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Windrunner-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Iamthedanger Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US2054
2Calderg StormrunnersWindrunner-US1953
3Nemesis Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US1806
4Getcarried Arena StarsWindrunner-US1794
5Showmeluv Blood and SandWindrunner-US1770
6Darkhealin Blood and SandWindrunner-US1750
7Hunntress Questers CommonWindrunner-US1740
8ßläsphëmy Warcraft LegendsWindrunner-US1726
9Mirya Ensis DeiWindrunner-US1715
9Anasasis Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US1715
11Moshpitz Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1680
12Rindredrunk Drunken LordsWindrunner-US1671
13Ildelse Nocturnal ChaosWindrunner-US1650
14Danon AbsøluteWindrunner-US1647
15Necrowalker Soul CrushersWindrunner-US1642
16Syka Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1635
17Hïtman BulletProof NerdsWindrunner-US1625
18Toowoomba Ravenclaw FactionWindrunner-US1624
19Purgedd Looks Cool In ShadesWindrunner-US1603
20Ismashh Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1571
21Olestinos TemerityWindrunner-US1566
22Helpdemout Jungle StyleWindrunner-US1565
23Gotenks Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US1542
24Stalkinshade Soul CrushersWindrunner-US1535
25Daridd Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1521
26Kangarooblue Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1472
27Kíck Nephilim LegacyWindrunner-US1468
28Hellice Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1461
29Scrachet Nocturnal ChaosWindrunner-US1457
30Carnaj Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1440
31Deathpunch Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1412
32Frostmore Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US1403
33Skaargan  Windrunner-US1376Not updated
34Gadowscar Take Me HomeWindrunner-US1336
35Zynnya Drunken LordsWindrunner-US1305
36Shoogunn Blood and SandWindrunner-US1302
37Hrnmrnmmrn Drunken LordsWindrunner-US1277
38Cogar Blood and SandWindrunner-US1141
39Minitanker Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US1140
40Mogui Heroes of ManaWindrunner-US1138
41Lynrie Arena StarsWindrunner-US1135
42Falzoon StormrunnersWindrunner-US1133
43Ibamf PlagûeWindrunner-US1132
44Peeled InsomniaWindrunner-US959
44Darkskar BulletProof NerdsWindrunner-US959
46Lisduf Guardians of AzerothWindrunner-US957Not updated
46Shamentall Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US957
46Ríptide InsomniaWindrunner-US957
49Kharter Blood and SandWindrunner-US956
50Leìden Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US955
50Leíden  Windrunner-US955
50Brataklock PandemoniumWindrunner-US955
53Badbelf Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US954
54Bumar Blood and SandWindrunner-US953
54Màe Mass ExodusWindrunner-US953
56Phantoms Hard In The PaintWindrunner-US952
57Chillensky Ensis DeiWindrunner-US951
57Kraor Ensis DeiWindrunner-US951
57Gandolfgnome Ensis DeiWindrunner-US951
57Fate Ensis DeiWindrunner-US951
57Zacharias Ensis DeiWindrunner-US951
57Facts Heavenly ForgeWindrunner-US951
57Ryznodarn Drunken LordsWindrunner-US951
57Valço Destined ChaosWindrunner-US951
65Sazzin Drunken LordsWindrunner-US950
66Ghastario Drunken LordsWindrunner-US949
67Chikako  Windrunner-US768Not updated
67Crits  Windrunner-US768Not updated
67Shwangington  Windrunner-US768
70Bukubowser All About BukuWindrunner-US767Not updated
70Slyces TemerityWindrunner-US767
70Bratakk PandemoniumWindrunner-US767
70Shamieluv Blood and SandWindrunner-US767
74Selbuyer Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US766
74Garnoc Blood and SandWindrunner-US766
74Pixelpirate Mass ExodusWindrunner-US766
74Treebear  Windrunner-US766Not updated
78Celadis Ensis DeiWindrunner-US765
78Rukiachan Ensis DeiWindrunner-US765
78Lyat Ensis DeiWindrunner-US765
78Mathusalah StormrunnersWindrunner-US765
82Ministerdave Drunken LordsWindrunner-US764
82Ithe StormrunnersWindrunner-US764
84Slazzin Drunken LordsWindrunner-US576
84Trêêlîfe PerditionWindrunner-US576
84Rëlëntless Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US576
84Noneyas Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US576
84Chuglife Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US576
84Twrecks Crimson AssuranceWindrunner-US576
84Victorysauce Mass ExodusWindrunner-US576
84Flyht  Windrunner-US576Not updated
84Bananaflakes Radiant DarkWindrunner-US576
84Frostyjewels Kill em allWindrunner-US576
94Billy Ensis DeiWindrunner-US575
94Novöcain Generäl GoodsWindrunner-US575
96Theia Arena StarsWindrunner-US384Not updated
96Anorian Nocturnal ChaosWindrunner-US384
96Russdor Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US384
96Rézolve Voracious Syko KillasWindrunner-US384
96Djmidnight Warcraft LegendsWindrunner-US384

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