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US (OC) Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Gottí Blue LabelBarthilas-US2506
2Zumoch  Frostmourne-US2498
3Charlieday  Dreadmaul-US2412
4Grimshaman AvastFrostmourne-US2402
5Grimdotter panorama barFrostmourne-US2401
5Grimlïght AvastFrostmourne-US2401
7Varelea  Frostmourne-US2381
8Vishalicious AvastFrostmourne-US2364
9Bigdaddyvish AvastFrostmourne-US2353
10Goldílocks  Frostmourne-US2351
11Supuqtpie AvastFrostmourne-US2333
11Breakycpk  Saurfang-US2333
13Phabian voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2332
14Bobdragon North KoreaSaurfang-US2321
15Exiledpally candyAman'Thul-US2307
15Vaydeath After DarkBarthilas-US2307
17Kimboyswag VanítyFrostmourne-US2299
18Natuy  Frostmourne-US2290
19Neverlinkx IndecisionFrostmourne-US2285
20Drakins United mNFrostmourne-US2283
21Kumgetme VoyageFrostmourne-US2281
22Merryday United mNFrostmourne-US2278
23Verelea ElevationFrostmourne-US2277
24Fedoragodx  Frostmourne-US2271
25Killingnewbs  Frostmourne-US2269
26Foreverbulkz JuiceFrostmourne-US2267
27Druidkills panorama barFrostmourne-US2264
28Dueldmg In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2262
29Killsya  Frostmourne-US2260
30Evilangelz  Frostmourne-US2256
31Cheoklatex Nice Guys Cute HairFrostmourne-US2255
32Elcius ElevationFrostmourne-US2251
33Luemas nOObzFrostmourne-US2246
33Astrál  Frostmourne-US2246
35Robdragon OminousSaurfang-US2236
36Kumgetmeqt GrandTheftKodoFrostmourne-US2233
36Nomaddz voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2233
38Kimjongx  Frostmourne-US2232
38Genghis  Frostmourne-US2232
40Pinglee The BrotherhoodFrostmourne-US2231
41Cgi Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US2230
42Ezmocle United mNFrostmourne-US2229
42Ankubu  Thaurissan-US2229
44Chyps Sitting ChallengerFrostmourne-US2228
45Iro In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2227
45Ariuha United mNFrostmourne-US2227
47Smashpanda Na My BaseFrostmourne-US2224
48Celio United mNFrostmourne-US2223
49Adventurtime PanadolFrostmourne-US2221
49Makruger United mNFrostmourne-US2221
51Clique voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2220
52Fuppin  Frostmourne-US2219
53Nosferâtu Na My BaseFrostmourne-US2213
54Foj DivasThaurissan-US2212
55Fossi  Frostmourne-US2211
56Cyberfàng United mNFrostmourne-US2210
56Chrissy worstFrostmourne-US2210
58Mbra  Frostmourne-US2209
58Leakey United mNFrostmourne-US2209
58Xigz United mNFrostmourne-US2209
58Lauralock When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US2209
62Dramafist RIP in peaceFrostmourne-US2208
62Proc Sitting ChallengerFrostmourne-US2208
64Slugger DecimateFrostmourne-US2207
64Beds im cuteFrostmourne-US2207
64Fástñfurious Sitting ChallengerFrostmourne-US2207
64Djfarrah Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US2207
68Madbullet United mNFrostmourne-US2206
69Sponkpistol  Frostmourne-US2205
70Khrod NortonFrostmourne-US2201
70Dreddful  Thaurissan-US2201Not updated
70Twogainz nice to meet meFrostmourne-US2201
73Prydz Killers InstinctFrostmourne-US2200
73Dirtycash OrthodoxFrostmourne-US2200
73Vooduz  Frostmourne-US2200
76Wheeladeala voljin bruddazJubei'Thos-US2199
76Pretend DecimateFrostmourne-US2199
78Peacesmaker E X A L T E DAman'Thul-US2197
79Wreckd DesireAman'Thul-US2194
79Jayysus JGZ ft WorldAman'Thul-US2194
79Ziq In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2194
79Nicechair RIP in peaceFrostmourne-US2194
79Inwaves  Saurfang-US2194
84ßeautyßabe United mNFrostmourne-US2191
85Artofdeath DMHN GamingDreadmaul-US2189
86Soulsbane Mutinous UprisingThaurissan-US2185
86Woaipzy H O M EBarthilas-US2185
88Haifeng  Thaurissan-US2184
89Iplayfordkp JGZ ft WorldAman'Thul-US2183
89Fossy It Hurts When I PvPFrostmourne-US2183
91Blackøut It Hurts When I PvPFrostmourne-US2182
92Shêêp Play SchoolBarthilas-US2181
93Blackwhìte On The MapAman'Thul-US2180
93Kirito Na My BaseFrostmourne-US2180
95Titles On The MapAman'Thul-US2179
96Andybro IlluminationKhaz'goroth-US2177
97Miniqt StormwindFrostmourne-US2176
97Shaniqualol DecimateFrostmourne-US2176
99Chestnut Mad ProphetsDath'Remar-US2175
99Oosxo Barbershop QuartetFrostmourne-US2175

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