Volkan ExaltedCenarion Circle-US966361002Not updated
4Hadowen ExaltedCenarion Circle-US91345958Not updated
5Tuirenn ExaltedCenarion Circle-US80642848Not updated
6Marvick ExaltedCenarion Circle-US69037727Not updated
7Jadestar ExaltedCenarion Circle-US5858593Not updated
8Dravidian ExaltedCenarion Circle-US5684572Not updated
9Dweesal ExaltedCenarion Circle-US430105535Not updated
10Niral ExaltedCenarion Circle-US48818506Not updated
11Gwendall ExaltedCenarion Circle-US45238490Not updated
12Abih ExaltedCenarion Circle-US44246488Not updated
13Chantail ExaltedCenarion Circle-US4802482Not updated
14Shorai ExaltedCenarion Circle-US306100406Not updated
15Maplesyrup ExaltedCenarion Circle-US27066336Not updated
16Holywrath ExaltedCenarion Circle-US27554329Not updated
17Morlinda ExaltedCenarion Circle-US2851286Not updated
18Misukage ExaltedCenarion Circle-US24112253Not updated
19Oion ExaltedCenarion Circle-US17874252Not updated
20Enathrae ExaltedCenarion Circle-US23318251Not updated
21Edarios ExaltedCenarion Circle-US1650165Not updated
22Johnie ExaltedCenarion Circle-US12917146Not updated
23Elylvana ExaltedCenarion Circle-US1228130Not updated
24Talrien ExaltedCenarion Circle-US1124116Not updated
25Retnachort ExaltedCenarion Circle-US1013104Not updated
26Namaru ExaltedCenarion Circle-US68371Not updated
27Ketrah ExaltedCenarion Circle-US57461Not updated
28Mysteltainn ExaltedCenarion Circle-US57057Not updated
29Vyndorian ExaltedCenarion Circle-US341549Not updated
30Jeklenhyde ExaltedCenarion Circle-US31031Not updated
31Stront ExaltedCenarion Circle-US30030Not updated
32Banditbill ExaltedCenarion Circle-US28028Not updated
33Ewendal ExaltedCenarion Circle-US21021Not updated
34Rennac ExaltedCenarion Circle-US19019Not updated
34Loretsy ExaltedCenarion Circle-US15419Not updated
36Theanna ExaltedCenarion Circle-US17017Not updated
37Thegraper ExaltedCenarion Circle-US15015Not updated
38Ambsmage ExaltedCenarion Circle-US12012Not updated
39Ermoranta ExaltedCenarion Circle-US606Not updated
39Blace ExaltedCenarion Circle-US606Not updated
41Lyeth ExaltedCenarion Circle-US505Not updated
42Yoshiboyfire ExaltedCenarion Circle-US404Not updated
43Darthana ExaltedCenarion Circle-US303Not updated
44Jaadite ExaltedCenarion Circle-US101Not updated
45Cammoren ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45Dieken ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45Kyhaque ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45Juicer ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45Asibah ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45Paleki ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45ßlackhealz ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45Brumal ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated
45Ambslock ExaltedCenarion Circle-US000Not updated

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