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Turalyon-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Zimp PureTuralyon-EU2226
2Nygi PureTuralyon-EU2085
3Bloodymåry PureTuralyon-EU2031
4Sasóri Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1923
5Pepparkorn ProgensTuralyon-EU1857
6Arma RevolutionTuralyon-EU1806
7Drumight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1791
8Gin NocturamaTuralyon-EU1773
9Charités Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1758
10Applejack AscensionTuralyon-EU1757
11Priestmight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1743
12Magemight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1735
13Zlade Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1725
14Slitherx Dawn of the UndeadTuralyon-EU1713
15Shamymight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1708
16Vlàd AscensionTuralyon-EU1704
16Devmini AscensionTuralyon-EU1704
18Huntermight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1701
19Wtfisblock Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1676
20Humock The Muppet ShowTuralyon-EU1675
21Grizlyadams NovaTuralyon-EU1670
22Apogryph The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-EU1664
23Viperxl Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1642
24Tickler Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1640
25Lrddavid CurseTuralyon-EU1639
26Grithoso Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1635
27Armaqt Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1632
28Tehcnoloc The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU1629
29Propah Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1624
30Geminis Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1620
30Skalizar AscensionTuralyon-EU1620
32Ecolol The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU1619
33Snuskebasse Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1613
34Monkinamight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1612
35Zeniks Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1608
36Lollymonkey RevolutionTuralyon-EU1607
37Brighty Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1605
37Benchan Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1605
39Luckymight Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1604
40Kirrie RevolutionTuralyon-EU1595
40Swofty Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1595
42Kungfubeer AscensionTuralyon-EU1593
43Cairnsy RevolutionTuralyon-EU1592
43Luizex RevolutionTuralyon-EU1592
45Jaxta Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1589
46Akiru The NephilimTuralyon-EU1586
47Woorm Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1581
48Nynjah Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1572
48Rasus AscensionTuralyon-EU1572
50Runedeath AscensionTuralyon-EU1571
50Gíbbs AscensionTuralyon-EU1571
52Peaceful AscensionTuralyon-EU1570
53Ariannie AscensionTuralyon-EU1569
54Milatios Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1568
55Misparation AscensionTuralyon-EU1562
55Sodara Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1562
57Charista Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1560
58Frankisaqt Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1559
59Armageddon S KEY GamingTuralyon-EU1558
60Djbold Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1556
61Xaroius The Muppet ShowTuralyon-EU1549
62Thunderrock AscensionTuralyon-EU1545
63Nuin AscensionTuralyon-EU1543
64Shamanie AscensionTuralyon-EU1539
65Dómínó AscensionTuralyon-EU1538
66Magipitis The NephilimTuralyon-EU1523
67Logunn Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1520
68Toetastic Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1518
69Cryogenix RevolutionTuralyon-EU1515
70Mpekaltsas The NephilimTuralyon-EU1506
71Epoh  Turalyon-EU1500Not updated
72Holyruletta AscensionTuralyon-EU1498
73Midnytstryk AscensionTuralyon-EU1495
74Vehlen NocturamaTuralyon-EU1472
75Evergrow Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU1469
76Vaneraz AscensionTuralyon-EU1466
77Propeh Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1458
78Lemskie AscensionTuralyon-EU1447
79Yükî AscensionTuralyon-EU1445
80Odyseuss Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1442
81Tollor Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1433
82Plankéy Dark Passion PlayTuralyon-EU1420
83Ferine NocturamaTuralyon-EU1417
84Griggles Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1404
85Bucher RevolutionTuralyon-EU1327
86Kyline Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1323
87Vicerious SinthariaTuralyon-EU1315
88Dobbelheis Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1313
89Antileah Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU1292
90Lemskiej AscensionTuralyon-EU1283
91Sanquiliz Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1276
92Spriestchamp PureTuralyon-EU1150
93Daishan Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1144
93Tdeleuraan Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1144
93Faqthisname Atleast we have StablesTuralyon-EU1144
96Killalot The NephilimTuralyon-EU1142
96Lemski AscensionTuralyon-EU1142
96Fishface RevolutionTuralyon-EU1142
96Meeký The NephilimTuralyon-EU1142
96Goforshatter The NephilimTuralyon-EU1142

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