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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zangarmarsh-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Drtankulack Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US2362Not updated
2Joeker Graveyard FarmersZangarmarsh-US2298Not updated
3Remremulack Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US2246Not updated
4Healzfortip Freedom FightersZangarmarsh-US2081Not updated
5Dopë The Hemp KingzZangarmarsh-US1994Not updated
6Djwinter  Zangarmarsh-US1983Not updated
7Amieshadow Graveyard FarmersZangarmarsh-US1877Not updated
8Sunofthedawn The Knight WindZangarmarsh-US1863Not updated
9Notatree Argus ImperiousZangarmarsh-US1805Not updated
10Bettysue DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US1785Not updated
11Fatd The Hemp KingzZangarmarsh-US1778Not updated
12Bettylu Unbowed Unbent UnbrokenZangarmarsh-US1773Not updated
13Joeks Graveyard FarmersZangarmarsh-US1757Not updated
14Umustdie We Have no AnswersZangarmarsh-US1743Not updated
15Neonsr Argus ImperiousZangarmarsh-US1727Not updated
16Bazzarro  Zangarmarsh-US1725Not updated
17Mediumchief No RemorseZangarmarsh-US1709Not updated
18Darklock LegendäryZangarmarsh-US1517Not updated
19Despotism  Zangarmarsh-US1507Not updated
20Lightmind Believe The HypeZangarmarsh-US1147Not updated
21Thoragnar Armored JusticeZangarmarsh-US960Not updated
21Imarobot MartyrsZangarmarsh-US960Not updated
23Jacob MartyrsZangarmarsh-US959Not updated
23Manaro No RemorseZangarmarsh-US959Not updated
25Cremdelacrem Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US576Not updated
25Mixcoati MartyrsZangarmarsh-US576Not updated
25Kushsta The Hemp KingzZangarmarsh-US576Not updated
28Yumadbro Righteous ChaosZangarmarsh-US384Not updated
28Aminals Graveyard FarmersZangarmarsh-US384Not updated
28Racknos Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US384Not updated
28Paìn MartyrsZangarmarsh-US384Not updated
32Darkhartt Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
32Morèhots Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
32Hustlebunny MartyrsZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
32Hitchassist Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
32Yazerus Knights of GoodZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
32Joku Graveyard FarmersZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
32Bigshots Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
32Beckinz MartyrsZangarmarsh-US192Not updated
40Diann Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Apraeh DreamweaverZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Whispersong Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Alleé Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Kibba Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Zotohzhaan Argus ImperiousZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Stinkyb Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Softenrage MartyrsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Sumoti EdgeZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Phintastic DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Arisi Knight Owls of WoWZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Razem ApocálypseZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Patience Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Daddytroll DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Sinnabunn MartyrsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Nittany DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Sealfon SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Jarzhuntz Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Stunx Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Nolag Game OverZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Katumatte Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Earthpounder ExonerationZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Hexanna UndeterredZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Wylder SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Rotfeast Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Pollox SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Wilicia Head HuntersZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Zaidane MartyrsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Swampthing Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Cherish Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Elfstomper DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Mareikó Argus ImperiousZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Andronicuss We Live On Drury LaneZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Andin SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Vladimork Apocalypse PwniesZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Blessedalan Mission of MercyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Brennus Nemesis UnleashedZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Rengen Game OverZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Raelone Argus ImperiousZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Helenock Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Vovanchik Essence of deathZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Tentori SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Drremulack Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Deadon SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Uora Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Orcala Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Tape SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Memourial  Zangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Wolad TimelessZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Softserve MartyrsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Index Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Gazoo  Zangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Bluemoön MartyrsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Raneheart League of ShadowsZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Komanite Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Rebelangel DreamweaverZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Rubèn  Zangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Dntipmeover  Zangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Mozaic SanctifyZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Cerel Roll for BlameZangarmarsh-US0Not updated
40Holibaby Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US0Not updated

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