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US (BR) Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Cocojambo Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US2416
2Bananalord GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2376
3Theosis F E A RAzralon-US2362
4Murkmindz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2356
5Murkmíndz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2347
6Omä HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2345
7Armstice F E A RAzralon-US2341
8Deadbane F E A RAzralon-US2323
9Ryndqt Iron BornAzralon-US2317
10Cämily UnscarreDAzralon-US2315
11Thüork F E A RAzralon-US2307
11Shamstice F E A RAzralon-US2307
13Buls HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2304
14Tifeü Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2301
14Bulz HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2301
16Ryndgata WhostheTankAzralon-US2297
17Theosiz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2296
18Cursed Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2291
19Taladi xoxoNemesis-US2285
20Änonymous HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2279
21Jamboquake GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2276
22Bylzs HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2274
23Kalyope Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2273
24Gioxoxo xoxoNemesis-US2269
25Zán F E A RAzralon-US2267
26Androoidd Hey I DDoSNemesis-US2265
27Domalway Warlords of DomalwayGallywix-US2263
28Jongx BlackrockNemesis-US2260
28Mgll Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2260
30Öma HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2259
31Fujinn Keyd TeamAzralon-US2258
32Wilson Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2256
33Öma Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2251
34Uska INCONNUNemesis-US2250
35Mglock Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2246
36Battant Keyd TeamAzralon-US2242
36Shakaox Blood FuryAzralon-US2242
36Jongz BlackrockNemesis-US2242
39Theosis FEARNemesis-US2239
39Jongg Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2239
41Megalodon Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2236
42Läyne HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2234
42Psyydruida HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2234
42Bitelä HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2234
45ßerks xoxoNemesis-US2233
46Cursedz Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2232
47Xandon INCONNUNemesis-US2230
47Fredream Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2230
49Astutylol UnscarreDAzralon-US2228
49Trakïnas Iron BornAzralon-US2228
51Idranel Venántium ConsecutionemGallywix-US2224
52Agnakthor I N S Ô N I AAzralon-US2220
53Obliterator HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2219
54Nullity WhostheTankAzralon-US2218
55Troyana DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US2216
56Nulity WhostheTankAzralon-US2215
57Neves WoWcólicosNemesis-US2214
57Streth HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2214Not updated
57Anubïs Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2214
57Unholyz Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2214
57Xandön INCONNUNemesis-US2214
62Fuente XEQUE PVPAzralon-US2211
63Zaian BlackrockNemesis-US2209
64Lamafia HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2208
64Madönna UnitedAzralon-US2208
66Whisa BlackrockNemesis-US2207
66Trølläda HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2207
68Tyh HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2206
68Deadbane BlackrockNemesis-US2206
70Nïelÿ Shadow of the ColossusGoldrinn-US2205
70Ðnø Keyd TeamAzralon-US2205
72Danicrazy YOLOAzralon-US2204
73Bolfxz INCONNUNemesis-US2202
73Seraquetanko Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2202
75Ilidara F E A RAzralon-US2201
76Ãrk F E A RAzralon-US2199
76Magnums Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2199
78Domalway Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2198
78Trolesada Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2198
80Nullity FEARNemesis-US2196
81Kamelöt HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2188
82Blizy BlackrockNemesis-US2185
83Borland I N S Ô N I AAzralon-US2183
84Wilsonz Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2182
85Wardok  Azralon-US2181
86Remorseless Cuz im ProNemesis-US2176
86Impassível Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2176
86Åokiji Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2176
89Mystinhø YOLOAzralon-US2174
90Estefaninia HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2173
91Kempsis Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2172
91Wilsonmalway Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2172
93Azombra Blood FuryAzralon-US2169
94Battantz Keyd TeamAzralon-US2167
95Zän FEARNemesis-US2165
96Playart HATE DIVISIONAzralon-US2164
97Noriak Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2161Not updated
97Säggat DamnationAzralon-US2161
97Powstabbin  Nemesis-US2161Not updated
100Mgpriest Sabão Cra Cra na FlagAzralon-US2157

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