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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wrathbringer-TW Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1強襲流星 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2308Not updated
2水水動人 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW2299Not updated
3口古口古雞 Timber Wolf EyeWrathbringer-TW2269Not updated
4口古吉拉 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW2234Not updated
5御風凌雲 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2222Not updated
6不理不理海星 星光Wrathbringer-TW2200Not updated
7王大錘 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2191Not updated
8乂小僧 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2187Not updated
9戰牛一哥 神樣Wrathbringer-TW2184Not updated
10死亡祭祀 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW2179Not updated
11幽影魂飛  Wrathbringer-TW2158Not updated
11不理不理海馬 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2158Not updated
13闇夜星影 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2142Not updated
14血腥小黃瓜 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2138Not updated
15乂艾小聖 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW2133Not updated
15洛小紅 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2133Not updated
17血肉身軀 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2127Not updated
18採花 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2125Not updated
19Supremacy  Wrathbringer-TW2124Not updated
20嗜血十字架 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2120Not updated
21旋風斬蓋倫 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2118Not updated
22聯盟派我來的 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2109Not updated
23月光魔靈 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2099Not updated
24紅小洛 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2086Not updated
25晴馡 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2084Not updated
26尼陸 神樣Wrathbringer-TW2083Not updated
27Aaronj 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2078Not updated
28小獸仲尼 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2071Not updated
29死亡騎士鼻子 Pirates of VictoriaWrathbringer-TW2067Not updated
30一幕楓一  Wrathbringer-TW2061Not updated
31齊悅  Wrathbringer-TW2056Not updated
31雨騑 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2056Not updated
33緋村獸心 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2053Not updated
34周圍威 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2050Not updated
35一瓊恩雪諾一 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2027Not updated
36Sasaber  Wrathbringer-TW2023Not updated
36衝鋒絆倒石頭 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2023Not updated
38薺菈 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2018Not updated
39焦糖小布丁 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2013Not updated
40口古口古口苗 神樣Wrathbringer-TW2008Not updated
41川野福 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1994Not updated
42Uptou 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1986Not updated
43一孽障一 Last LoveWrathbringer-TW1979Not updated
44咕池  Wrathbringer-TW1975Not updated
45第三象限 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1967Not updated
46玄墨 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1966Not updated
47Saberlol 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1963Not updated
48Echidna 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1957Not updated
49Essa  Wrathbringer-TW1956Not updated
50月京婷子 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1953Not updated
51聖人渡邊 Voice of ChaosWrathbringer-TW1951Not updated
51美國大龍蝦 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW1951Not updated
53可樂喝到飽 乘龍馭天Wrathbringer-TW1948Not updated
54Getlostrogue 逆 戰Wrathbringer-TW1946Not updated
55幽冥血戰 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1939Not updated
56呼吸想你 LiliumWrathbringer-TW1938Not updated
57Amma  Wrathbringer-TW1937Not updated
57Tosca 神樣Wrathbringer-TW1937Not updated
57Warkingx Pirates of VictoriaWrathbringer-TW1937Not updated
57Miudo 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1937Not updated
61Aarong 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1936Not updated
62暗夜宗師 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1931Not updated
63粵小龍 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1927Not updated
64軍師太原雪齋 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1926Not updated
64活的騎士 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1926Not updated
66蜂刺 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW1925Not updated
67乂小獵 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1919Not updated
68Moondz 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1916Not updated
69小洛紅 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1914Not updated
70Jaly Immortal LegendWrathbringer-TW1909Not updated
70Residual 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1909Not updated
72叫我貝爺 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1908Not updated
73暗影光輝 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1907Not updated
74楓殘月落 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1905Not updated
75能吃是福 Fashion StageWrathbringer-TW1901Not updated
76法皇不敗  Wrathbringer-TW1900Not updated
76尚朵若蕾 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1900Not updated
78烏魯奇奧妮 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1896Not updated
78山豬獵人 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1896Not updated
78芷楓 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1896Not updated
81搖滾阿碩 Voice of ChaosWrathbringer-TW1891Not updated
82逝小丸 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1888Not updated
83黑忒爾 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1886Not updated
84赤風 神樣Wrathbringer-TW1881Not updated
85巔峰哥 Last LoveWrathbringer-TW1878Not updated
86彌砂砂  Wrathbringer-TW1876Not updated
87謊言豆沙包 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1874Not updated
88琬琬 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1873Not updated
88Pvponly 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1873Not updated
90電火布 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1871Not updated
91真強煞 Fashion StageWrathbringer-TW1870Not updated
92一絕對防禦一  Wrathbringer-TW1868Not updated
93良相 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1866Not updated
94溫啤酒 愛呆丸小窩Wrathbringer-TW1860Not updated
95Boomkingx Pirates of VictoriaWrathbringer-TW1859Not updated
96蘭摧玉縝 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1856Not updated
97弒殺無望 GhostWrathbringer-TW1853Not updated
98瀧野 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1849Not updated
99退火青草茶 閣樓上的王子Wrathbringer-TW1847Not updated
100麥兜想噹噹 LevuloseWrathbringer-TW1845Not updated

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