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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Vek'lor-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Tjyo FBGMVek'lor-EU2421Not updated
2Zakii FBGMVek'lor-EU2274Not updated
3Lalalime FBGMVek'lor-EU1945Not updated
4Sephantos Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU1890Not updated
5Vitah Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU1760Not updated
6Valodhia EvocatiVek'lor-EU1709Not updated
7Hankz Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU1682Not updated
8Laladalime FBGMVek'lor-EU1678Not updated
9Warth Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU1676Not updated
10Arlett Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU1567Not updated
11Lâdydêlish BotlikeVek'lor-EU1140Not updated
12Toshika HeadBangerVek'lor-EU1139Not updated
13Rumdrücker Sieg oder SargVek'lor-EU958Not updated
14Neanu Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU767Not updated
15Whispér Straight outta EschVek'lor-EU765Not updated
16Parayok FBGMVek'lor-EU576Not updated
16Tropas Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU576Not updated
18Ðøxaz Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU384Not updated
18Shilôh EvocatiVek'lor-EU384Not updated
20Effí FBGMVek'lor-EU192Not updated
20Bladedancer Elite der ApokalypseVek'lor-EU192Not updated
20Hamsterlord  Vek'lor-EU192Not updated
23Tollwood The Hateful ArtVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Ohatsu  Vek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Mayfaîr FBGMVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Effî FBGMVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Vincent Death or GloryVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Valtrios Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Resa AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Kiwih FBGMVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Oidavoddan Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Shork MavericksVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Mortana AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Belarufos Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Zaradras Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Mikasa ViatorisVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Appleseed AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Zulio AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Myna AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Nøxylol FBGMVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Carnex AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Greenhunter Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Nohopé Die GummibärenbandeVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Ketuna EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Iceso Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Belarofus Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Liladalime FBGMVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Lexxo AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Théa Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Aurat Die GummibärenbandeVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Acîìon A HAPPY DAYVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Norann AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Linóha ViatorisVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Netazon Terror of PerditionVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Artaír Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Hóbbit Níce oNéVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Mîstêrdelish EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Getso Die StupakisVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Lykanthropíe EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Bøømer Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Lòóký Níce oNéVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Rikà AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Chîquita AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Opâdêlish EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Ankoú  Vek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Cysha EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Avantì  Vek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Âkirâ EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Belóre Guter Spieler XYVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Liarani Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Bîllybob Eins Sechs Max XpVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Jakira AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Ando  Vek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Lädydevimon Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Swegî AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Fdgx Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Mozz FBGMVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Kanibalix Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Shakfennris AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Diâlgâ Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Daire  Vek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Xenøphia MisanthropieVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Artaîr Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Trígger Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Yeltfad  Vek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Norek Bia AvijlVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Schurl AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Agribaal AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Droodheal EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Linael AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Elousia The One and OnlyVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Bullètproof EvocatiVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Belarofuos Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Nòón Game of ThronesVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Gäus Die NamenlosenVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Schôrtyy MavericksVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Protector Game of ThronesVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Xaverl Storm Earth and FireVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Crayven AxiaVek'lor-EU0Not updated
23Tohor MavericksVek'lor-EU0Not updated

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