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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Turalyon-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Blondo Player KillerTuralyon-US2374Not updated
2Haviikk SynthesisTuralyon-US2235
3Johnnydeppx  Turalyon-US2223Not updated
4Themaddotter Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US2217
5Kasteal of Blood and HonorTuralyon-US2157Not updated
6Fluf  Turalyon-US2110
7Dark Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2100Not updated
8Exeion BlacklistedTuralyon-US2096Not updated
9Lôrdßèliál KumpaniaTuralyon-US2095Not updated
10Donkypuncher Dark EnigmaTuralyon-US2091Not updated
11Xmrowr Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2085Not updated
12Sarar  Turalyon-US2080Not updated
12Shîfter Rage QuitTuralyon-US2080Not updated
14Keo Player KillerTuralyon-US2071Not updated
15Chasbolts Chaos CabinetTuralyon-US2059Not updated
16Bluefalcòn Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2052Not updated
17Bltzkreig Player KillerTuralyon-US2043Not updated
18Usmcdogg The ForgottenTuralyon-US2042Not updated
19Illheallater The Iron CrossTuralyon-US2040
20Tokei Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2016
21Roidraged Hellz FuryTuralyon-US2015
22Showstop Scarlet CrusaderTuralyon-US2013
23Plaguedvaja Player KillerTuralyon-US2009Not updated
24Kaziko Player KillerTuralyon-US2008Not updated
25Påín Player KillerTuralyon-US2006
25Darkonexxi Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2006
27Diamzao Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US2004
27Monkio Player KillerTuralyon-US2004Not updated
29Löcation Player KillerTuralyon-US2003Not updated
29Psychosis  Turalyon-US2003Not updated
29Drazdyn ObscureTuralyon-US2003
32Synix Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2002Not updated
33Breylex Player KillerTuralyon-US2001Not updated
34Ammuta Waste ManagementTuralyon-US2000Not updated
34Shawmen Player KillerTuralyon-US2000Not updated
36Jimmage Player KillerTuralyon-US1996Not updated
37Darkkschism Player KillerTuralyon-US1989Not updated
38Idôlize Player KillerTuralyon-US1986Not updated
39Regretful Player KillerTuralyon-US1981Not updated
40Itzpyro  Turalyon-US1978Not updated
41Elivilla Player KillerTuralyon-US1972Not updated
41Mzcrowley Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1972Not updated
43Zearoh  Turalyon-US1971Not updated
43Ausk Player KillerTuralyon-US1971Not updated
45Humakt Player KillerTuralyon-US1969Not updated
46Oogum NeolutumTuralyon-US1968
47Manitou Player KillerTuralyon-US1961Not updated
48Lunarch Player KillerTuralyon-US1956Not updated
49Hydrophobia BlacklistedTuralyon-US1948Not updated
49Dennisrodman Player KillerTuralyon-US1948Not updated
51Untoldhorror Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US1947
52Militarydog The MistakenTuralyon-US1945
52Bðxtotems Hellz FuryTuralyon-US1945
54Alyyx Player KillerTuralyon-US1944Not updated
55Shottz ReclamationTuralyon-US1942Not updated
56Samcrow Player KillerTuralyon-US1941Not updated
57Salimshad Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1938Not updated
58Kastiuh Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US1934
59Ramerjr Bringers of the LightTuralyon-US1931Not updated
60Spoonzyxo  Turalyon-US1929Not updated
61Orcgasmo Player KillerTuralyon-US1928Not updated
62Tempkillz Player KillerTuralyon-US1927Not updated
63Desttroyer Chaos CabinetTuralyon-US1923
64Khassy  Turalyon-US1921
65Erodel Player KillerTuralyon-US1918
66Kiomie Player KillerTuralyon-US1917
67Augiddin Getting off this RockTuralyon-US1915Not updated
68Fearsypie Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1911Not updated
69Ulmahk Player KillerTuralyon-US1906Not updated
70Tygrasoraw Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1901Not updated
71Valcoven Player KillerTuralyon-US1898Not updated
72Huneybunss Player KillerTuralyon-US1895Not updated
72Coordinate Player KillerTuralyon-US1895Not updated
74Jimmyvrr The ESPADASTuralyon-US1893
75Deathlicious Player KillerTuralyon-US1892Not updated
76Yassamez Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1888Not updated
77Gearzs Player KillerTuralyon-US1885Not updated
78Abideyo Rage QuitTuralyon-US1883Not updated
79Util  Turalyon-US1881Not updated
80Coraloralyn Deadly ChaosTuralyon-US1874Not updated
81Foodstampzz ImpetusTuralyon-US1867Not updated
82Holyshot NeolutumTuralyon-US1866
83Wickedgnome Waste ManagementTuralyon-US1865Not updated
84Miracle SWCTuralyon-US1864
85Swept Player KillerTuralyon-US1860Not updated
86Dárksoul  Turalyon-US1856Not updated
87Kisin Player KillerTuralyon-US1855Not updated
88Location Player KillerTuralyon-US1854Not updated
89Eltontito Euphoric MadnessTuralyon-US1851
89Gamorra UnprovokedTuralyon-US1851Not updated
91Doubbletappz  Turalyon-US1850Not updated
92Käu UnprovokedTuralyon-US1848Not updated
92Braxin UnprovokedTuralyon-US1848
92Hellbrngr UnprovokedTuralyon-US1848Not updated
92Muudoo UnprovokedTuralyon-US1848
96Kykvendi UnprovokedTuralyon-US1847Not updated
97Mutedsilence UnprovokedTuralyon-US1846Not updated
97Donkeywitch FusionTuralyon-US1846Not updated
99Darkdruidx UnprovokedTuralyon-US1843
100Nubio Dominus NihilTuralyon-US1842Not updated

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