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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysera-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Irdead Charles goes BARK BARKYsera-US2290Not updated
2Coocucachoo League of ShadowsYsera-US2197Not updated
3Argorwal SynergyYsera-US2139Not updated
4Sillylaces League of ShadowsYsera-US2134Not updated
5Utthrity League of ShadowsYsera-US2131Not updated
6Vedrin League of ShadowsYsera-US2128Not updated
7Yogurtslingr League of ShadowsYsera-US2115Not updated
8Freethrower Escaping into InsanityYsera-US2107Not updated
9Allday SynergyYsera-US2105Not updated
10Thoughtseize Escaping into InsanityYsera-US2093Not updated
11Snipermon Escaping into InsanityYsera-US2068Not updated
12Zerodots Omega Res NovaeYsera-US2053Not updated
13Instant Escaping into InsanityYsera-US2046Not updated
14Gavemaverick Escaping into InsanityYsera-US2042Not updated
15Chéckyosix League of ShadowsYsera-US2031Not updated
16Bíology SynergyYsera-US2018Not updated
16Imhealarious PrivilegeYsera-US2018Not updated
18ßart League of ShadowsYsera-US2008Not updated
19Khoan League of ShadowsYsera-US2005Not updated
19Innsanity Escaping into InsanityYsera-US2005Not updated
21Freethrow MethodYsera-US2003Not updated
22Ghettopaws Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1999Not updated
23Sín Omega Res NovaeYsera-US1989Not updated
24Broddah League of ShadowsYsera-US1984Not updated
25Ålmost Charles goes BARK BARKYsera-US1979Not updated
26Maksimo  Ysera-US1977Not updated
27Rorshac Omega Res NovaeYsera-US1969Not updated
28Binh Wocka Wocka WockaYsera-US1947Not updated
29Wyliris Para BellumYsera-US1936Not updated
30Arsalus Impending Doom IIYsera-US1896Not updated
31Patum SynergyYsera-US1883Not updated
32Kittynns SynergyYsera-US1878Not updated
33Rimbar League of ShadowsYsera-US1874Not updated
34Zerofear Wocka Wocka WockaYsera-US1857Not updated
35Papayá SynergyYsera-US1856Not updated
36Jayubull SynergyYsera-US1828Not updated
37Thendelwick SynergyYsera-US1823Not updated
38Imcoldheartd PrivilegeYsera-US1818Not updated
39Shampoopie League of ShadowsYsera-US1817Not updated
40Rejuvinated SynergyYsera-US1815Not updated
41Simire KingpinsYsera-US1808Not updated
42Gregnor Winter ShadowYsera-US1800Not updated
42Suizei SynergyYsera-US1800Not updated
44Delthir SynergyYsera-US1771Not updated
45Eatsmorchikn The Warsong RaidersYsera-US1761Not updated
46Vampiiric Wocka Wocka WockaYsera-US1760Not updated
47Blargat  Ysera-US1754Not updated
48Sixcmystssix Tauren Twerk TeamYsera-US1752Not updated
49Kellon SynergyYsera-US1741Not updated
49Terry Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1741Not updated
51Kithia GunbatsuYsera-US1740Not updated
52Deathaxe League of ShadowsYsera-US1739Not updated
53Constinique SynergyYsera-US1728Not updated
54Zerototems Wocka Wocka WockaYsera-US1725Not updated
55Helios SynergyYsera-US1720Not updated
56Cucucachoô League of ShadowsYsera-US1710Not updated
57Miceria Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1700Not updated
58Quizzod Para BellumYsera-US1697Not updated
59ßeastmøde SynergyYsera-US1691Not updated
60Noshoes Impending Doom IIYsera-US1687Not updated
61Terryslock Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1679Not updated
62Lhoko Wocka Wocka WockaYsera-US1678Not updated
63Violentfemme SynergyYsera-US1659Not updated
64Damonk Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1649Not updated
65Malaisèla SynergyYsera-US1648Not updated
65Trystorm SynergyYsera-US1648Not updated
67Greasydk League of ShadowsYsera-US1644Not updated
68Lifefire Omega Res NovaeYsera-US1636Not updated
69Thret Wocka Wocka WockaYsera-US1632Not updated
70Floodz Caster LewtzYsera-US1614Not updated
71Snomed Omega Res NovaeYsera-US1611Not updated
72Kindredlies Winter ShadowYsera-US1598Not updated
73Vymeran Winter ShadowYsera-US1571Not updated
74Bushbaby Winter ShadowYsera-US1538Not updated
75Twistedmistr  Ysera-US1533Not updated
76Traplordx League of ShadowsYsera-US1531Not updated
77Skyne Caster LewtzYsera-US1509Not updated
78Raikin SynergyYsera-US1490Not updated
79Shapesgalore MethodYsera-US1415Not updated
80Holyz SynergyYsera-US1387Not updated
81Theharbinger Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1341Not updated
81Zarlol Charles goes BARK BARKYsera-US1341Not updated
83Cayz SynergyYsera-US1338Not updated
84Kawka SÿndicåtëYsera-US1330Not updated
85Seliria Winter ShadowYsera-US1316Not updated
86Daedrian League of ShadowsYsera-US1152Not updated
87Vasqell SynergyYsera-US1149Not updated
87Mavrok SynergyYsera-US1149Not updated
89Kryztlê  Ysera-US1147Not updated
90Sgtcuddles Liquid CourageYsera-US1145Not updated
91Sãvage PrivilegeYsera-US960Not updated
91Fenrirwolfz League of ShadowsYsera-US960Not updated
93Xinja League of ShadowsYsera-US959Not updated
93Zaryate SynergyYsera-US959Not updated
93Smoochíes SynergyYsera-US959Not updated
96Chipoltle  Ysera-US958Not updated
96Windfuríous Escaping into InsanityYsera-US958Not updated
96Nothateorade Trauma IncYsera-US958Not updated
99Kahzul Para BellumYsera-US957Not updated
99Bêrserkêr PrivilegeYsera-US957Not updated

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