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Tichondrius-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ozz Ozzy BigboltsTichondrius-US2454
2Buleh  Tichondrius-US2413
3Staystrong hey im mvpTichondrius-US2396
4Nickolas DoomnatrahTichondrius-US2367
5Generic one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2351
6Dhorothy Guild of ThugonomiczTichondrius-US2331
7Smoxxin hey im mvpTichondrius-US2328
8Bailamos one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2323
9Fcfcfcfc hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2321
10Zenvo Ozzy BigboltsTichondrius-US2318
11Bubbez hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2314
12Slothlordx hey im mvpTichondrius-US2305
13Zumoch hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2300
14Qqanyone hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2299
15Kording Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2298
16Zizek one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2297
17Flayzz hey im mvpTichondrius-US2287
18kaskå Guild of ThugonomiczTichondrius-US2280
19Shlndy Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2278
20Stàystrong hey im mvpTichondrius-US2270
21Mesdk  Tichondrius-US2259
22Xary Y U DEDTichondrius-US2258
22Dorre Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2258
24Laxeus hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2255
24Ratx hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2255
26Genericjr one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2250
27Smexxin Versace VersaceTichondrius-US2248
28Evanz Most dominant everTichondrius-US2244
29Nesterov hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2240
30Verdantstorm Respect WomenTichondrius-US2239
31Evanzx Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2236
32Borngood hey im mvpTichondrius-US2234
32Madralan Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2234
34Grru Most dominant everTichondrius-US2232
35Sidralan Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2228
36Takenotezz hey im mvpTichondrius-US2223
37Kambar one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2220
38Qjqtk Most dominant everTichondrius-US2219
39Tyler Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2214
40Klydasaurus one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2213
40Badromancer Most dominant everTichondrius-US2213
42Woompaloompa Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2211
42Kadrixx hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2211
44Morphagain one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2210Not updated
45Bornduelist hey im mvpTichondrius-US2208
46Athletetwo hey im mvpTichondrius-US2205
46Clownswagcat one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2205
48Iamzod Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2204
48Improvez im on my levelTichondrius-US2204
50Dorree Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2203
51Mattwo AJTichondrius-US2202
52Noodledance Respect WomenTichondrius-US2201
52Bëastmodë RBG HEROTichondrius-US2201
54Sweatyfingrs hey im mvpTichondrius-US2197
55Pascoe hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2192
56Sikth hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2190
57Dorrex Most dominant everTichondrius-US2189
58Norqx hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2188
58Warfuzed hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2188
60Ckommunist one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2179
60Tylerpally hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2179
62Bronz hey im mvpTichondrius-US2178
63Jukah hey im mvpTichondrius-US2172
63Sputterx hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2172
65Hansol hey im mvpTichondrius-US2171
65Fatalitý hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2171
67Madeinoregon one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2170
68Hewty hey im mvpTichondrius-US2169
69Xaryu Y U DEDTichondrius-US2165
70Youngbloodx hey im mvpTichondrius-US2164
70Bailamosuk one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2164
72Vosil hey im mvpTichondrius-US2163
73Caribus hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2159
74Rachelrae hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2158
75Sharpstorm Respect WomenTichondrius-US2157
75Junku Most dominant everTichondrius-US2157
75Bubbezddos hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2157
78Dannycarey Guild of ThugonomiczTichondrius-US2156
79Vanraa  Tichondrius-US2154Not updated
79Kaska Guild of ThugonomiczTichondrius-US2154
81Verinaughty DoomnatrahTichondrius-US2153
81Àthlete hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2153
81Slothlord im on my levelTichondrius-US2153
84Whiteknight Respect WomenTichondrius-US2152
84Neverdeadx hey im mvpTichondrius-US2152
86Shimyz one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2151
86Ztshield Deus DeorumTichondrius-US2151
88Drackkyy hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2149
89Sodah hey im mvpTichondrius-US2148
90Rookere one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2144
91Iegend Deus DeorumTichondrius-US2143
91Exumbra Deus DeorumTichondrius-US2143
93Bloodvalve hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2142
94Livestreamx  Tichondrius-US2140Not updated
94Vicier Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2140
96Ald Guild of ThugonomiczTichondrius-US2139
96Folarin AJTichondrius-US2139
98Sputmonk hey im mvpTichondrius-US2138
99Nikeswagx hey im mvpTichondrius-US2137
100Zendeta one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2134

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