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Tortheldrin-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ottocast The Second SonsTortheldrin-US1943
2Atropa  Tortheldrin-US1937
3Tierack  Tortheldrin-US1912
4Thingol  Tortheldrin-US1888
5Odóyle The Second SonsTortheldrin-US1817
6Magefood  Tortheldrin-US1771Not updated
7Hydrohipz Final GenesisTortheldrin-US1765
8Drgoodbooty  Tortheldrin-US1763
9Scaretacticz  Tortheldrin-US1740
10Reconbravo  Tortheldrin-US1739
11Hiauntie One ManTortheldrin-US1675
12Wtfvanishlol  Tortheldrin-US1648Not updated
13Warworg KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US1629Not updated
14Ether  Tortheldrin-US1628Not updated
15Toadey The Second SonsTortheldrin-US1590
16Crave  Tortheldrin-US1570Not updated
17Maulermoley KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US1538
18Recharger KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US1446
19Madøw Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US1413
20Khruul The Second SonsTortheldrin-US1302
21Lebowskii  Tortheldrin-US1148
22Xudynasty The Second SonsTortheldrin-US1147
23Katieperry Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US1141
24Priestow Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US954
25Zerstorung Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US767
26Jênøvå  Tortheldrin-US576
26Deadlyxchi KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US576
28Cowman Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US384
28Threin Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US384Not updated
28Itisfinished Final GenesisTortheldrin-US384
31Bluedream KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US192Not updated
31Druuidlol  Tortheldrin-US192
31Toyotaprius Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US192
31Whoagey The Second SonsTortheldrin-US192
31Kungfumasta Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US192
36Shawnicus ÀnnihilationTortheldrin-US0
36Savin FortuneTortheldrin-US0
36Vulgarrath Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Ninel Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Belfor Needs More CowbellTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Screambagel Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Trílogy Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Gàlzar Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Grög Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Ihústle  Tortheldrin-US0
36Liafail Thirteenth ArmyTortheldrin-US0
36Taldari Needs More CowbellTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Spaceface KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Illini HighlandersTortheldrin-US0
36Yohmon Heart Of GlassTortheldrin-US0
36Lightthunder  Tortheldrin-US0
36Nomac The Second SonsTortheldrin-US0
36Supergranny Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US0
36Garigmax DÅRKTortheldrin-US0
36Boolsheit Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Dyingdây Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Xazzi Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Armyofone  Tortheldrin-US0
36Gerrolak  Tortheldrin-US0
36Reaperofgods Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Zèrò Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US0
36Ardious Ordo FidelisTortheldrin-US0
36Autumnwind Born of ChaosTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Believpriest Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Deadmagic  Tortheldrin-US0
36Deadlyaim Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Graogg Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Savagetalon Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Wingzero Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0
36Saevia FortuneTortheldrin-US0
36Rinjin RumRunnersTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Demonicferal Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0
36Xanthars Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Bluedreamss KILLS FOR THRILLSTortheldrin-US0
36Scarpa Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Berdo Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Zunzun Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Zaren The Fifth ElementTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Coronâ  Tortheldrin-US0
36Leppu  Tortheldrin-US0
36Deijiara Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Reyndris The Second SonsTortheldrin-US0
36Kaiperlo FortuneTortheldrin-US0
36Mulam Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Bohe The Fifth ElementTortheldrin-US0
36Oceanheals FortuneTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Finaflex Final GenesisTortheldrin-US0
36Locholin Arrested DevelopmentTortheldrin-US0
36Garignaxus DÅRKTortheldrin-US0
36Thecruel Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0
36Garigmack DÅRKTortheldrin-US0
36Sporkmeister Maybe Nextime BuddyTortheldrin-US0
36Syhn Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0
36Trouthunter HavokTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Malevølent The Ðìvíne LègácyTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Arkazul  Tortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Freex Things Go BoomTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Angelock Delusions of AdequacyTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36ßrø The Ðìvíne LègácyTortheldrin-US0Not updated
36Harrybuttz Freelance ArmyTortheldrin-US0Not updated

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