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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysondre-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Toudiloupi Keepers LegendaryYsondre-EU2532Not updated
2Emysthe Cya BroYsondre-EU2487Not updated
3Døpz Cya BroYsondre-EU2461Not updated
4Aztuké PrétoriaYsondre-EU2458Not updated
5Loûfy The FallenYsondre-EU2447Not updated
6Kurä PrétoriaYsondre-EU2429Not updated
7Skiinz Cya BroYsondre-EU2356Not updated
8Chokafirst Cya BroYsondre-EU2345Not updated
8Chokalast Cya BroYsondre-EU2345Not updated
10Kittyswag  Ysondre-EU2338Not updated
11Shely Cya BroYsondre-EU2336Not updated
12Artichte Cya BroYsondre-EU2331Not updated
13Draxis PrétoriaYsondre-EU2330Not updated
14Nopain Cya BroYsondre-EU2321Not updated
15Jezzyway Cya BroYsondre-EU2317Not updated
15Ramzoulkris Cya BroYsondre-EU2317Not updated
17Nogain LimitlessYsondre-EU2315Not updated
17Palmoliv PrétoriaYsondre-EU2315Not updated
17Tontonrageux PrétoriaYsondre-EU2315Not updated
20Eclipsse TitaniumYsondre-EU2313Not updated
21Jackline Cya BroYsondre-EU2309Not updated
22Øpën Cya BroYsondre-EU2308Not updated
23Michael Cya BroYsondre-EU2304Not updated
24Mímíe  Ysondre-EU2283Not updated
25Caskëtte THUGZYsondre-EU2282Not updated
26Roshik Cya BroYsondre-EU2281Not updated
27Anhkoulky  Ysondre-EU2277Not updated
28Kanÿtsu  Ysondre-EU2270Not updated
29Montanä Cya BroYsondre-EU2263Not updated
30Dalcan PrétoriaYsondre-EU2258Not updated
30Wýdz PrétoriaYsondre-EU2258Not updated
30Leprince PrétoriaYsondre-EU2258Not updated
30Tyrìøn PrétoriaYsondre-EU2258Not updated
30Thepapy PrétoriaYsondre-EU2258Not updated
35Jezzyqt Cya BroYsondre-EU2250Not updated
35Tìxa Cya BroYsondre-EU2250Not updated
37Chokadark Cya BroYsondre-EU2245Not updated
38Azalekz Cya BroYsondre-EU2243Not updated
38Saløupette PrétoriaYsondre-EU2243Not updated
40Làek Cya BroYsondre-EU2239Not updated
41Happydotter  Ysondre-EU2237Not updated
42Brakö Tallac IndustryYsondre-EU2233Not updated
43Whight THUGZYsondre-EU2227Not updated
44Maxrtd THUGZYsondre-EU2225Not updated
45Füth PrétoriaYsondre-EU2223Not updated
46Azaleks Cya BroYsondre-EU2222Not updated
47Ynadvertence PrétoriaYsondre-EU2219Not updated
48Nanae Obviously OutplayedYsondre-EU2217Not updated
48Larnàk THUGZYsondre-EU2217Not updated
50Ørøkham PrétoriaYsondre-EU2216Not updated
51Pea Cya BroYsondre-EU2215Not updated
52Shÿllâ Cya BroYsondre-EU2213Not updated
53Pépi DisposedYsondre-EU2212Not updated
53Xpløoz Toc toc ça procYsondre-EU2212Not updated
55Dorìane THUGZYsondre-EU2209Not updated
56Mílora Zøg ZøgYsondre-EU2208Not updated
57Ríbz Cya BroYsondre-EU2204Not updated
58Vÿnce THUGZYsondre-EU2203Not updated
59Rîbz Cya BroYsondre-EU2202Not updated
60Bakra Zøg ZøgYsondre-EU2201Not updated
61Hashtagone Play With MeYsondre-EU2197Not updated
62Crocodealz Play With MeYsondre-EU2192Not updated
63Sünraj Cya BroYsondre-EU2190Not updated
64Mîkø Cya BroYsondre-EU2186Not updated
65Üseless Cya BroYsondre-EU2184Not updated
65Tyiiaa Zerø ÄbsøluYsondre-EU2184Not updated
67Artïe Cya BroYsondre-EU2182Not updated
67Funnelweb Inde IræYsondre-EU2182Not updated
69Greenfire  Ysondre-EU2179Not updated
70Dreãmz Play With MeYsondre-EU2177Not updated
70Rollerbladz The FallenYsondre-EU2177Not updated
72Døwztwo Play With MeYsondre-EU2176Not updated
73Jaizù THUGZYsondre-EU2175Not updated
74Shinøx NucléHouseYsondre-EU2174Not updated
75Bidochong SapoaKYsondre-EU2173Not updated
76Txl Cya BroYsondre-EU2171Not updated
77Gaïden Cya BroYsondre-EU2168Not updated
78Toakz Definition Of InsanityYsondre-EU2167Not updated
78Pøøpsock LimitlessYsondre-EU2167Not updated
80Hashtagtree Play With MeYsondre-EU2163Not updated
81Blanketas THUGZYsondre-EU2162Not updated
82Shushux BECAUSE IM BATMANYsondre-EU2161Not updated
83Thomylbandit TitaniumYsondre-EU2157Not updated
84Arratør THUGZYsondre-EU2148Not updated
85Cannaweeds Play With MeYsondre-EU2147Not updated
86Gaxyd  Ysondre-EU2143Not updated
87Aedn TitaniumYsondre-EU2142Not updated
88Myrindath NàmelessYsondre-EU2137Not updated
89Ërwen TitaniumYsondre-EU2136Not updated
89Òlolz Play With MeYsondre-EU2136Not updated
89Gøøse HARIBOYsondre-EU2136Not updated
92Fìsti eXiYsondre-EU2131Not updated
93Callîopé Play With MeYsondre-EU2129Not updated
94Atlaïla Play With MeYsondre-EU2128Not updated
95Bøøûm Cya BroYsondre-EU2125Not updated
96Wirt MAIS OU EST LE RESPECTYsondre-EU2124Not updated
97Døwz Play With MeYsondre-EU2123Not updated
98Mortil  Ysondre-EU2121Not updated
99Kristalya Cya BroYsondre-EU2120Not updated
99Clõse Cya BroYsondre-EU2120Not updated

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