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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Zul'jin-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Jalopy DualityZul'jin-US2389
2Yupyouredead MightZul'jin-US2380Not updated
3Thebigdog Mirrored ReasoningZul'jin-US2379
4Shoes Not My ProblemZul'jin-US2353Not updated
5Denoncourt A R M A T AZul'jin-US2339
6Grannyratch Only Couches Pull OutZul'jin-US2338Not updated
7Séphire A R M A T AZul'jin-US2334Not updated
8Dropthebeat FatalityZul'jin-US2321Not updated
9Biobroly DualityZul'jin-US2318
10Isildure A R M A T AZul'jin-US2312Not updated
11Cocorica A R M A T AZul'jin-US2304Not updated
11Kroachix A R M A T AZul'jin-US2304Not updated
13Schreit A R M A T AZul'jin-US2303
14Senoc A R M A T AZul'jin-US2296
15Bledfordays ReliquaryZul'jin-US2292Not updated
15Livinpink A R M A T AZul'jin-US2292Not updated
17Sashagreylol A R M A T AZul'jin-US2283
18Hamsti DualityZul'jin-US2272
19Blutschreit A R M A T AZul'jin-US2259Not updated
20Adrenuhline A R M A T AZul'jin-US2257
21Sashagreyhd A R M A T AZul'jin-US2255Not updated
22Tardis  Zul'jin-US2248Not updated
23Songuard i pvp irlZul'jin-US2238Not updated
24Poweer A R M A T AZul'jin-US2234Not updated
25Hordeoeuvree A R M A T AZul'jin-US2220Not updated
26Benafflic Only Couches Pull OutZul'jin-US2216Not updated
27Mysticxtv A R M A T AZul'jin-US2215Not updated
28Víxn Eggs and BakeyZul'jin-US2214Not updated
29Éomerjr A R M A T AZul'jin-US2213Not updated
30Níng A R M A T AZul'jin-US2210Not updated
31Holyadin  Zul'jin-US2207Not updated
31Kroach A R M A T AZul'jin-US2207Not updated
33Johnwayne FatalityZul'jin-US2200Not updated
34Drzfeeb A R M A T AZul'jin-US2194Not updated
35Socks Not My ProblemZul'jin-US2192Not updated
36Leishmania Rage QuîtZul'jin-US2188Not updated
37Ònyx A R M A T AZul'jin-US2186
38Orbdoeuvre A R M A T AZul'jin-US2185Not updated
39Barngirlswag FatalityZul'jin-US2184Not updated
40Drbfx A R M A T AZul'jin-US2183Not updated
41Elvishrage A R M A T AZul'jin-US2177Not updated
42Katesha ObsessionsZul'jin-US2174Not updated
43Hadtorename FatalityZul'jin-US2173
44Codyjones FatalityZul'jin-US2169Not updated
44Horyx A R M A T AZul'jin-US2169
44Chumouillé A R M A T AZul'jin-US2169Not updated
44Roachix A R M A T AZul'jin-US2169Not updated
48Pretzelrods FatalityZul'jin-US2167Not updated
49Twochäins I I IZul'jin-US2162Not updated
50Saphiná ThunderdomeZul'jin-US2160
51Syphilisqt FatalityZul'jin-US2151Not updated
52Éomer A R M A T AZul'jin-US2149Not updated
53Rakeembrown FatalityZul'jin-US2148Not updated
54Séquoia A R M A T AZul'jin-US2147Not updated
55Monkies A R M A T AZul'jin-US2144Not updated
56Sìlhøuette A R M A T AZul'jin-US2142Not updated
57Madhouse Pulp FictionZul'jin-US2140Not updated
57Pinkmamba  Zul'jin-US2140Not updated
59Thurak A R M A T AZul'jin-US2137Not updated
60Reljin InReverieZul'jin-US2134Not updated
61Thörben CynicalZul'jin-US2133
62Serenïty ThunderdomeZul'jin-US2129Not updated
63Markwalhberg i pvp irlZul'jin-US2128Not updated
64Taakâ Chad ChenowethZul'jin-US2123Not updated
65Msbeaukitten Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US2122Not updated
66Greased  Zul'jin-US2121Not updated
67Twobtnskillz A R M A T AZul'jin-US2120Not updated
68Shamypoo SWOLL PATROLZul'jin-US2111Not updated
69Muffin EntropiZul'jin-US2109Not updated
69Mothoin Rage QuîtZul'jin-US2109Not updated
71Exïle i pvp irlZul'jin-US2106Not updated
72Nheirø Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2104Not updated
73Everland Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2103Not updated
74Shootingwadz Lords of DraenorZul'jin-US2101Not updated
75Haadouken A R M A T AZul'jin-US2100Not updated
76Kirbii From ScratchZul'jin-US2095Not updated
77Pyraice Thats What She SaídZul'jin-US2085Not updated
78Nanajaa Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2082Not updated
78Lamire A R M A T AZul'jin-US2082Not updated
78Zekraoui Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2082Not updated
78Fierss Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2082Not updated
78Evildollz Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2082Not updated
83Acrobats FatalityZul'jin-US2081Not updated
84Hoffee Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2079Not updated
85Sanctify Enzy and FriendsZul'jin-US2074Not updated
86Yukali Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2067Not updated
87Grëeneye Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2065Not updated
88Markeïden DegradeZul'jin-US2064Not updated
89Matfàrmayeul Marche ou CrèveZul'jin-US2063Not updated
90Markeideen A R M A T AZul'jin-US2059Not updated
91Strac K Bec KoiZul'jin-US2058Not updated
91Hyrokir SanctifiedZul'jin-US2058Not updated
91Hybrius A R M A T AZul'jin-US2058
94Skadòosh  Zul'jin-US2057
94zoboo i pvp irlZul'jin-US2057Not updated
96Colibus Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US2056Not updated
96Weakdae BoundZul'jin-US2056Not updated
98Ândalus RemnantsZul'jin-US2055Not updated
99Tobam Sombre HéritageZul'jin-US2053Not updated
99Aenden HalcyonZul'jin-US2053Not updated

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