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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysondre-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Marje Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US2007Not updated
2Swifty Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US1986Not updated
3Berician Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US1923Not updated
4Lyonolda  Ysondre-US1912Not updated
5Iridezza RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US1908Not updated
6Goldenfoxx Chaos GamingYsondre-US1894Not updated
7Brebrà AcrossYsondre-US1890Not updated
8Littlegard  Ysondre-US1840Not updated
9Gessa HorsemenYsondre-US1814Not updated
10Shapeshifts Rogues Do It From BehindYsondre-US1774Not updated
11Páthós HorsemenYsondre-US1770Not updated
12Moonchicken AcrossYsondre-US1766Not updated
13Wormmdaddy Novus VicisYsondre-US1762Not updated
14Katiri Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US1756Not updated
15Chonny LethalYsondre-US1751Not updated
16Codus AcrossYsondre-US1742Not updated
17Balowell AcrossYsondre-US1740Not updated
18Cocidius AcrossYsondre-US1730Not updated
19Obadox GrimmYsondre-US1729Not updated
20Lightninglo Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US1726Not updated
21Dumont AcrossYsondre-US1686Not updated
22Daburgh  Ysondre-US1663Not updated
23Mdmä  Ysondre-US1636Not updated
24Warren AcrossYsondre-US1622Not updated
25Graht AcrossYsondre-US1608Not updated
26Nummpops  Ysondre-US1567Not updated
27Reach AcrossYsondre-US1548Not updated
28Railcr GrimmYsondre-US1542Not updated
29Nightjade Novus VicisYsondre-US1500Not updated
30Francesca RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US1495Not updated
31Hyder AcrossYsondre-US1321Not updated
32Ebil  Ysondre-US1320Not updated
33Fiorella RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US1147Not updated
33Katsuo  Ysondre-US1147Not updated
35Pacc Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US768Not updated
35Ritznabisco AcrossYsondre-US768Not updated
35Razmig  Ysondre-US768Not updated
35Sparenberg AcrossYsondre-US768Not updated
39Ëxorcist Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US767Not updated
40Bigtimerush AcrossYsondre-US576Not updated
41Raindropzz RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US384Not updated
42Greasie Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US192Not updated
42Gadgetrix Novus VicisYsondre-US192Not updated
42Blooddragge AcrossYsondre-US192Not updated
42Slimmshådy Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US192Not updated
42Ibubble AcrossYsondre-US192Not updated
42Monku  Ysondre-US192Not updated
42Brooklyndee  Ysondre-US192Not updated
49Cidcham  Ysondre-US0Not updated
49Xylar AcrossYsondre-US0Not updated
49Pendulous Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US0Not updated
49Tejah Gank SquadYsondre-US0Not updated
49Pesos Total AnnihilationYsondre-US0Not updated
49Drdrë Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US0Not updated
49Renz Total AnnihilationYsondre-US0Not updated
49Fadedawn Total AnnihilationYsondre-US0Not updated
49Höðr Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US0Not updated
49Clouzot Novus VicisYsondre-US0Not updated
49Belthraxx Kings Of The RingYsondre-US0Not updated
49Viic HorsemenYsondre-US0Not updated
49Tìme RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US0Not updated
49Massaccre HorsemenYsondre-US0Not updated
49Aeros  Ysondre-US0Not updated
49Glymm Dawgs of WarYsondre-US0Not updated
49Quimic Novus VicisYsondre-US0Not updated
49Cógblocker  Ysondre-US0Not updated
49Solidify RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US0Not updated
49Umrik LethalYsondre-US0Not updated
49Munin Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US0Not updated
49Legonaire Novus VicisYsondre-US0Not updated
49Corpsecandle LOOT TILL YA DIEYsondre-US0Not updated
49Fireknife RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US0Not updated
49Uern Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US0Not updated
49Tylanth  Ysondre-US0Not updated
49Highhand LethalYsondre-US0Not updated
49Majier Novus VicisYsondre-US0Not updated
49Earthtamer HorsemenYsondre-US0Not updated
49Drquinn The Russian MafiaYsondre-US0Not updated
49Zuilihis  Ysondre-US0Not updated
49Fírestorm AcrossYsondre-US0Not updated
49Pepo AltruisticYsondre-US0Not updated
49Riccati LethalYsondre-US0Not updated
49Dunkinz AcrossYsondre-US0Not updated
49Legionofdoom HorsemenYsondre-US0Not updated
49Gwendseli AcrossYsondre-US0Not updated
49Agares LethalYsondre-US0Not updated
49Trixten Limit BreaksYsondre-US0Not updated
49Darkachilles Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US0Not updated
49Volkswörgen Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US0Not updated
49Foxxdaddy Total AnnihilationYsondre-US0Not updated
49Sìnìster LethalYsondre-US0Not updated
49Withwìngs Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US0Not updated
49Ktheo Dark EmpireYsondre-US0Not updated
49Barta  Ysondre-US0Not updated
49Truffula RED LIKE MY RAGEYsondre-US0Not updated
49Subjection LethalYsondre-US0Not updated
49Raitox AcrossYsondre-US0Not updated
49Cashknight LethalYsondre-US0Not updated
49Koliss Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US0Not updated
49Serug Horde RedemptionYsondre-US0Not updated

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