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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Turalyon-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Zimp PureTuralyon-EU2594Not updated
2Spriestchamp PureTuralyon-EU2584Not updated
3Zotic RevolutionTuralyon-EU2495Not updated
4Bloodymåry PureTuralyon-EU2295Not updated
5Arma Definition of DØGTuralyon-EU2284Not updated
6Drumight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU2188Not updated
7Quelb The NephilimTuralyon-EU2154Not updated
8Tystraw The NephilimTuralyon-EU2142Not updated
9Grizlyadams NovaTuralyon-EU2110Not updated
10Palamight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU2106Not updated
11Roguemight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU2105Not updated
12Priestmight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU2076Not updated
13Magemight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU2071Not updated
14Killalot The NephilimTuralyon-EU2064Not updated
15Dakió The NephilimTuralyon-EU2061Not updated
15Monkinamight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU2061Not updated
17Armaqt  Turalyon-EU2050Not updated
18Mooóooóoo Dark Passion PlayTuralyon-EU2046Not updated
19Warmight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1995Not updated
20Plankéy Dark Passion PlayTuralyon-EU1980Not updated
21Huntermight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1975Not updated
22Chilaili The NephilimTuralyon-EU1966Not updated
23Meeký The NephilimTuralyon-EU1956Not updated
24Cyntia The NephilimTuralyon-EU1955Not updated
25Llilith Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU1941Not updated
26Sloot The NephilimTuralyon-EU1938Not updated
27Wellsy The NephilimTuralyon-EU1925Not updated
28Shamymight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1917Not updated
29Dromle EntityTuralyon-EU1895Not updated
30Applejack AscensionTuralyon-EU1889Not updated
31Sagorth EntityTuralyon-EU1885Not updated
32Midnytstryk AscensionTuralyon-EU1872Not updated
33Pepparkorn The NephilimTuralyon-EU1857Not updated
34Peaceful AscensionTuralyon-EU1845Not updated
35Kyline  Turalyon-EU1844Not updated
36Bubbaleh RevolutionTuralyon-EU1840Not updated
37Tystir The NephilimTuralyon-EU1829Not updated
38Akiru The NephilimTuralyon-EU1823Not updated
39Shífthappëns EntityTuralyon-EU1822Not updated
40Yoloboi RevolutionTuralyon-EU1818Not updated
41Vlàd AscensionTuralyon-EU1807Not updated
42Evergrow Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1775Not updated
43Woorm Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1754Not updated
44Sindorie AscensionTuralyon-EU1750Not updated
45Lemski AscensionTuralyon-EU1739Not updated
46Skalizar AscensionTuralyon-EU1731Not updated
47Ariannie AscensionTuralyon-EU1728Not updated
47Runedeath AscensionTuralyon-EU1728Not updated
49Tedalaruz The NephilimTuralyon-EU1709Not updated
50Luckymight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1697Not updated
51Shamanie AscensionTuralyon-EU1687Not updated
52Rasus AscensionTuralyon-EU1676Not updated
53Antileah Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU1666Not updated
54Dindins NocturamaTuralyon-EU1651Not updated
55Roûge PureTuralyon-EU1625Not updated
56Kirrie RevolutionTuralyon-EU1595Not updated
57Cairnsy RevolutionTuralyon-EU1592Not updated
57Luizex RevolutionTuralyon-EU1592Not updated
59Milatios Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU1568Not updated
60Trackoex Gods of WarTuralyon-EU1532Not updated
61Vehlen NocturamaTuralyon-EU1472Not updated
62Ferine NocturamaTuralyon-EU1417Not updated
63Albbaer TheExilesTuralyon-EU1386Not updated
64Dragontail The NephilimTuralyon-EU1341Not updated
65Hexxus  Turalyon-EU1328Not updated
65Trashbringer The Celtic CultTuralyon-EU1328Not updated
67Vicerious Gods of WarTuralyon-EU1315Not updated
68Kimeran PureTuralyon-EU1151Not updated
69Lyavanna Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU1149Not updated
70Tdeleuraan Gods of WarTuralyon-EU1144Not updated
71Firehorn Absolute VictoryTuralyon-EU1135Not updated
72Kaatil The NephilimTuralyon-EU960Not updated
72Hexualabuse PureTuralyon-EU960Not updated
74Zoticlock RevolutionTuralyon-EU959Not updated
75Kardásh EntityTuralyon-EU768Not updated
75Esperito RevolutionTuralyon-EU768Not updated
75Djuma Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU768Not updated
78Maxmekker  Turalyon-EU767Not updated
78Sullena OasisTuralyon-EU767Not updated
78Pessal Gods of WarTuralyon-EU767Not updated
81Anugla AscensionTuralyon-EU766Not updated
82Psychopathz The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Béowúlf The NephilimTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Courtnie PureTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Dugï The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Stenbider Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Sakarahhz DeterminedTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Xentha The NephilimTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Nikolica The NephilimTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Leeyla AceTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Taraz The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Horrify TheExilesTuralyon-EU576Not updated
82Jerosha RevolutionTuralyon-EU576Not updated
94Ràve Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU575Not updated
95Warlink The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU384Not updated
95Aelsia RevolutionTuralyon-EU384Not updated
95Antishadow EntityTuralyon-EU384Not updated
95Thanatiel RevolutionTuralyon-EU384Not updated
95Alarion Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU384Not updated
95Praith Absolute VictoryTuralyon-EU384Not updated

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