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Frostmane-EU Boss Kills
1Lossy DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU17349732707Not updated
2Lothus DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU70833741Not updated
3Wafflerbat DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU566143709Not updated
4Lossyo DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU306341647Not updated
5Unitz DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU54364607Not updated
6Drubbe DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU488115603Not updated
7Helter DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU47834512Not updated
8Quly DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU43266498Not updated
9Klemens DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU35993452Not updated
10Vårlook DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU34177418
11Dumfjant DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU33745382Not updated
12Fxn DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU32443367
13Leaped DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU33330363Not updated
13Vadez DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU34716363Not updated
15Magiska DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU25591346
16Microman DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU201129330Not updated
17Betrayd DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU23723260Not updated
18Dótz DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU124130254
19Wafflicus DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU2376243Not updated
20Merdin DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU17650226Not updated
21Elviraström DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU18144225Not updated
22Sockán DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU20715222Not updated
23Dvärgnylle DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU2171218Not updated
24Vonrogge DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU14661207Not updated
24Yaeweh DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU85122207Not updated
26Pjsonlól DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU2006206Not updated
27Crayón DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU16626192Not updated
28Hörntand DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU13824162Not updated
29Kipling DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU90292Not updated
30Lillfader DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU91091Not updated
31Zeawyn DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU631780Not updated
32Feget DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU73073Not updated
33Eccentric DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU62971Not updated
34Lillevass DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU38442Not updated
35Meddler DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU40141Not updated
36Gnoodle DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU33235Not updated
37Whynotloveme DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU26733Not updated
38Moisturizing DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU28028Not updated
38Framez DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU28028Not updated
40Vicksy DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU24024Not updated
41Krogan DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU20020Not updated
41Aireon DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU18220Not updated
43Blackbeauty DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU19019
44Grandare DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU17017Not updated
45Vibius DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU13013Not updated
46Kandidaten DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU10010Not updated
46Sotnem DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU10010
48Lillmoder DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU909Not updated
49Zeatsister DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU707Not updated
50Maklarn DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU505Not updated
50Solita DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU415Not updated
52Sulfuríx DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU404Not updated
53Foxxen DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU213Not updated
53Foxelito DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU213
55Fantomèn DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU202Not updated
55Redos DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU202Not updated
57Liiloo DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU101Not updated
58Zeat DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU000Not updated
58Snubbl DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU000Not updated
58Erikcarlsson DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU000Not updated
58Dranty DISCO DISCOFrostmane-EU000Not updated

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