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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zuluhed-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Meneoar UprisingZuluhed-EU2523Not updated
2Gorbagh UprisingZuluhed-EU2286Not updated
3Wúddy UprisingZuluhed-EU2276Not updated
4Menezor UprisingZuluhed-EU2269Not updated
5Târins UprisingZuluhed-EU2224Not updated
6Boojk GloriousZuluhed-EU2203Not updated
7Streitmacht Vis ViperaZuluhed-EU2118Not updated
8Menebubble UprisingZuluhed-EU2115Not updated
9Salfenia DownfallZuluhed-EU2093Not updated
10Lichtsucher  Zuluhed-EU2079Not updated
11Menecow UprisingZuluhed-EU2069Not updated
12Aspro FruchtGummiZuluhed-EU2009Not updated
13Jackoff FruchtGummiZuluhed-EU1999Not updated
14Spekthar UprisingZuluhed-EU1962Not updated
15Reyner Amazing RandomsZuluhed-EU1935Not updated
16Quathul Who CaresZuluhed-EU1918Not updated
17Carlokox FruchtGummiZuluhed-EU1893Not updated
18Kaouro UprisingZuluhed-EU1857Not updated
19Pumpenheini DownfallZuluhed-EU1851Not updated
20Undertâkerx UprisingZuluhed-EU1843Not updated
21Ailbert  Zuluhed-EU1840Not updated
22Etarox UprisingZuluhed-EU1839Not updated
23Lasra Lebende LegendenZuluhed-EU1794Not updated
24Athernum DownfallZuluhed-EU1754Not updated
25Blueprint Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU1749Not updated
26Yamieh HalunkenBandeZuluhed-EU1747Not updated
27Pozer DownfallZuluhed-EU1746Not updated
27Merrox UprisingZuluhed-EU1746Not updated
29Firewomen  Zuluhed-EU1738Not updated
30Kratov easYplaYZuluhed-EU1726Not updated
31Mitchbade HalunkenBandeZuluhed-EU1704Not updated
32Taqt  Zuluhed-EU1698Not updated
33Kazel DownfallZuluhed-EU1685Not updated
34Lumir EternityZuluhed-EU1670Not updated
35Mogli Destiny Of DeadZuluhed-EU1633Not updated
36Desire Vis ViperaZuluhed-EU1578Not updated
37Magios whatZuluhed-EU1488Not updated
38Disturbance UprisingZuluhed-EU1428Not updated
39Kardêsh UprisingZuluhed-EU1357Not updated
40Mene UprisingZuluhed-EU1343Not updated
41Nihrot UprisingZuluhed-EU1135Not updated
42Migraeflux Lets fetzZuluhed-EU959Not updated
43Kêlnozz UprisingZuluhed-EU955Not updated
44Gorfuras UprisingZuluhed-EU952Not updated
45Lucifarus UprisingZuluhed-EU768Not updated
45Taminasfluch Semper ParatusZuluhed-EU768Not updated
47Alânna Gib uns dein MilchgeldZuluhed-EU767Not updated
47Sàmi BloodWolveZuluhed-EU767Not updated
49Foxylovè Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU576Not updated
49Lydya InYaFaceZuluhed-EU576Not updated
49Kardozz UprisingZuluhed-EU576Not updated
52Aeriz Little WhoopZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Ibigmi DownfallZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Komet DownfallZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Attonai HalunkenBandeZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Nyjâh UprisingZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Ngau Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Warriable GloriousZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Aliciane Vis ViperaZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Akronos DownfallZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Bigbuds  Zuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Drachul FruchtGummiZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Incomparable Little WhoopZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Bôker OMG LAZERBEAMS PEW PEWZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Tatzmoz DownfallZuluhed-EU384Not updated
52Seeker UprisingZuluhed-EU384Not updated
67Haomarø GloriousZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Ismir Who CaresZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Euryalè Semper FidelisZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Times DownfallZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Warfair  Zuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Trigek Angel of RetributionZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Otazia UprisingZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Express DownfallZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Asmoran Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Vanic UprisingZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Lînke UprisingZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Janken GloriousZuluhed-EU192Not updated
67Kârdesh UprisingZuluhed-EU192Not updated
80Niou Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Trien easYplaYZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Barek EldarZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Guta KenseidenZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Darkblade  Zuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Shinthar UprisingZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Malack Nur Spielen nicht HauenZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Edox Drunken LeprechaunsZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Yantar Little WhoopZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Kaius KenseidenZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Steve Little WhoopZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Rokta UprisingZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Ziddy KenseidenZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Conarconarik Sweet PuppiesZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Sunly easYplaYZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Ulfursus Zuluhed WacheZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Nía easYplaYZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Cupra NachtseeleZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Vredar  Zuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Hörnchén easYplaYZuluhed-EU0Not updated
80Wandalus InYaFaceZuluhed-EU0Not updated

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