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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-US Boss Kills
1Shavemeclean Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US9721081080Not updated
2Adae Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US997571054Not updated
3Inmune Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US771202973Not updated
4Ruberia Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US84753900Not updated
5Tyredex Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US79232824Not updated
6Patelz Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US68123704Not updated
7Poppintagz Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US64837685Not updated
8Blåckdåhliå Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US5546560Not updated
9Theboneman Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US53027557Not updated
10Zlise Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US51536551Not updated
11Fallensaintt Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US44131472Not updated
12Trapr Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US39726423Not updated
13Zheana Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US34633379Not updated
14Zambelli Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US31431345Not updated
15Drgloom Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US31033343Not updated
16Owlkohalic Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US2702272Not updated
17Seductíon Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US23832270Not updated
18Cosmyc Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US25510265Not updated
19Zenyatta Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US2561257Not updated
20Wréckless Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US2388246Not updated
21Ashùr Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US20413217Not updated
22Amayahra Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1890189Not updated
23Ingrownhair Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1750175Not updated
24Rylaar Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1710171Not updated
25Merckxx Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1661167Not updated
26Líttlebopeep Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1433146Not updated
27Dissolutions Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1286134Not updated
28Architoothus Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US11912131Not updated
29Klamas Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1300130Not updated
30Cabrenor Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US1254129Not updated
31Krittyfurs Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US96096Not updated
32Magelena Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US93093Not updated
32Alcyone Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US93093Not updated
34Zorayda Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US70272Not updated
35Chronosx Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US71071Not updated
36Zevill Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US69069Not updated
36Lorixi Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US69069Not updated
38Tarfuh Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US61768Not updated
39Rumtotem Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US481462Not updated
40Cromm Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US60060Not updated
40Amathrine Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US60060Not updated
42Fiig Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US58159Not updated
43Rendbrandt Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US52052Not updated
44Kowboyy Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US46046Not updated
44Magarathea Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US46046Not updated
44Zenii Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US46046Not updated
47Premmier Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US39140Not updated
48Holykrapp Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US34034Not updated
49Trailryder Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US33033Not updated
50Popovych Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US31031Not updated
51Pumpkín Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US30030Not updated
52Maghretta Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US26026Not updated
53Waitforcds Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US20020Not updated
54Drãma Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US18018Not updated
55Ascher Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US13013Not updated
55Zeleena Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US13013Not updated
57Kaderly Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US808Not updated
57Zargozarzian Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US808Not updated
57Keromar Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US808Not updated
57Wolfkillall Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US808Not updated
61Merln Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US505Not updated
61Emheal Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US505Not updated
63Rouseco Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US404Not updated
63Seråphim Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US404Not updated
63Drroe Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US404Not updated
66Shammp Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US303Not updated
66Veggisnail Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US303Not updated
66Kirstrista Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US303Not updated
69Magalali Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US202Not updated
69Wréckful Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US202Not updated
69Bubbawood Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US202Not updated
72Sneekyblade Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US101Not updated
72Xenose Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US101Not updated
72Celathire Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US101Not updated
75Arcanone Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Mossyhyde Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Magandra Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Magrana Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Charonn Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Razyre Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Etamuhs Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Shatterax Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Chaimh Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Zettie Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Ravenpaw Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Shumate Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated
75Mëzmerize Bipolar PenguinsSargeras-US000Not updated

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