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US (OC) Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Maorimoron AvastFrostmourne-US2245
2Grimdotter AvastFrostmourne-US2224
3Jipsta ApotheosisBarthilas-US2200Not updated
3Aelganson  Gundrak-US2200Not updated
5Caopriest MlLF and CookiesJubei'Thos-US2176Not updated
6Grimlïght AvastFrostmourne-US2151
7Serzhuzala  Jubei'Thos-US2130Not updated
8Nerdsmash Sons öf AnarchyFrostmourne-US2119Not updated
9Vaydeath After DarkBarthilas-US2117
10Clique voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2116
11Azsun Teenage Mum On BenefitsBarthilas-US2114Not updated
12Rylecqt In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2103
13Exiledpally candyAman'Thul-US2093
14Bigdaddyvish AvastFrostmourne-US2084
15Mirrian A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US2076
16Killsya worstFrostmourne-US2065
17Iro In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2059
18Ziq In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2055
19Phabian voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2049
20Jjdoom Teenage Mum On BenefitsBarthilas-US2047Not updated
21Thedx SpecialistKhaz'goroth-US2042
22Owlpacino  Barthilas-US2040Not updated
22Elcius Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US2040
24Nottonightqt Challenger GamingFrostmourne-US2037Not updated
25Evilangelz Gold ClassFrostmourne-US2024
26Meaney Hey im OceanicFrostmourne-US2021
27Qonnect In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2016
28Astrál  Frostmourne-US2014
29Adjz NoDiceFrostmourne-US2012Not updated
30Neverlinkx im cuteFrostmourne-US2003
31Fysh A Clash of KingsJubei'Thos-US2002
31Drakins North KoreaFrostmourne-US2002
33Andythegreat SpecialistKhaz'goroth-US2001
34Natuy worstFrostmourne-US2000
34Slaiin  Frostmourne-US2000Not updated
36Nomaddz voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1988
37Semenlord  Jubei'Thos-US1987Not updated
38Day Sounds of SilenceCaelestrasz-US1986
39Luemas Na My BaseFrostmourne-US1985
40Smashpanda Na My BaseFrostmourne-US1984Not updated
40Emmav Sounds of SilenceCaelestrasz-US1984
42Robdragon OminousSaurfang-US1980
43Klinda ElevationFrostmourne-US1972
44Magician Lunar SolarisSaurfang-US1970
45Caitycakes im cuteFrostmourne-US1968
46Supuqtpie AvastFrostmourne-US1965
47Necà worstFrostmourne-US1963
47Miranâ North KoreaFrostmourne-US1963
49Zaxn North KoreaFrostmourne-US1962Not updated
50Verelea worstFrostmourne-US1961
51Mileycyrusxo BallsOsteelFrostmourne-US1960
52Pez EnigmaSaurfang-US1959
53Règion hey im doin arenaFrostmourne-US1958Not updated
53Clique worstFrostmourne-US1958
55Deffy North KoreaFrostmourne-US1957
56Killingnewbs im cuteFrostmourne-US1954
57Legendsx voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1953
58Shearluck FMVPFrostmourne-US1949
58Yokuni FMVPFrostmourne-US1949
60Måttx In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US1948
60Tänky  Frostmourne-US1948
62Uneedme AsuraNagrand-US1940Not updated
62Studder DMHN GamingDreadmaul-US1940
64Naturezbliss Legion of Fallen AngelsNagrand-US1937
65Nosferâtu Na My BaseFrostmourne-US1935
66Ascendwarf Na My BaseFrostmourne-US1930
67Drbacoon DisconnectedFrostmourne-US1924
68Vandalx all gucci brahFrostmourne-US1919
69Havanabat OMG ULEHThaurissan-US1918
70Sunderrellaa GOWFrostmourne-US1917
70Cyberfàng United mNFrostmourne-US1917Not updated
72Nuff GlobalFrostmourne-US1916
73Râtxo voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1911
74Mbra NerdFrostmourne-US1909
75Vindictìve Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US1908
76Boodizz ClassicFrostmourne-US1907
76Chickenkhiev OMG ULEHThaurissan-US1907
78Madbullet United mNFrostmourne-US1906
79Sparkl For Crits N GigglesFrostmourne-US1904
79Ttkzee United mNFrostmourne-US1904
81Djnuggets  Saurfang-US1901
82Leakey United mNFrostmourne-US1900
83Exiledmage Na My BaseFrostmourne-US1893
84Wheeladeala voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1892
85Aintgottime Yeah BuddyFrostmourne-US1890
86Pírate voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1889
87Moneytreez voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1887
87Kimboyswag North Korea Does PVPFrostmourne-US1887
89Lockcakes PanadolFrostmourne-US1886
89Makruger United mNFrostmourne-US1886
91Labiaminora voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1885
92Xigz United mNFrostmourne-US1883
92Bearzhuzade PermanentJubei'Thos-US1883
94Matridles doodles house and coSaurfang-US1882
95Djhotdogoryl voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1881
96Bãné Killin ItFrostmourne-US1879Not updated
96Katieliz North KoreaSaurfang-US1879
98Twodadds voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US1878
98Tofubox OutcastsFrostmourne-US1878
98ßüßßles CaduceusFrostmourne-US1878

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