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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Whisperwind-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Gnas AlphaWhisperwind-US2274Not updated
2Thrill Eternal CommandWhisperwind-US2262Not updated
3Daltous AlphaWhisperwind-US2219Not updated
4Weaverr VolatileWhisperwind-US2204Not updated
5Lifespark Something WickedWhisperwind-US2108Not updated
6Skyweaverr VolatileWhisperwind-US2093Not updated
7Rensy AlphaWhisperwind-US2090Not updated
8Gaibe AlphaWhisperwind-US2078Not updated
8Incendiary Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US2078Not updated
10Masarous Rude AwakeningWhisperwind-US2056Not updated
11Holygrief Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US2055Not updated
12Arcaneblaze Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2039Not updated
12Cristahqt Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2039Not updated
14Hotdps GenesísWhisperwind-US2025Not updated
15Hunith Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2024Not updated
16Manykegs Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2017Not updated
17Dalloden Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2014Not updated
18Phillyphil Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2011Not updated
19Shadoweaverr VolatileWhisperwind-US2010Not updated
20Totemforeva VolatileWhisperwind-US2009Not updated
20Turtle Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2009Not updated
22Gloren ScumWhisperwind-US2005Not updated
23Koory Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2003Not updated
24Cøøl HarbingerWhisperwind-US1979Not updated
25Skyodin AmenityWhisperwind-US1978Not updated
26Biedalian We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1939Not updated
27Freezeplay Beta TestingWhisperwind-US1937Not updated
28Cantbtouched Mature ContentWhisperwind-US1934Not updated
29Sliceofmetal EverclearWhisperwind-US1930Not updated
30Solohulk We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1926Not updated
31Tdojackie We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1925Not updated
31Zïngérs Beta TestingWhisperwind-US1925Not updated
31Kreljnok Beta TestingWhisperwind-US1925Not updated
34Xindragosa ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US1923Not updated
35Nanga We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1915Not updated
36Kusoyaro The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US1912Not updated
36Saviorsavior Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US1912Not updated
38Geldow Beta TestingWhisperwind-US1909Not updated
39Lightstep Emperium SpiritWhisperwind-US1902Not updated
40Captfailure Fat Kids Tank CakeWhisperwind-US1899Not updated
41Iffa SadisticWhisperwind-US1886Not updated
42Ciody SadisticWhisperwind-US1885Not updated
43Noeffsgiven Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1870Not updated
44Deddnite Evil HeartWhisperwind-US1867Not updated
45Aghuen Fat Kids Tank CakeWhisperwind-US1865Not updated
46Roxìé Delta CompanyWhisperwind-US1859Not updated
47Kiwiana VolatileWhisperwind-US1838Not updated
48Goodnite ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US1836Not updated
49Nözhk GenesísWhisperwind-US1835Not updated
50Çrayjay ScumWhisperwind-US1834Not updated
51Zachit Action Nine NewsWhisperwind-US1831Not updated
52Daxiaojie We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1830Not updated
53Tchiro Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US1825Not updated
53Tdojjaacckke We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1825Not updated
55Daireal We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1824Not updated
56Tdoleon We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1820Not updated
57Azelea AbyssWhisperwind-US1819Not updated
58Adowin ImpossibleWhisperwind-US1815Not updated
59Glenlivett DisgruntledWhisperwind-US1813Not updated
60Musubi Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US1811Not updated
61Bethanyz Last AttemptWhisperwind-US1807Not updated
62Kongx ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US1806Not updated
63Tdohuluhulu We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1805Not updated
64Nvdee We Are YemerWhisperwind-US1803Not updated
65Onyxwolf The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US1795Not updated
66Blundercow Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US1794Not updated
66Dotwingz Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1794Not updated
68Buffalowingz Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1770Not updated
69Mightymos Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1768Not updated
70Temptätion Mature ContentWhisperwind-US1758Not updated
71Dubblfisst Evil HeartWhisperwind-US1752Not updated
72Aqulainn ScumWhisperwind-US1751Not updated
73Kakoraff  Whisperwind-US1749Not updated
74Deathsgate Aes SedaiWhisperwind-US1738Not updated
75Usrok FåteWhisperwind-US1737Not updated
76Altasuarus Nudist BeachWhisperwind-US1733Not updated
77Shaoxlynn Evil HeartWhisperwind-US1727Not updated
78Waylonus Conclave of the ShadowWhisperwind-US1726Not updated
78Sedawk Greed Before NeedWhisperwind-US1726Not updated
80Meowvahkiin Praetorian GuardsWhisperwind-US1712Not updated
81Naturon ScumWhisperwind-US1702Not updated
82Caides Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1700Not updated
83Faress AnduriLWhisperwind-US1698Not updated
84Zigon Nudist BeachWhisperwind-US1697Not updated
85Whitelily AbyssWhisperwind-US1676Not updated
86Mouthfull ScumWhisperwind-US1675Not updated
87Föcus FåteWhisperwind-US1674Not updated
88Nekkar ScumWhisperwind-US1666Not updated
89Coquette Time LordsWhisperwind-US1663Not updated
90Heelios SadisticWhisperwind-US1662Not updated
90Solakari Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1662Not updated
92Maphew SadisticWhisperwind-US1658Not updated
93Ydèn Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1656Not updated
94Tiptöe  Whisperwind-US1653Not updated
95Serspec SadisticWhisperwind-US1652Not updated
96Sligi  Whisperwind-US1647Not updated
97Bootz Last AttemptWhisperwind-US1645Not updated
98Saveryn SadisticWhisperwind-US1637Not updated
98Glacie SadisticWhisperwind-US1637Not updated
100Nukelaloush AnduriLWhisperwind-US1624Not updated

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