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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vol'jin-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bobditlane Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU2337Not updated
2Adana Reign of chaosVol'jin-EU2088Not updated
3Bibiback FamousVol'jin-EU2074Not updated
4Chausséeaux FamousVol'jin-EU2048Not updated
5Siloyz HashtagVol'jin-EU2030Not updated
6Klare FamousVol'jin-EU1981Not updated
7Morphéûs FamousVol'jin-EU1980Not updated
8Dépendance AuraVol'jin-EU1961Not updated
9Prover FamousVol'jin-EU1956Not updated
10Tenchô FamousVol'jin-EU1925Not updated
11Tøstäky arcane du mondeVol'jin-EU1912Not updated
12Anoushka EffectVol'jin-EU1902Not updated
13Dæthñøøs AnciensVol'jin-EU1849Not updated
14Shenwa FamousVol'jin-EU1834Not updated
15Ïndïkà FamousVol'jin-EU1832Not updated
16Zaryx FakeVol'jin-EU1828Not updated
17Magliana Emerald KnightVol'jin-EU1823Not updated
17Wenoob FamousVol'jin-EU1823Not updated
19Upy arcane du mondeVol'jin-EU1815Not updated
19Shirvarina ExïledVol'jin-EU1815Not updated
21Zury TrinityVol'jin-EU1813Not updated
21Sparadrâ FamousVol'jin-EU1813Not updated
21Silverbloode FakeVol'jin-EU1813Not updated
24Chrismad Be YourselfVol'jin-EU1808Not updated
25Neigé FamousVol'jin-EU1802Not updated
26Lostris FakeVol'jin-EU1796Not updated
27Deadscared HashtagVol'jin-EU1794Not updated
28Bedz FakeVol'jin-EU1788Not updated
29Kinda Reign of chaosVol'jin-EU1787Not updated
30Hohenheïm Reign of chaosVol'jin-EU1775Not updated
31Silverarrows FakeVol'jin-EU1769Not updated
32Tostaky arcane du mondeVol'jin-EU1762Not updated
33Sacréaxa Protecteurs de la FailleVol'jin-EU1756Not updated
34Xkos HashtagVol'jin-EU1748Not updated
35Mumuscle RenaissanceVol'jin-EU1744Not updated
36Crefollet Protecteurs de la FailleVol'jin-EU1740Not updated
36Magnushelgan FakeVol'jin-EU1740Not updated
38Algreg FakeVol'jin-EU1735Not updated
39Magodepo FakeVol'jin-EU1723Not updated
40Störm Protecteurs de la FailleVol'jin-EU1720Not updated
41Torak Protecteurs de la FailleVol'jin-EU1714Not updated
42Chamany Le pacte de loyautéVol'jin-EU1712Not updated
43Zissou FakeVol'jin-EU1676Not updated
44Yorgh Le pacte de loyautéVol'jin-EU1652Not updated
45Støørm Protecteurs de la FailleVol'jin-EU1649Not updated
46Pouma Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU1636Not updated
46Aëris Clan KillianVol'jin-EU1636Not updated
48Keyrsha Reign of chaosVol'jin-EU1633Not updated
49Sardomah AydindrilVol'jin-EU1632Not updated
50Ayuthaya DamoclesVol'jin-EU1631Not updated
51Snubbull AydindrilVol'jin-EU1625Not updated
52Maurtal Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU1616Not updated
53Paladielf STREET FIGHTERVol'jin-EU1594Not updated
54Twïxx AydindrilVol'jin-EU1588Not updated
55Alexhunt Le pacte de loyautéVol'jin-EU1587Not updated
56Tostàky arcane du mondeVol'jin-EU1558Not updated
57Wíl HashtagVol'jin-EU1556Not updated
58Loüpinou Les Gardiens d HadèsVol'jin-EU1550Not updated
59Efthir  Vol'jin-EU1539Not updated
60Ooly Le pacte de loyautéVol'jin-EU1534Not updated
61Kildek thorVol'jin-EU1515Not updated
62Bèss FamousVol'jin-EU1512Not updated
63Isy FakeVol'jin-EU1511Not updated
64Øroya Kiss me i m cuteVol'jin-EU1505Not updated
65Dairka Si Vis Pacem Para BellumVol'jin-EU1474Not updated
66Zeubì HashtagVol'jin-EU1335Not updated
67Løøty FakeVol'jin-EU1329Not updated
68Callïstø AydindrilVol'jin-EU1326Not updated
69Milkylway AydindrilVol'jin-EU1322Not updated
69Thecols thorVol'jin-EU1322Not updated
71Rizzene les MerliniensVol'jin-EU1151Not updated
72Alineà FamousVol'jin-EU1150Not updated
73Maupiti Ira DivinaeVol'jin-EU1145Not updated
74Deadhell AydindrilVol'jin-EU1144Not updated
74Elsewhere AydindrilVol'jin-EU1144Not updated
76Dianaofx Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU1140Not updated
77Hüggy DamoclesVol'jin-EU960Not updated
78Owimboé HashtagVol'jin-EU959Not updated
78Dorek Clan KillianVol'jin-EU959Not updated
78Bûbûlle ExïledVol'jin-EU959Not updated
78Misiéla AydindrilVol'jin-EU959Not updated
82Erozane AydindrilVol'jin-EU957Not updated
83Døhc Si Vis Pacem Para BellumVol'jin-EU956Not updated
84Päpy Spirit Of PhoénixVol'jin-EU768Not updated
84Ørkane Alliance AncestraleVol'jin-EU768Not updated
84Arcandrys StäffVol'jin-EU768Not updated
84Osesys FamousVol'jin-EU768Not updated
88Herm AydindrilVol'jin-EU767Not updated
88Julienla AydindrilVol'jin-EU767Not updated
88Sardomaxh AydindrilVol'jin-EU767Not updated
91Sriki ClebsVol'jin-EU576Not updated
91Pøgg Les ThermopylesVol'jin-EU576Not updated
91Romullus Le pacte de loyautéVol'jin-EU576Not updated
91Røsê CacahouèteVol'jin-EU576Not updated
91Irwaen Never Back DownVol'jin-EU576Not updated
91Sazel FakeVol'jin-EU576Not updated
97Luxamina Mythes et LégendesVol'jin-EU574Not updated
98Madjocker Si Vis Pacem Para BellumVol'jin-EU384Not updated
98Afflictius EffectVol'jin-EU384Not updated
98Øuranøs Fortune de GaëaVol'jin-EU384Not updated

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