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Uther-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Fronkeytko Family FirstUther-US2189
2Catpoop A New BeginningUther-US2037
3Démonice Family FirstUther-US2016
4Chernovaqt Family FirstUther-US2012
5Lunazwyn AscensumUther-US2002
6Løcksøfdøts The HearthstonersUther-US1999
7Yolö Family FirstUther-US1994
8Ludaa ÆtherUther-US1974
8Razzatta Legendary HeroUther-US1974
10Fookiebookie ÆtherUther-US1969
11Evaethol ÆtherUther-US1966
12Allec Family FirstUther-US1943
13Lotte ÆtherUther-US1932
14Capttwitch The HearthstonersUther-US1929
15Gotnerfed ÆtherUther-US1919
16Akashiy  Uther-US1905
17Wardder WarforgedUther-US1896
18Drakmorin Virtual InsanityUther-US1889
19Apollo The HearthstonersUther-US1875
20Jinawan Peaceful ViolenceUther-US1874
21Ekusaza ÆtherUther-US1873
22Johnrambo  Uther-US1848
23Killzown  Uther-US1839
24Snowbrawn Family FirstUther-US1834
25Tempermental Chapter ZeroUther-US1831
26Vaynne Emissary of FateUther-US1824
27Wrathclaw WarforgedUther-US1822
28Nasarrus ÆtherUther-US1819
29Bigshock WarforgedUther-US1818
30Moortalis Mark of ChaosUther-US1805
31Mauii Peaceful ViolenceUther-US1802
32Trackerdelta Vanguard EliteUther-US1796
33Daskreg ÆtherUther-US1794
34Aonthos  Uther-US1793
35Deaff RisenUther-US1790
36Deathbyboo RequiemUther-US1787
37Blaclicorice Family FirstUther-US1785
38Moogoogiapan RisenUther-US1783
39Borntoreign Family FirstUther-US1780
40Deadlites Divide Et ImperaUther-US1773
41Norcalkiller Family FirstUther-US1772
42Fatazzbear  Uther-US1771
43Lazymonsta RisenUther-US1758
44Tictacs  Uther-US1755
45Flour AscensumUther-US1751
45Wóbbles ÆtherUther-US1751
45Unclechang Akai SoubiUther-US1751
48Holylites  Uther-US1750
49Myzeel Dragons DenUther-US1748
50Eloss ÆtherUther-US1742
51Pazoozoo ÆtherUther-US1737
51Frys Family FirstUther-US1737
53Mojoy ÆtherUther-US1735
54Skidette The UnwantedUther-US1732
55Gnomee  Uther-US1731
56Devias A New BeginningUther-US1728
57Wanji We Hate Us TooUther-US1725
58Kaigen InsomniaUther-US1722
59Halox  Uther-US1721
59Knoxxis WarforgedUther-US1721Not updated
61Mochoki The WanderersUther-US1720
62Bampowboom ÆtherUther-US1719
63Radicalism WarforgedUther-US1710
64Minybri  Uther-US1698
65Antaraa VigilanceUther-US1682
66Sickly Family FirstUther-US1679
67Sweetice RisenUther-US1666
67Flashhealer Divide Et ImperaUther-US1666
69Jòshy Consumed by HatredUther-US1658
70Wastèd Collected SoulsUther-US1640Not updated
71Vahns Cobra Kai EliteUther-US1639
72Allaspice  Uther-US1634
73Garyshell MoonshadowUther-US1626
74Evilcore Peaceful ViolenceUther-US1622
75Slagor Legacy of PainUther-US1618
75Xibalbá ÆtherUther-US1618
77Palydyn The UnwantedUther-US1608
78Ginno Mything PersonsUther-US1607
79Snookers Family FirstUther-US1602
80Threeinc Family FirstUther-US1598
81Wigsniper We Hate Us TooUther-US1581
82Stickÿ Family FirstUther-US1576
83Marksbane We Hate Us TooUther-US1569
84Plintiozeal Dragons DenUther-US1561
85Kuhoy Family FirstUther-US1554
86Lootinmama Family FirstUther-US1538
87Tyrandepro The HearthstonersUther-US1529
87Gretchan Family FirstUther-US1529
89Eldzen Family FirstUther-US1524
90Tsuyo  Uther-US1522
91Edrol Family FirstUther-US1519
92Tolate Family FirstUther-US1518
93Banesmark We Hate Us TooUther-US1513
94Klöwÿ Family FirstUther-US1504
95Dêathsbane We Hate Us TooUther-US1503
96Thugra Common SenseUther-US1495
97Sebeh Legacy of PainUther-US1494
98Thedeathlord  Uther-US1483
99Gembop Family FirstUther-US1474
100Weeblewobble ÆtherUther-US1473

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