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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Wildhammer-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Snogumz Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2501Not updated
2Shurko Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2471Not updated
3Gind Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2452Not updated
4Draìny Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2309Not updated
5Evîldk Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2305
6Infláme Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2263Not updated
7Qv CrypticWildhammer-EU2205Not updated
8Desecrated Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2191Not updated
9Zelra Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2158Not updated
10Endlessness  Wildhammer-EU2142
11Koldun Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2071Not updated
12Ramin Optimus AmicitiaWildhammer-EU2056
13Heyzard CrypticWildhammer-EU2054Not updated
14Iskusitel Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU2030
15Prismatus  Wildhammer-EU2015Not updated
16Ailyth  Wildhammer-EU2011
17Ártz CrypticWildhammer-EU2007Not updated
18Pidrilla Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU1996Not updated
19Fujiyama KokuryukaiWildhammer-EU1973Not updated
20Londar I Need A TargetWildhammer-EU1971
21Jebuis CrypticWildhammer-EU1958Not updated
22Hadím CrypticWildhammer-EU1943
23Steelberry CrypticWildhammer-EU1929Not updated
24Swek CrypticWildhammer-EU1928Not updated
25Shardox Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU1926
26Saolin Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU1921Not updated
26Hagaraad CrypticWildhammer-EU1921Not updated
28Splînter  Wildhammer-EU1920
29Healiina Champions of JusticeWildhammer-EU1914
30Santward CrypticWildhammer-EU1913Not updated
31Kroepoekbij  Wildhammer-EU1908
32Trulor Who Dares WinsWildhammer-EU1896Not updated
33Duréxx DenchWildhammer-EU1893Not updated
34Virax CrypticWildhammer-EU1892Not updated
34Silverlane CrypticWildhammer-EU1892Not updated
36Paladi PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU1890
37Fatsug VillainsWildhammer-EU1885Not updated
38Rób Stamus Contra MalumWildhammer-EU1882Not updated
39Pagy PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU1879
40Congelatio CrypticWildhammer-EU1869
41Skibbitybop DenchWildhammer-EU1859Not updated
41Ventis PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU1859
43Jalena Azeroths MisfitsWildhammer-EU1853
44Notpaladin  Wildhammer-EU1851
45Øzyrys Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU1847
46Hulara NightshiftWildhammer-EU1844
46Instankill PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU1844
46Elenh Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU1844Not updated
49Dotdotpew Azeroths MisfitsWildhammer-EU1839
50Blackllady La ResistanceWildhammer-EU1836
51Erja Lej Horde W MordeWildhammer-EU1828
52Morgiuss PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU1826
53Shamehameha Eye of the PantherWildhammer-EU1818
54Germeyin BosphorusWildhammer-EU1810Not updated
55Shaddowkill Knights Of EleniumWildhammer-EU1808
56Trichorus CrypticWildhammer-EU1798Not updated
57Stuart CrypticWildhammer-EU1786Not updated
57Elltia CrypticWildhammer-EU1786Not updated
59Ioulios La FamiliaWildhammer-EU1784
60Dangeruk Stamus Contra MalumWildhammer-EU1783Not updated
61Ilovenoodles La FamiliaWildhammer-EU1773
62Tékan La ResistanceWildhammer-EU1771
63Lainz  Wildhammer-EU1768Not updated
64Artekketra Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU1738
65Fiyrendall Champions of JusticeWildhammer-EU1736
66Patrdei Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU1724
67Teslá Raging BeastsWildhammer-EU1723Not updated
68Naouda Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU1715
69Tinkerson NightshiftWildhammer-EU1711
70Paramas Arena of GladiatorsWildhammer-EU1709Not updated
71Aleph world of wildhammerWildhammer-EU1708
71Saetia No skill just luckWildhammer-EU1708
73Blackòut Sixth SenseWildhammer-EU1700
74Cøre No skill just luckWildhammer-EU1690Not updated
75Puggíe Knights Of EleniumWildhammer-EU1685
76Fírez EterniityWildhammer-EU1676Not updated
77Destroow Optimus AmicitiaWildhammer-EU1673
78Sartarion  Wildhammer-EU1667Not updated
78Oblacek Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU1667Not updated
80Megajuice EterniityWildhammer-EU1663Not updated
81Artego Aeria GlorisWildhammer-EU1652
82Spectra FrequencyWildhammer-EU1645
83Taragon PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU1632
84Vilefist X HORDEWildhammer-EU1619Not updated
85Morbius LegionWildhammer-EU1616Not updated
86Slince KohmeloWildhammer-EU1588Not updated
86Jamalskix Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU1588Not updated
88Lyryth Men of HonourWildhammer-EU1574Not updated
89Sámbuccá NightshiftWildhammer-EU1518
90Orenton CrypticWildhammer-EU1488Not updated
91Edster EterniityWildhammer-EU1473Not updated
92Raeja Lej Horde W MordeWildhammer-EU1456
93Romm Lej Horde W MordeWildhammer-EU1455
94Szalonewolf The GryffindorsWildhammer-EU1445Not updated
95Dyadya Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU1342
96Tvar Bleached BonesWildhammer-EU1341Not updated
96Gekklauw CrypticWildhammer-EU1341Not updated
98Sparka NightshiftWildhammer-EU1340
99Llihborlol BIG TINGS A GWANWildhammer-EU1332
100Dotolol PVP SUX WHENS LFRWildhammer-EU1331

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