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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Uther-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Chernovaqt  Uther-US2379Not updated
2Yolö Family FirstUther-US2326Not updated
3Sickly  Uther-US2105Not updated
4Gotnerfed ÆtherUther-US2033Not updated
5Vaynne Emissary of FateUther-US2009Not updated
6Deathbyboo RequiemUther-US1982Not updated
7Razzatta Legendary HeroUther-US1971Not updated
8Evaethol ÆtherUther-US1966Not updated
9Allec Family FirstUther-US1943Not updated
10Ekusaza ÆtherUther-US1929Not updated
11Bigshock WarforgedUther-US1916Not updated
12Lotte ÆtherUther-US1912Not updated
13Akashiy  Uther-US1902Not updated
14Jinawan Peaceful ViolenceUther-US1874Not updated
15Stilford VigilanceUther-US1857Not updated
16Nasarrus  Uther-US1819Not updated
17Mauii Peaceful ViolenceUther-US1802Not updated
18Moogoogiapan RisenUther-US1799Not updated
19Daskreg ÆtherUther-US1794Not updated
20Deaff RisenUther-US1790Not updated
21Blaclicorice Family FirstUther-US1785Not updated
22Holylites  Uther-US1752Not updated
23Gukk Akai SoubiUther-US1747Not updated
24Kemosabis Living LegendsUther-US1743Not updated
25Wóbbles ÆtherUther-US1742Not updated
26Pazoozoo ÆtherUther-US1737Not updated
27Mojoy ÆtherUther-US1735Not updated
27Bullkrap Mas Cerveza Por FavorUther-US1735Not updated
29Mochoki The WanderersUther-US1720Not updated
30Bampowboom ÆtherUther-US1719Not updated
30Zanlamin Reign From HellUther-US1719Not updated
32Myzeel Dragons DenUther-US1697Not updated
33Antaraa VigilanceUther-US1682Not updated
34Jòshy Consumed by HatredUther-US1658Not updated
35Notgunnadie Defending the FaithUther-US1654Not updated
36Sweetice RisenUther-US1652Not updated
37Wastèd Collected SoulsUther-US1640Not updated
38Allaspice  Uther-US1634Not updated
39Evilcore Peaceful ViolenceUther-US1622Not updated
40Slagor Legacy of PainUther-US1618Not updated
40Xibalbá ÆtherUther-US1618Not updated
42Ginno Mything PersonsUther-US1607Not updated
43Threeinc Family FirstUther-US1598Not updated
44Nyoz  Uther-US1588Not updated
45Snookers Family FirstUther-US1584Not updated
46Wigsniper We Hate Us TooUther-US1581Not updated
47Eldzen Family FirstUther-US1574Not updated
48Stickÿ Family FirstUther-US1560Not updated
49Kuhoy Family FirstUther-US1554Not updated
50Lootinmama Family FirstUther-US1538Not updated
51Edrol Family FirstUther-US1519Not updated
52Bearmaniacs Mas Cerveza Por FavorUther-US1504Not updated
52Klöwÿ Family FirstUther-US1504Not updated
54Thugra Common SenseUther-US1495Not updated
55Thedeathlord  Uther-US1483Not updated
56Menso Mas Cerveza Por FavorUther-US1482Not updated
57Stilvie Disorderly ConductUther-US1458Not updated
58Pawesome AtonementUther-US1444Not updated
59Dingzi Consumed by HatredUther-US1418Not updated
60Dirkulas LabyrinthUther-US1352Not updated
61Thoringil Valhalla LegionUther-US1335Not updated
62Elevol Family FirstUther-US1317Not updated
63Footlock ÆtherUther-US1150Not updated
64Gløck The WanderersUther-US1149Not updated
65Deltatracker Vanguard EliteUther-US1147Not updated
66Pazoo ÆtherUther-US1145Not updated
67Mispell Crystal DragonsUther-US1143Not updated
68Aulena Family FirstUther-US1137Not updated
69Quna Living LegendsUther-US960Not updated
69Virlyn Collected SoulsUther-US960Not updated
69Vryson Emissary of FateUther-US960Not updated
72Rascuache Akai SoubiUther-US959Not updated
73Zolthen Family FirstUther-US955Not updated
74Joshy Consumed by HatredUther-US768Not updated
74Goku Wu TangUther-US768Not updated
74Fetrix ÆtherUther-US768Not updated
74Diggitydank Save a Dragon Stop PvEUther-US768Not updated
78Badboybill RisenUther-US767Not updated
78Glucket RisenUther-US767Not updated
78Katannah RisenUther-US767Not updated
78Beeroism Cobra Kai EliteUther-US767Not updated
82Frozenbeef  Uther-US766Not updated
83Immabeimmabe Emissary of FateUther-US576Not updated
83Burnerkazena Cobra Kai EliteUther-US576Not updated
83Zoluraan Family FirstUther-US576Not updated
83Ðáskreg ÆtherUther-US576Not updated
83Daisumlover Crystal DragonsUther-US576Not updated
83Bloodthirsty FirehawkUther-US576Not updated
83Grimreåper Legacy of PainUther-US576Not updated
83Denatrius ÆtherUther-US576Not updated
83Divinitee ÆtherUther-US576Not updated
92Baek ÆtherUther-US575Not updated
92Shámwôw BRB AFK LMNOPUther-US575Not updated
94Quantumystic Family FirstUther-US574Not updated
95Valriya Røcket ScienceUther-US384Not updated
95Greencan The GuffUther-US384Not updated
95Lysix Røcket ScienceUther-US384Not updated
95Tiristin RisenUther-US384Not updated
95Druidofnatur Diamond Design UnlimitedUther-US384Not updated
95Ozyozborn LabyrinthUther-US384Not updated

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