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Zuluhed-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Necroticx ApexZuluhed-US2315
2Chunglii Rated RZuluhed-US2290
3Mushizo Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2218
4Mudmug Rated RZuluhed-US2203
5Pétroll I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US2202
6Rènkâ Not One But Two PotatoZuluhed-US2169
7Loud MO SHZuluhed-US2165
8Whymenodie I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US2148
9Lizmonk MO SHZuluhed-US2139
10Fidelcatstro Rated RZuluhed-US2125
11Aureliano Rated RZuluhed-US2121
12Highskillcap  Zuluhed-US2111
13Xiya Rated RZuluhed-US2110
14Rothmir Rated RZuluhed-US2106
15Ezbakeoven Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2101
16Lzy MO SHZuluhed-US2099
17Vladlz  Zuluhed-US2075
18Miirkat Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2074
19Shamcircles  Zuluhed-US2069
19Enocc Last ChapterZuluhed-US2069
21Mahakan Rated RZuluhed-US2064
22Dælas Rated RZuluhed-US2060
23Smokewon  Zuluhed-US2056
24Andrerulz Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US2048
25Psÿche Hand PickedZuluhed-US2045
26Omegà I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US2041
26Riggity OverratedZuluhed-US2041
28Ihaznomouth Rated RZuluhed-US2040
29Willaway Rated RZuluhed-US2037
30Fratstar I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US2035
31Constantiine Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2034
31Britnyfears  Zuluhed-US2034
33Koshiro Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2033
34Kav Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2032
35Arthur Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2031
35Qqdisc Rated RZuluhed-US2031
37Fugazza I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US2028
38Fodderkills Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2025
39Shamski Rated RZuluhed-US2021
39Gizmocaca I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US2021
39Sparklyhands Rated RZuluhed-US2021
42Striderone Rated RZuluhed-US2012
43Liziee MO SHZuluhed-US2011
43Zilltoid  Zuluhed-US2011
45Ðrèadful Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2010
45Sinkorswim Rated RZuluhed-US2010
47Hypriestt I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US2009
47Churnt Rated RZuluhed-US2009
47Mancandyswag Heartless SoulsZuluhed-US2009
50Destroyerx Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2008
50Netrixx Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2008
50Triplewonder Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2008
53Pyrophysics Rated RZuluhed-US2006
54Striderfive Rated RZuluhed-US2005
55Emx Guildy Pleasure PVPZuluhed-US2004
56Skydell Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2002
56Maellen Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2002
58Nooneknowsme Rated RZuluhed-US2001
59Avante Tauren TippingZuluhed-US2000
59Lawnmowerman Heartless SoulsZuluhed-US2000
61Andarios Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1993
62Käv Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1990
62Fratfratfrat I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US1990
64Allweneed Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1983
64Randohunter Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1983
66Eatlesschixn OverratedZuluhed-US1982
67Frënchmán I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US1981
67Coak Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1981
69Hèadshot Rated RZuluhed-US1977
70Temulus Press X BroZuluhed-US1976
71Karliah Rated RZuluhed-US1974
72Bigbe Rated RZuluhed-US1973
73Facialize Rated RZuluhed-US1971
74ßrêwslee Rated RZuluhed-US1970
75Hordesbeast Rated RZuluhed-US1967
76Lìlkittykat  Zuluhed-US1966
76Shayfoddr Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1966
76Rabton Rated RZuluhed-US1966
79Ulrictus  Zuluhed-US1965
80Jakest Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1962
80Sanpetardo Knights of the LegionZuluhed-US1962
80Faukz Rated RZuluhed-US1962
83Genisi  Zuluhed-US1960
83Sxaint Something AwesomeZuluhed-US1960
85Semyaza Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1959
86Pewzor Rated RZuluhed-US1958
87Elarya  Zuluhed-US1952
88Pixelgazmic  Zuluhed-US1951
88Outtohealu Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1951
90Robenhud  Zuluhed-US1949
91Sticky  Zuluhed-US1948
92Scùd Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1947
93Yøløswag I qq when I lose a duelZuluhed-US1945
94Deluxee Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1942
94Kâv Tauren TippingZuluhed-US1942
94Welfarex Rated RZuluhed-US1942
97Zootasticle Rated RZuluhed-US1941
98Dragynn Rated RZuluhed-US1938
98Deadstitches  Zuluhed-US1938
100Shotahx NecromongersZuluhed-US1936

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