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Wrathbringer-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Kràtóx Why MeWrathbringer-EU2476Not updated
2Tokz intactilisWrathbringer-EU2253Not updated
3Bloodexx Têars of BloodWrathbringer-EU2179Not updated
4Pínký ClerksWrathbringer-EU2147Not updated
5Sûrî Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU2134Not updated
6Cairah Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU2041Not updated
7Nastyhealz TRaPsWrathbringer-EU2006Not updated
8Syrala Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1997Not updated
9Rectus Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1987Not updated
10Aristokres Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU1981Not updated
11Blòoód Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1963Not updated
12Prêyme Why MeWrathbringer-EU1962Not updated
13Nastydrugz TRaPsWrathbringer-EU1938Not updated
14Tamýra Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU1922Not updated
15Hucklebery ClerksWrathbringer-EU1919Not updated
16Wonder Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1901Not updated
17Zêljko Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1886Not updated
18Elìana Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1869Not updated
19Teiko Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU1859Not updated
20Allistaria Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1853Not updated
21Zazuke whackWrathbringer-EU1850Not updated
22Svea BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU1846Not updated
23Eonosh HarlequinWrathbringer-EU1843Not updated
24Sandela Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1839Not updated
25Areos Strong CompanyWrathbringer-EU1838Not updated
26Fave intactilisWrathbringer-EU1834Not updated
27Nazgal Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU1823Not updated
28Schwengelche Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1816Not updated
29Prôtôs Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1810Not updated
30Djanjan Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1802Not updated
31Fròstdemón Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1796Not updated
32Schlaurié Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU1776Not updated
33Chríssi Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU1762Not updated
34Dieselbeast InvadersWrathbringer-EU1761Not updated
35Bogue Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU1740Not updated
36Evodia Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1736Not updated
37Xadius Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1668Not updated
38Amûn Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU1618Not updated
39Victôry Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU1591Not updated
40Erani Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU1580Not updated
41Draskyti intactilisWrathbringer-EU1570Not updated
42Racertang Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU1561Not updated
43Schamigirl Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU1512Not updated
44Ischria Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1484Not updated
45Forensic Politically IncorrectWrathbringer-EU1439Not updated
46Teufelswéíb Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU1435Not updated
47Aubergine InfernalWrathbringer-EU1340Not updated
48Monsta Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1316Not updated
49Hâppy Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1148Not updated
50Sherio Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU960Not updated
50Tormdur Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU960Not updated
50Päonie HarlequinWrathbringer-EU960Not updated
50Misanthrøp Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU960Not updated
54Fetteeule Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU959Not updated
55Àthené Strong CompanyWrathbringer-EU957Not updated
56Megoo BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU768Not updated
56Ràzór Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU768Not updated
58Belïar Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU767Not updated
58Stormwork Why MeWrathbringer-EU767Not updated
58Crenox Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU767Not updated
58Grecko Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU767Not updated
58Derpy Why MeWrathbringer-EU767Not updated
63Imralhil Wrath of RagnarosWrathbringer-EU576Not updated
63Mûrián Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU576Not updated
63Donlui Garde der DrachenWrathbringer-EU576Not updated
63Moonky Old School GamerWrathbringer-EU576Not updated
63Oktopuzzy Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU576Not updated
68Bun Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU384Not updated
68Dîscordîa rágeWrathbringer-EU384Not updated
68Nightflý Têars of BloodWrathbringer-EU384Not updated
68Arlet Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU384Not updated
72Stamper HarlequinWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Cruzar  Wrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Sariri BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Bierboot Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Preylol Why MeWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Celine BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Oldirty Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Asarja BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Tekknix whackWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Linglîng Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Najca Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Tucala rágeWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Zeddie BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Imlo BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Corruptness Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Kontos Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
72Thraya Wrath of RagnarosWrathbringer-EU192Not updated
89Rufitis Ashes of PainWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Cherez Wächter der NaturWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Scarecrowe SynergieWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Wíld Samurai Pizza CatsWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Ubotara Rex LuminisWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Rawangi Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Anuera Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Emigoa  Wrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Chalcides BonesWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Conflict Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Kaitii BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU0Not updated
89Wallshok Why MeWrathbringer-EU0Not updated

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