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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

EU (EN) Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Saggÿ eHEROESRavencrest-EU2749Not updated
2Lurtéx Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2733Not updated
3Swacky eHEROESRavencrest-EU2725Not updated
4Ruínz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2722Not updated
5Getbentt  Ravencrest-EU2713Not updated
6Vortexro ExgeniusOutland-EU2704Not updated
7Worgennerd  Ravencrest-EU2695Not updated
8Lurtex NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2671Not updated
9Wínkay disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2661Not updated
10Wâllirikz Group TherapyRavencrest-EU2654Not updated
11Ekò  Ravencrest-EU2648Not updated
12Ruinz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2646Not updated
13Ðemì  Ravencrest-EU2642Not updated
14Swackstar eHEROESRavencrest-EU2631Not updated
15Slimkid  Ravencrest-EU2620Not updated
16Bloodripping  Ravencrest-EU2604Not updated
17Ast AmplexusTarren Mill-EU2599Not updated
18Gelußaba After LifeSylvanas-EU2595Not updated
19Zimp PureTuralyon-EU2594Not updated
20Pànzerhenk eHEROESRavencrest-EU2593Not updated
21Realpalla eFAMOUSOutland-EU2592Not updated
22Darmore  Draenor-EU2590Not updated
23Razaquuxd TEAM SOMALIASylvanas-EU2589Not updated
24Meneoar Winters TaleOutland-EU2587Not updated
25Imbajohn Sønner av NorgeGrim Batol-EU2584Not updated
25Spriestchamp PureTuralyon-EU2584Not updated
25Daggrz one and doneRavencrest-EU2584Not updated
28Jxmz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2583Not updated
29Cindylol Winters TaleGrim Batol-EU2582Not updated
30Prästelix Public EnemiesOutland-EU2581Not updated
31Ascalõn bank gaming lolxqtOutland-EU2580Not updated
32Toxicbubbles MediocracyTwisting Nether-EU2579Not updated
33Rery Badgers on a ZeppelinRagnaros-EU2574Not updated
34Kadatric BrewtalityStormscale-EU2572Not updated
34Zequa  Ravencrest-EU2572Not updated
36ßen Ellie Goulding FanclubOutland-EU2570Not updated
36Dikilina DeserterThe Maelstrom-EU2570Not updated
36Waffleye Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU2570Not updated
39Prefoxfoxfox IHOPOutland-EU2567Not updated
40Maxelix  Ravencrest-EU2566Not updated
40Timesphere Novi godShattered Hand-EU2566Not updated
42Rizzy eHEROESRavencrest-EU2564Not updated
43Athíla Nordic BrethrenGrim Batol-EU2563Not updated
43Chílî Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2563Not updated
45Abdulfatah disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2562Not updated
46Natubobqt eHEROESRavencrest-EU2559Not updated
47Cheddarboltx  Outland-EU2557Not updated
48Wafflexo eHEROESRavencrest-EU2552Not updated
48Çonstantx  Ravencrest-EU2552Not updated
50Svetolga IHOPOutland-EU2551Not updated
50Maddøg  Stormscale-EU2551Not updated
50Nammyn NihilumTarren Mill-EU2551Not updated
53Oxxie Crayola IncLightbringer-EU2548Not updated
53Chickenboy disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2548Not updated
55Cónstantx  Ravencrest-EU2547Not updated
56Minarina DecayEarthen Ring-EU2545Not updated
56Amaréz Shepherds of the DeadOutland-EU2545Not updated
56Runedruíd eHEROESRavencrest-EU2545Not updated
59Röck InnominatumTwisting Nether-EU2542Not updated
60Mezmeri DnoKazzak-EU2541Not updated
60Nasseboi Project SlothOutland-EU2541Not updated
62Loreleix Project SlothRavencrest-EU2540Not updated
62Sergijus Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU2540Not updated
64Krassz one and doneRavencrest-EU2538Not updated
65ßrodqt one and doneRavencrest-EU2537Not updated
65Unbella Nosferatu VIllSylvanas-EU2537Not updated
65Reltsqt The RisingLightbringer-EU2537Not updated
68Heartbeatx Winters TaleGrim Batol-EU2535Not updated
69Paqman  Outland-EU2534Not updated
69Solarbing one and doneRavencrest-EU2534Not updated
71Thorim  Outland-EU2531Not updated
72Invade Winters TaleOutland-EU2530Not updated
73Vegar eHEROESRavencrest-EU2529Not updated
73Lazerchicken Project SlothRavencrest-EU2529Not updated
75Maxtreutler eHEROESRavencrest-EU2528Not updated
76Ellipsìs one and doneRavencrest-EU2524Not updated
76Swåcky eHEROESRavencrest-EU2524Not updated
76Wapsik LÏKÈ Â ßÂWZStormscale-EU2524Not updated
76Dontattackme Heroes of the AllianceAuchindoun-EU2524Not updated
80Bafurious Go back to ratschoolSylvanas-EU2523Not updated
81Chärmi  Darksorrow-EU2522Not updated
82Sarins JynxRavencrest-EU2521Not updated
82Dotlove one and doneRavencrest-EU2521Not updated
84Jack hey im noobDarksorrow-EU2520Not updated
85Healingstat SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2519Not updated
85Shakemilk SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2519Not updated
85Zarcles Road To RuinTerenas-EU2519Not updated
85Antisnake OmnicideRavencrest-EU2519Not updated
85Maageek VanguardKazzak-EU2519Not updated
90Swäcky eHEROESRavencrest-EU2518Not updated
91Getoutmicar disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2517Not updated
92Gtpala TTHBurning Blade-EU2516Not updated
92Baverfan yaspresentsRavencrest-EU2516Not updated
92Venmarotko Project SlothRavencrest-EU2516Not updated
95Lunatrace TRYHARDSOutland-EU2515Not updated
96Clickz DepthcoreSylvanas-EU2514Not updated
97Jzmx eHEROESRavencrest-EU2513Not updated
97Watchmeslam ConsequenceNordrassil-EU2513Not updated
97Vordexzo ExgeniusOutland-EU2513Not updated
100Anananas disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2512Not updated

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