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Twisting Nether-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ephekhan KlutTwisting Nether-EU2311
2Slamdrood HeliophobiaTwisting Nether-EU2300
3Toxicbubbles MediocracyTwisting Nether-EU2244
4Frostinheart  Twisting Nether-EU2232
5Bomperman Fair EnoughTwisting Nether-EU2225
6Holypalaswë MethodTwisting Nether-EU2203
7Tharien Buster CallTwisting Nether-EU2192
8Tvnqt MVPTwisting Nether-EU2177
9Unusualdeath AntipathyTwisting Nether-EU2174
10Arxigina SacrilegeTwisting Nether-EU2168
11Mordaxz Loot IncTwisting Nether-EU2162
12Æblejuice RenovoTwisting Nether-EU2160
13Bullyz DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU2158
14Jellybon EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU2156
15Isábeau FrictionTwisting Nether-EU2147
15Skjor FrictionTwisting Nether-EU2147
17Fenfen Rising SunTwisting Nether-EU2128
18Steinalto DER VAR ET EGERNTwisting Nether-EU2108
19Jimage FrictionTwisting Nether-EU2106
20Bullys DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU2099
21Shiftgotreal Wipe IncTwisting Nether-EU2097
22Shyra DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU2085
23Shamosh BlacklightTwisting Nether-EU2078
24Emy MethodTwisting Nether-EU2075
25Curseddog EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU2072
26Saiyko DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU2067
27Seniorloco VitalTwisting Nether-EU2061
28Thik Eternal NightmareTwisting Nether-EU2058
29Psixi MVPTwisting Nether-EU2053
30Gregern MVPTwisting Nether-EU2049
31Marlkx MVPTwisting Nether-EU2047
32Tioons Fair EnoughTwisting Nether-EU2045
33Smootie MethodTwisting Nether-EU2044
34Flob NoMTwisting Nether-EU2037
35Delthare ApexTwisting Nether-EU2035
36Fløppy NeverthelessTwisting Nether-EU2032Not updated
36Phistweaver DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU2032
38Jexnox  Twisting Nether-EU2031
39Madnesstar MVPTwisting Nether-EU2026
40Tjah MVPTwisting Nether-EU2025
41Codlock are you cici broTwisting Nether-EU2021
42Ectheleon MVPTwisting Nether-EU2020
43Smårips Fair EnoughTwisting Nether-EU2017
43Enyna  Twisting Nether-EU2017Not updated
45Notfur MethodTwisting Nether-EU2016
46Dersdog DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU2015
47Mampie Rising SunTwisting Nether-EU2011
48Thadrius Fair EnoughTwisting Nether-EU2007
49Araylia MVPTwisting Nether-EU2004
50Tsoùnamî DemonicaTwisting Nether-EU2003
51Scarebear NetherTwisting Nether-EU2001
51Cluu MethodTwisting Nether-EU2001
53Puzzlebox Legacy Of KhanTwisting Nether-EU2000
54Fourtwentyo Thunder CatsTwisting Nether-EU1999
55Slickdude DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU1998
56Hordeforlife  Twisting Nether-EU1997
57Makber are you cici broTwisting Nether-EU1996
57Clynical Dimension ZeroTwisting Nether-EU1996Not updated
59Alotebi MVPTwisting Nether-EU1995
60Pârishealton MVPTwisting Nether-EU1991
60Chrisator DesolutionTwisting Nether-EU1991
62Hexthemall NeverthelessTwisting Nether-EU1990
62Kacakci Frozen SunTwisting Nether-EU1990
62Madoze MVPTwisting Nether-EU1990
65Everybodylie MVPTwisting Nether-EU1989
66Throes NeverthelessTwisting Nether-EU1988Not updated
67Rageatme EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU1987
68Rhív EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU1984
69Taeyeøn MVPTwisting Nether-EU1982
69Virarogue MVPTwisting Nether-EU1982
71Xantixia  Twisting Nether-EU1981
72Mjndrust Legendary FewTwisting Nether-EU1980
72Fiskgratäng GrundsvinTwisting Nether-EU1980
74Kàrin WarchiefTwisting Nether-EU1979
75Balamir NeverthelessTwisting Nether-EU1978
75Taìlorswifty EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU1978
75Nieran HarbingerTwisting Nether-EU1978Not updated
78Smítz MVPTwisting Nether-EU1977
78Finister  Twisting Nether-EU1977
80Palabv AfterMáthTwisting Nether-EU1976
80Nehmatwo DER VAR ET EGERNTwisting Nether-EU1976
82Jumanjï EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU1974
83Cocoos FAMETwisting Nether-EU1973
83Swiftyshift MVPTwisting Nether-EU1973
83Öff MVPTwisting Nether-EU1973
83Deadrenger ApexTwisting Nether-EU1973
87Erdounie NeverthelessTwisting Nether-EU1971Not updated
88Frekans NeverthelessTwisting Nether-EU1970
88Facehammer AfterMáthTwisting Nether-EU1970
88Jarrock NeverthelessTwisting Nether-EU1970Not updated
91Báckstábber AfterMáthTwisting Nether-EU1969
92Qanymede wipemaniaTwisting Nether-EU1967
92Túrtlé EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU1967
92Zvbeck MVPTwisting Nether-EU1967
92Kytinu EtérnityTwisting Nether-EU1967
96Fnz Thunder CatsTwisting Nether-EU1965
96Zìngo The AlphamalesTwisting Nether-EU1965
98Veloth Total AnnihilationTwisting Nether-EU1964
99Calowien MVPTwisting Nether-EU1963
99Críxux MVPTwisting Nether-EU1963

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