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Turalyon-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Blondo Player KillerTuralyon-US2338
2Bestlockus girls and godsTuralyon-US2264
3Rwbypally HighTimesTuralyon-US2106
4Gavinfidel The ForgottenTuralyon-US2071
5Wizkbooter girls and godsTuralyon-US2055
6Lôrdßèliál KumpaniaTuralyon-US2051
7Bluefalcòn Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2024
8Tokei Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2009
9Gavdruid The ForgottenTuralyon-US2005Not updated
10Illheallater The Iron CrossTuralyon-US2003
11Ammuta Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2000
12Darkonexxi Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1990
12Chasbolts  Turalyon-US1990
14Xmrowr Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1989
14Dark Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1989
16Synix Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1979
17Salimshad Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1974
18Oogum NeolutumTuralyon-US1968
19Themaddotter Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US1967
20Kraaw InfinitiTuralyon-US1951
20Xns Player KillerTuralyon-US1951
22Dirtyx Mad DecentTuralyon-US1940
23Egosong HypnoticTuralyon-US1929Not updated
24Roidraged  Turalyon-US1926Not updated
25Desttroyer  Turalyon-US1923
26Kastiuh Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US1917
26Davidtennant NeolutumTuralyon-US1917
28Augiddin Getting off this RockTuralyon-US1915
29Fearsypie Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1911
30Bigmeph Not Sure YetTuralyon-US1896Not updated
31Yassamez Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1888
32Fluf Warriors of ValhallaTuralyon-US1884
33Jimmyvrr The ESPADASTuralyon-US1882
33Diamzao Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US1882
35Util SupermassiveTuralyon-US1881
36Coraloralyn HypnoticTuralyon-US1874
36Drazdyn Player KillerTuralyon-US1874
38Holyshot NeolutumTuralyon-US1866
39Drdavislolmd  Turalyon-US1864
39Nanoknight Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US1864
41Chillkillz FalloutTuralyon-US1856
42Eltontito Euphoric MadnessTuralyon-US1851
42Woadles Dark SummitTuralyon-US1851
42Zübergeek Warriors of ValhallaTuralyon-US1851Not updated
45Mahagotami FirestormTuralyon-US1847
46Donkeywitch FusionTuralyon-US1846
47Darknessess Outland SteakhouseTuralyon-US1842
48Glinkbooter girls and godsTuralyon-US1840
49Pscychotic War HordeTuralyon-US1839
50Varkura Dark SummitTuralyon-US1835
51Chotag The ESPADASTuralyon-US1834
51Caytonsùs BlackmarketTuralyon-US1834
53Aeyò Player KillerTuralyon-US1833
54Erodel Player KillerTuralyon-US1832
55Valerzhus Talk Nerdy To MeTuralyon-US1830Not updated
56Kiomie Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US1829
57Kraww InfinitiTuralyon-US1827
57Åce UnprovokedTuralyon-US1827
59Tarela BlackmarketTuralyon-US1826
60Feàr BlackmarketTuralyon-US1825
61Wenchy Children of GallifreyTuralyon-US1824Not updated
62Plaguemind Dark SummitTuralyon-US1823
62Vidrine FallacyTuralyon-US1823
64Diadems Dark SummitTuralyon-US1822
65Untoldhorror Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US1819
66Zannco Player KillerTuralyon-US1817
66Showstop Scarlet CrusaderTuralyon-US1817
68Exeion  Turalyon-US1815Not updated
68Stiffyspoon Mad DecentTuralyon-US1815
70Alztrah  Turalyon-US1813
71Purepoundage InnovativeTuralyon-US1812Not updated
72Darkkschism Player KillerTuralyon-US1811
73Nytmers Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US1809
73Phorce Dark SummitTuralyon-US1809
75Arlema FoETuralyon-US1808
76Banisiko BlackmarketTuralyon-US1806
77Nastyx  Turalyon-US1805
78Powerkush Midnight TreasonTuralyon-US1803
79Bullêt BlackmarketTuralyon-US1801
79Øbliviøn BlackmarketTuralyon-US1801
81Avatar DaybreakTuralyon-US1800
81Löcation Player KillerTuralyon-US1800
81Kearuga The Wolves DenTuralyon-US1800
81Neilio  Turalyon-US1800
85Salvestrom FoETuralyon-US1796
86Alyyx Player KillerTuralyon-US1795
86Psychøsis SupermassiveTuralyon-US1795
86Bínky BlackmarketTuralyon-US1795
89Jesters  Turalyon-US1793
90Spoonmeister Mad DecentTuralyon-US1792
90Ausk Player KillerTuralyon-US1792
92Vikes InfinitiTuralyon-US1790
92Symes Citadel of FearTuralyon-US1790
92Revok AXIOMTuralyon-US1790
95Zambies Dark SummitTuralyon-US1786
96Dtpslayer Dark SummitTuralyon-US1785
97Elivilla Mad DecentTuralyon-US1784
98Théproficy Not Sure YetTuralyon-US1782Not updated
99Tempkillz Player KillerTuralyon-US1780
100Mahosan Player KillerTuralyon-US1779

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