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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Windrunner-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Darkskar BulletProof NerdsWindrunner-US2101Not updated
2Gïn Bad GirlsWindrunner-US2072Not updated
3Sunavah Sad PandasWindrunner-US2031Not updated
4Thorgrum Sad PandasWindrunner-US2028Not updated
5Subjectzero Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US2021Not updated
6Hardcorps The Føur HørsemenWindrunner-US1995Not updated
7Elinniiaa  Windrunner-US1981Not updated
8Idiocy Sad PandasWindrunner-US1974Not updated
9Ríco MutinyWindrunner-US1933Not updated
10Getcarried Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US1911Not updated
11Ismashh  Windrunner-US1889Not updated
12Anasasis Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US1882Not updated
12Px Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US1882Not updated
14Moshpitz Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1879Not updated
15Shamentall  Windrunner-US1874Not updated
16Deminsia Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1853Not updated
17Jaccdruid AbsøluteWindrunner-US1847Not updated
18Anela Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1846Not updated
19Aluxien Imperium ProeliumWindrunner-US1836Not updated
20Kencaid Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1827Not updated
21Nemesis Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US1826Not updated
21Rindredrunk Drunken LordsWindrunner-US1826Not updated
23Kangarooblue Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1821Not updated
24Sheady  Windrunner-US1812Not updated
25Subjectzerø Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US1809Not updated
26Uuglei Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1805Not updated
27Ibthuggin Two Orcs One CupWindrunner-US1802Not updated
28Saturno LA RAZAWindrunner-US1796Not updated
29Hunntress Questers CommonWindrunner-US1790Not updated
30Maenara TemerityWindrunner-US1773Not updated
31Mehby Stacked DeckWindrunner-US1772Not updated
32Always Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1769Not updated
33Drellis Warcraft LegendsWindrunner-US1768Not updated
34Brisaea Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1755Not updated
35Draccosis Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1751Not updated
36Danon WonderfulWindrunner-US1749Not updated
37Elektrokute Kill em allWindrunner-US1728Not updated
38Mirya Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1725Not updated
39Olestinos TemerityWindrunner-US1709Not updated
40Jaybaer Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1706Not updated
41Fate Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1701Not updated
41Potclouds  Windrunner-US1701Not updated
43Chillensky Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1688Not updated
44Kraor Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1687Not updated
45Ruminations  Windrunner-US1682Not updated
46Fistsofhate Jungle StyleWindrunner-US1672Not updated
47Spiritic Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US1668Not updated
48Mogui Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US1664Not updated
49Integrå Kill em allWindrunner-US1661Not updated
50Lyat Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1623Not updated
51Minitanker Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US1613Not updated
52Gotenks Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US1589Not updated
53Zacharias Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1562Not updated
54Achélois Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US1558Not updated
55Sslade Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US1554Not updated
56Lolanotherdk DodgeWindrunner-US1508Not updated
57Tacdragon Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1488Not updated
58Sesseran Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US1448Not updated
59Badbelf Kill em allWindrunner-US1429Not updated
59Zynnya Drunken LordsWindrunner-US1429Not updated
61Inspectah Stacked DeckWindrunner-US1337Not updated
62Xantu Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US1328Not updated
63Celadis Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1327Not updated
64Aurieus Far CryWindrunner-US1297Not updated
65Hrnmrnmmrn Drunken LordsWindrunner-US1277Not updated
66Tyfiel AbsøluteWindrunner-US1203Not updated
67Rëlëntless Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US1151Not updated
68Twinkytwink UtopianWindrunner-US1150Not updated
69Corja Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1146Not updated
70Màe  Windrunner-US1141Not updated
71Llesca Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US960Not updated
72Auvrey Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US959Not updated
72Bacrusader Descendants of AvalonWindrunner-US959Not updated
72Drecolf The Føur HørsemenWindrunner-US959Not updated
72Nightcast The Føur HørsemenWindrunner-US959Not updated
72Malvidin Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US959Not updated
72Mdmage Cløud NìnëWindrunner-US959Not updated
78Slyces TemerityWindrunner-US958Not updated
78Noskil Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US958Not updated
80Bab Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US956Not updated
81Brataklock PandemoniumWindrunner-US955Not updated
82Gandolfgnome Ensis DeiWindrunner-US951Not updated
82Ryznodarn Drunken LordsWindrunner-US951Not updated
84Sazzin Drunken LordsWindrunner-US950Not updated
85Ghastario Drunken LordsWindrunner-US949Not updated
86Brezelda Dynasties LegacyWindrunner-US945Not updated
87Lanado Soul CrushersWindrunner-US768Not updated
87Johnyc Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US768Not updated
87Sotsu Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US768Not updated
87Trinitysin Ring of OütlawsWindrunner-US768Not updated
87Khanquest  Windrunner-US768Not updated
87Selanæ Guardians of the FlameWindrunner-US768Not updated
93Bratakk PandemoniumWindrunner-US767Not updated
93Frostyjewels Kill em allWindrunner-US767Not updated
95Draymoon Drunken LordsWindrunner-US766Not updated
96Ministerdave Templars Of The CrossWindrunner-US764Not updated
97Hazeymay Run Like HellWindrunner-US576Not updated
97Chaosdancer MutinyWindrunner-US576Not updated
97Slazzin Templars Of The CrossWindrunner-US576Not updated
97Trêêlîfe PerditionWindrunner-US576Not updated

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