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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garona-US Boss Kills
1Sightblinder Band of BloodGarona-US28341913025Not updated
2Bigdemon Band of BloodGarona-US24971512648Not updated
3Rhod Band of BloodGarona-US1569791648Not updated
4Hunee Band of BloodGarona-US1463511514Not updated
5Airimus Band of BloodGarona-US1390171407Not updated
6Zeilek Band of BloodGarona-US92912941Not updated
7Unholyx Band of BloodGarona-US76130791Not updated
8Pauguster Band of BloodGarona-US56442606Not updated
9Unholy Band of BloodGarona-US56039599Not updated
10Sheep Band of BloodGarona-US5177524Not updated
11Haof Band of BloodGarona-US5081509Not updated
12Lappis Band of BloodGarona-US4858493Not updated
13Latinopriest Band of BloodGarona-US4893492Not updated
14Littlebug Band of BloodGarona-US4653468Not updated
15Alixandrea Band of BloodGarona-US4487455Not updated
16Reverun Band of BloodGarona-US4191420Not updated
17Paladaholic Band of BloodGarona-US4102412Not updated
18Naeja Band of BloodGarona-US38817405Not updated
19Babychicaa Band of BloodGarona-US38211393Not updated
20Calimas Band of BloodGarona-US37616392Not updated
21Broodzilla Band of BloodGarona-US37614390Not updated
22Aphroditys Band of BloodGarona-US3733376Not updated
23Dragalot Band of BloodGarona-US29544339Not updated
24Fervoare Band of BloodGarona-US3238331Not updated
25Lumenes Band of BloodGarona-US3123315Not updated
26Bigtomm Band of BloodGarona-US3030303Not updated
27Pitchdark Band of BloodGarona-US2927299Not updated
28Nbforest Band of BloodGarona-US2900290Not updated
29Tazabu Band of BloodGarona-US26820288Not updated
30Haofen Band of BloodGarona-US26515280Not updated
31Kuzz Band of BloodGarona-US2780278Not updated
32Usdabeef Band of BloodGarona-US2609269Not updated
33Bacura Band of BloodGarona-US2630263Not updated
34Folana Band of BloodGarona-US23326259Not updated
35Velera Band of BloodGarona-US23124255Not updated
36Bullmanure Band of BloodGarona-US2472249Not updated
37Inchulk Band of BloodGarona-US2430243Not updated
38Russellin Band of BloodGarona-US15290242Not updated
39Mieana Band of BloodGarona-US19741238Not updated
40Robutussin Band of BloodGarona-US2331234Not updated
41Dzarowit Band of BloodGarona-US2231224Not updated
42Magaso Band of BloodGarona-US2194223Not updated
43Zshotz Band of BloodGarona-US18831219Not updated
44Singolo Band of BloodGarona-US2051206Not updated
45Zcow Band of BloodGarona-US1957202Not updated
46Gogators Band of BloodGarona-US1963199Not updated
47Bakedknight Band of BloodGarona-US1931194Not updated
48Firehuntress Band of BloodGarona-US16226188Not updated
49Darkeclipse Band of BloodGarona-US1870187Not updated
50Havenofdeath Band of BloodGarona-US1842186Not updated
51Hothgar Band of BloodGarona-US1813184Not updated
52Pàrker Band of BloodGarona-US1810181Not updated
53Ethier Band of BloodGarona-US1761177Not updated
54Glan Band of BloodGarona-US1713174Not updated
55Parquer Band of BloodGarona-US1609169Not updated
56Trögär Band of BloodGarona-US1643167Not updated
57Dethdealerr Band of BloodGarona-US10355158Not updated
58Røskoe Band of BloodGarona-US14512157Not updated
59Oneupper Band of BloodGarona-US1394143Not updated
60Freakmad Band of BloodGarona-US1347141Not updated
60Alezane Band of BloodGarona-US10437141Not updated
60Chaøskíller Band of BloodGarona-US11625141Not updated
63Rininiang Band of BloodGarona-US1400140Not updated
64Healmybeef Band of BloodGarona-US10927136Not updated
65Haofdin Band of BloodGarona-US1249133Not updated
66Dancingkrayt Band of BloodGarona-US1190119Not updated
66Raiju Band of BloodGarona-US10712119Not updated
68Daemont Band of BloodGarona-US1161117Not updated
69Bloodstalker Band of BloodGarona-US1110111Not updated
70Xkillerbull Band of BloodGarona-US1090109Not updated
71Killerbear Band of BloodGarona-US1032105Not updated
72Grïmm Band of BloodGarona-US95398Not updated
73Moltted Band of BloodGarona-US96096Not updated
74Ozzy Band of BloodGarona-US89594Not updated
75Trickzy Band of BloodGarona-US801292Not updated
75Wowaddictt Band of BloodGarona-US781492Not updated
77Anaphylactic Band of BloodGarona-US90090Not updated
78Kairì Band of BloodGarona-US84084Not updated
78Grimreiper Band of BloodGarona-US82284Not updated
80Kaladryn Band of BloodGarona-US79079Not updated
81Ozdeath Band of BloodGarona-US78078Not updated
81Semhorage Band of BloodGarona-US78078Not updated
83Soulterror Band of BloodGarona-US641175Not updated
84Littledot Band of BloodGarona-US74074Not updated
85Daheala Band of BloodGarona-US64468Not updated
85Alezante Band of BloodGarona-US61768Not updated
87Roarin Band of BloodGarona-US60666Not updated
88Dokana Band of BloodGarona-US65065Not updated
88Peligroso Band of BloodGarona-US64165Not updated
90Skitsofantk Band of BloodGarona-US59059Not updated
90Cadain Band of BloodGarona-US59059Not updated
90Velinde Band of BloodGarona-US59059Not updated
93Ðëäðçëll Band of BloodGarona-US57057Not updated
94Knìghtrìder Band of BloodGarona-US56056Not updated
94Toeburner Band of BloodGarona-US56056Not updated
96Aninja Band of BloodGarona-US48351Not updated
97Bludbankh Band of BloodGarona-US50050Not updated
98Nightrider Band of BloodGarona-US39847Not updated
98Huanglo Band of BloodGarona-US47047Not updated
98Tallace Band of BloodGarona-US202747Not updated

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