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Warsong-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Vathan  Warsong-US2009
2Jmj Hell PatrolWarsong-US1975
3Cloüdy BlackFlagWarsong-US1924
4Applepunch DiscoKillerWarsong-US1736
5Hungergame Hell PatrolWarsong-US1624Not updated
6Palapeta Dark AssociationWarsong-US1319
7Orcignite Unholy ApocolypseWarsong-US576
8Capetowhisky Dark AssociationWarsong-US575
9Cyrock XarxetWarsong-US384
9Shadowcut Unholy ApocolypseWarsong-US384
9Demonmonk Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US384Not updated
9Ashenwar RuinedWarsong-US384
9Hunterssuck DiscoKillerWarsong-US384
14Edeelga  Warsong-US192
14Ffernandesn Dark AssociationWarsong-US192
16Rageheart Justice For AllWarsong-US0
16Nemlihs XarxetWarsong-US0
16Kript XarxetWarsong-US0Not updated
16Gankemall Gotz StyleWarsong-US0
16Verochka HordeWarsong-US0
16Miguinho  Warsong-US0Not updated
16Tsukita ChoppWarsong-US0Not updated
16Veraden RuinedWarsong-US0
16Aoemagic Clearly OutplayedWarsong-US0
16Zakk XarxetWarsong-US0
16Redcrow XarxetWarsong-US0
16Zenurio XarxetWarsong-US0
16Vohbr CaveraWarsong-US0
16Innflames Dark AssociationWarsong-US0Not updated
16Redfly XarxetWarsong-US0
16Eleniko XarxetWarsong-US0
16Icecoldshamy SpectrumWarsong-US0Not updated
16Macumbeirabr Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Chupaccabra XarxetWarsong-US0
16Comegetsumlo Be Quick or Be DeadWarsong-US0
16Notybeu The WovenWarsong-US0Not updated
16Redhawk XarxetWarsong-US0
16Sallow The WovenWarsong-US0Not updated
16Kiwwi ChoppWarsong-US0Not updated
16Metamedica XarxetWarsong-US0
16Redfish XarxetWarsong-US0
16Loewen Husbands of GreystarWarsong-US0
16Swissbank Gotz StyleWarsong-US0
16Nerfy DiscoKillerWarsong-US0Not updated
16Redkey XarxetWarsong-US0
16Haege Int House of SteaksWarsong-US0
16Syrock XarxetWarsong-US0
16Runatoo XarxetWarsong-US0
16Dudyel Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Tixheat XarxetWarsong-US0
16Boomyurdead Gotz StyleWarsong-US0Not updated
16Redmule XarxetWarsong-US0
16Mageholt  Warsong-US0
16Naamaru Failed ExperimentWarsong-US0
16Brownbear XarxetWarsong-US0
16Strongmana  Warsong-US0
16Confusedcow XarxetWarsong-US0
16Phaeden RuinedWarsong-US0
16Necromance God of WarsongWarsong-US0Not updated
16Redbat XarxetWarsong-US0
16Redcat XarxetWarsong-US0
16Habii K P N SWarsong-US0Not updated
16Kalianna Gangue do DominóWarsong-US0
16Redlox XarxetWarsong-US0
16Tankdead DiscoKillerWarsong-US0
16Thalissa XarxetWarsong-US0
16Fluffe XarxetWarsong-US0Not updated
16Prut Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Tankmeister God of WarsongWarsong-US0
16Helixal Horde Population ZeroWarsong-US0Not updated
16Maleficarus  Warsong-US0Not updated
16Stelthhunter SpectrumWarsong-US0Not updated
16Jinmaju XarxetWarsong-US0
16Ubnsnuck XarxetWarsong-US0
16Cataline  Warsong-US0
16Lunarae Husbands of GreystarWarsong-US0Not updated
16Duditotchuru Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Maelina SpectrumWarsong-US0Not updated
16Redpig XarxetWarsong-US0
16Sassie XarxetWarsong-US0
16Lemaodk  Warsong-US0
16Stormkiller ChoppWarsong-US0Not updated
16Rum XarxetWarsong-US0
16Dkpetinha Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Dudecodk Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Samoorai K P N SWarsong-US0Not updated
16Ledenndafarr Gotz StyleWarsong-US0
16Zeltriz  Warsong-US0
16Beardface  Warsong-US0
16Leticiá EspadasWarsong-US0Not updated
16Wiggert  Warsong-US0
16Toadlock DiscoKillerWarsong-US0
16Xxdumxx Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Drudito Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Leønidas EspadasWarsong-US0Not updated
16Mandrovah  Warsong-US0
16Fernanbruxo Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Frakasulo Gotz StyleWarsong-US0
16Lunak Dark AssociationWarsong-US0
16Stompu DiscoKillerWarsong-US0

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