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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Uldaman-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Adrac AuxileUldaman-US2251Not updated
2Kunoichì OuroborosUldaman-US2168Not updated
3Isís Stables Secret ServiceUldaman-US2073Not updated
4Dinek  Uldaman-US2069Not updated
5Bruceleetlol Misfit ArmyUldaman-US2064Not updated
6Carlyrae Stormwind Special ForcesUldaman-US2022Not updated
7Blazecast Down For LifeUldaman-US2002Not updated
7Lokimage Misfit ArmyUldaman-US2002Not updated
9Zombiefluff Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1991Not updated
10Picklenator  Uldaman-US1985Not updated
11Caseycage DingUldaman-US1947Not updated
12Grim Down For LifeUldaman-US1944Not updated
13Sujin Misfit ArmyUldaman-US1933Not updated
14Warrgnome DesimationUldaman-US1903Not updated
15Senis Leaders of AzerothUldaman-US1898Not updated
16Ciscotech ParadoxUldaman-US1874Not updated
17Mightyjoes  Uldaman-US1854Not updated
18Deller Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1853Not updated
19Monkabio ParadoxUldaman-US1851Not updated
20Wãlkingdead DingUldaman-US1848Not updated
21Bearcatpiimp Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1845Not updated
22Moonn Stables Secret ServiceUldaman-US1843Not updated
23Handrol Elite EmpireUldaman-US1840Not updated
24Jimpaleldin Sinsatanscar The InsaneUldaman-US1839Not updated
25Darkbloom DFLUldaman-US1833Not updated
26Annor ParadoxUldaman-US1832Not updated
27Devioüsheal OuroborosUldaman-US1826Not updated
28Illuminatix ParadoxUldaman-US1825Not updated
29Starbelly Demonic PlagueUldaman-US1811Not updated
30Abwass Down For LifeUldaman-US1808Not updated
31Gunrack DingUldaman-US1793Not updated
32Pootiearl ParadoxUldaman-US1786Not updated
33Purechaøs ParadoxUldaman-US1785Not updated
34Fearnu ParadoxUldaman-US1784Not updated
35Menrnuts ParadoxUldaman-US1783Not updated
36Twiggiee ParadoxUldaman-US1776Not updated
37Snoopykeyz Demonic PlagueUldaman-US1774Not updated
38Spidershot ParadoxUldaman-US1773
39Twiggums ParadoxUldaman-US1762Not updated
40Redden  Uldaman-US1760Not updated
40Skillbased MalevolentUldaman-US1760Not updated
42Purevoltage ParadoxUldaman-US1757Not updated
43Devilhelper DingUldaman-US1748Not updated
44Tajah DingUldaman-US1740Not updated
45Lomo Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1736Not updated
46Darcmbrace DingUldaman-US1735Not updated
47Twiinki Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1731Not updated
48Primavera DingUldaman-US1729Not updated
49Shatarra DingUldaman-US1727Not updated
50Madchaos NexusUldaman-US1726
50Cobrastryke ParadoxUldaman-US1726Not updated
52Mewzy DFLUldaman-US1721
53Blowthisbear DingUldaman-US1716Not updated
54Airyanna ParadoxUldaman-US1714Not updated
55Mechabruce Misfit ArmyUldaman-US1705Not updated
56Elfabio ParadoxUldaman-US1688Not updated
57Smállfriez OuroborosUldaman-US1684Not updated
58Raynemaker  Uldaman-US1673Not updated
59Deviousheal OuroborosUldaman-US1665Not updated
60Purebálánce ParadoxUldaman-US1655Not updated
61Duherhunter DingUldaman-US1652Not updated
62Hynathor NosferatuUldaman-US1648Not updated
63Padmé DingUldaman-US1646Not updated
64Deadnation Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1645Not updated
65Jinsung Who Put That ThereUldaman-US1638Not updated
66Diaborá Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1633Not updated
67Coulson ParadoxUldaman-US1630Not updated
68Kelthus Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1610
69Superfabs ParadoxUldaman-US1609Not updated
70Iamthezombie Candy and a VanUldaman-US1593Not updated
71Mikeuso Little MinionsUldaman-US1588Not updated
72Unleåshed ParadoxUldaman-US1573Not updated
73Massacrê Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1568Not updated
74Relled Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1562Not updated
75Caribouloo ParadoxUldaman-US1561
76Unoriginal ParadoxUldaman-US1544Not updated
77Omchongming Candy and a VanUldaman-US1513Not updated
78Steingeisser Blood And GloryUldaman-US1512Not updated
79Ojibwe Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1491Not updated
80Teshmach DingUldaman-US1475Not updated
81Beastwarr DingUldaman-US1338Not updated
82Critwagon  Uldaman-US1336Not updated
83Teufelhond AuxileUldaman-US1332Not updated
84Frostiechill ParadoxUldaman-US1328Not updated
85Supimtom Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1307
86Ciscokid DingUldaman-US1150Not updated
86Chrìstõpher Elite EmpireUldaman-US1150Not updated
88Darczen DingUldaman-US1149Not updated
89Madmartigan Deadly CreationsUldaman-US1148Not updated
90Xedar OuroborosUldaman-US1145Not updated
90Wreckr Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US1145Not updated
92Swagcity DingUldaman-US960Not updated
93Devilfearsme DingUldaman-US959Not updated
93Viciousb DingUldaman-US959Not updated
93Cressen DingUldaman-US959Not updated
96Diáborá Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US957Not updated
97Captamerica  Uldaman-US768Not updated
97Glolak Stables Secret ServiceUldaman-US768Not updated
97Silmory Elite EmpireUldaman-US768Not updated
100Slimshadyy DingUldaman-US767Not updated

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