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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Todeswache-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Pacatá Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU2018Not updated
2Kidtaiyz Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU1978Not updated
3Rídér DawnTodeswache-EU1910Not updated
4Mibcus Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU1881Not updated
5Pâcâtâo Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU1836Not updated
6Divusfighter Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU1829Not updated
7Jolîna Das Auge des TigersTodeswache-EU1827Not updated
8Lîriel ElysiúmTodeswache-EU1813Not updated
9Lysìra ReloadedTodeswache-EU1807Not updated
10Marrien ReloadedTodeswache-EU1798Not updated
11Teanzer Söldner AzerothsTodeswache-EU1766Not updated
12Goodless Die tollkühne CrewTodeswache-EU1729Not updated
13Aldah Engel der NachtTodeswache-EU1643Not updated
14Susanoou SchutzengelTodeswache-EU1625Not updated
15Imotech absurdTodeswache-EU1621Not updated
16Anjour Orden der NachtfalkenTodeswache-EU1601Not updated
16Attella Orden der NachtfalkenTodeswache-EU1601Not updated
18Skyped DawnTodeswache-EU1519Not updated
19Thorvalor SchutzengelTodeswache-EU1455Not updated
20Crited Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU1327Not updated
21Yimmo Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU1148Not updated
22Montecòre  Todeswache-EU959Not updated
23Ðelicz  Todeswache-EU768Not updated
23Torpedotine Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU768Not updated
25Chabó Der FlammensturmTodeswache-EU767Not updated
26Titanklinge OakheartTodeswache-EU766Not updated
26Lasori OakheartTodeswache-EU766Not updated
28Mendina TELDRASSIL´S ERBENTodeswache-EU576Not updated
28Gørø OakheartTodeswache-EU576Not updated
28Tekkon ParadigmaTodeswache-EU576Not updated
31Raksnon SchutzengelTodeswache-EU575Not updated
32Equester Lex NoctisTodeswache-EU384Not updated
32Ginalaan Hüter der alten SittenTodeswache-EU384Not updated
32Flashlight OakheartTodeswache-EU384Not updated
32Pandrina Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU384Not updated
36Meloxia Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU192Not updated
36Sónný BluthundeTodeswache-EU192Not updated
36Quentchen Söldner AzerothsTodeswache-EU192Not updated
39Elìsa BluthundeTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Alhazred Der FlammensturmTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Schwarzmähne Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Mesoa Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Thagos Die BruderschaftTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Maidener Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Tschornije ChaostheorieTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Nakula Lex NoctisTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Gerrigolas Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Marf Bund der MächtigenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Cerberon Testardo AlleanzaTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Adson Klingen des ErwachensTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Elethuil Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Eurakles ElysiúmTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Mineeva Testardo AlleanzaTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Felaria Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Waldzaus Terra de LuzTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Shivania Wolfsong ClanTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Konzzo Orden der NachtfalkenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Rashness SchutzengelTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Cathan Cheertrolls SchergenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Camela Wolfsong ClanTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Lifaré BluthundeTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Wenolo Die Lahmen ohne NamenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Esquella Semper FîTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Spareripple  Todeswache-EU0Not updated
39Dagal Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Bodokan Die Legion des KönigsTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Suge Clan der schwarzen RoseTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Muruklus Cheertrolls SchergenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Nadir LichtscheuTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Eiulan Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Avilira legendenkillerTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Toskká Der FlammensturmTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Batze Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Gridlock  Todeswache-EU0Not updated
39Aelful Bund der MächtigenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Lunz Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Magmahuf Für die GoblinsTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Beberuhi Adrenalin PurTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Darnokahr Adrenalin PurTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Heilix Klingen des ErwachensTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Élomer Semper FîTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Morkascha Die BruderschaftTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Sharan Semper FîTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Terriy Die Sonnen LegendenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Tyranusdra Die Erben der DrachenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Isop Thralls EliteTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Hathagat Terra de LuzTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Daddler Semper FîTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Port Templer des BlutmondesTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Dreamcypher Die Lahmen ohne NamenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Gotikowski GOTEM CLANTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Soreiya krieger des lichtsTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Bluehoney Die Erben der DrachenTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Neowela The Last RoundTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Kardass Sendboten des TodesTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Gotemowski GOTEM CLANTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Shéy  Todeswache-EU0Not updated
39Bélgarion ElysiúmTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Valenya Sendboten des TodesTodeswache-EU0Not updated
39Regnator Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU0Not updated

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