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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Winterhoof-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Malvaang Naughty by NatureWinterhoof-US2036Not updated
2Exposedjoker BanishedWinterhoof-US2019Not updated
3Sickwithit  Winterhoof-US2015Not updated
4Abaneev Dead EvilWinterhoof-US2006Not updated
5Sorq  Winterhoof-US1985Not updated
6Edwardlxi Pain VendorWinterhoof-US1920Not updated
7Jazzabells  Winterhoof-US1902Not updated
8Priestmode BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1865Not updated
9Gir Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1860Not updated
10Nedlee BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1825Not updated
10Ovi Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1825Not updated
12Chatoe Kalimdors FinestWinterhoof-US1817Not updated
13Ìmout DishonoredWinterhoof-US1809Not updated
14Drewidiot BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1781Not updated
15Mycro DishonoredWinterhoof-US1740Not updated
16Naughtyhuman  Winterhoof-US1725Not updated
17Loganon BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1703Not updated
18Knighlight BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1694Not updated
19Croakhealer Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1677Not updated
20Deadstuckey Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1657Not updated
21Rosielarsen Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1633Not updated
22Hogslayer Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1631Not updated
23Lidorissa Kalimdors FinestWinterhoof-US1615Not updated
24Yuufie Allance RaidersWinterhoof-US1576Not updated
25Baalgoth BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1558Not updated
26Pfchang Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1554Not updated
27Shiftyheals Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US1541Not updated
28Grimmos BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1531Not updated
29Prøfessørøak BananaHavocWinterhoof-US1515Not updated
30Beerhoggs Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1467Not updated
31Hogstuckey Dead EvilWinterhoof-US1453Not updated
32Irës Rated MWinterhoof-US1146Not updated
33Demoncratic Rated MWinterhoof-US1143Not updated
34Stellas  Winterhoof-US768Not updated
34Ashlaine  Winterhoof-US768Not updated
36Windowliquer Cold Steel CrusadersWinterhoof-US576Not updated
36Mêythix Pain VendorWinterhoof-US576Not updated
36Dwarfintime BananaHavocWinterhoof-US576Not updated
39Dwarlok Naughty by NatureWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Divinemercy EclipseWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Føxtrap EclipseWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Kodachrome Attorney at LawWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Denndei kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Garhound Destine StoicaWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Breaken Hordes BroodWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Dagamedis Naughty by NatureWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Drulu Open VaultWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Boarhound TotenkopfverbandeWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Norii Kalimdors FinestWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Wreknplague  Winterhoof-US384Not updated
39Youcallforme  Winterhoof-US384Not updated
39Twister Up Your AzsharaWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Ihatemonks BananaHavocWinterhoof-US384Not updated
39Shadeofeph Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US384Not updated
55Kitinah Pain VendorWinterhoof-US192Not updated
55Kiroscene Pain VendorWinterhoof-US192Not updated
55Thetwizzler The ShieldWinterhoof-US192Not updated
55Pandeemonium Naughty by NatureWinterhoof-US192Not updated
55Papias Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US192Not updated
55Scràppy kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US192Not updated
55Brewslei BananaHavocWinterhoof-US192Not updated
62Oldcoot Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Thunderhammr The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Drofmurd The Mad CowsWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Mormra The Riddle of SteelWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Amadin Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Tricksta  Winterhoof-US0Not updated
62Necroforprez Rated MWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Kinjo kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Kaidon Verge of DivorceWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Grimmy Stormhammer ClanWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Illifra Pain VendorWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Maquedegale The UnforgivingWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Snakesnake Kinship of AzerothWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Krennar THE PACKWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Ramzee BankingUSAWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Kinjow kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Maverus Legion of the FallenWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Realhoof RubiconWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Beerhogjr Dead EvilWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Telekren Dark Knight ConsortiumWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Altego The UnguildedWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Tarz Ministry of DarknessWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Brak EclipseWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Sepaton Secret CursesWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Dreadlawk Underpaid Action HeroesWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Garnrok The UnguildedWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Fdatb EnduranceWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Thedoor kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Northstarz kings of the allianceWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Nonsense I Need An ÅdultWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Krennarslock The UnguildedWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Luvulongtyme Epic Dragon LordsWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Ryioke Pain VendorWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Moxa Open VaultWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Lowêkêy EnduranceWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Myway ALBATROSSWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Truepally UNDERGROUNDWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Lemme Pain VendorWinterhoof-US0Not updated
62Ukihsa MalevolenceWinterhoof-US0Not updated

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