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Tichondrius-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Someratx hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2659
2Zenvo Hashtag Yolo SwagTichondrius-US2605
2Blakexo Cute IRL xoTichondrius-US2605
4Ozz Ozzy BigboltsTichondrius-US2597
5Zizek one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2595
5Smoxxin hey im mvpTichondrius-US2595
7Tyler  Tichondrius-US2587
8Ballsky Elite Boosts GamingTichondrius-US2574
9Qqanyone The FeverTichondrius-US2569Not updated
10Dietcokes  Tichondrius-US2566
11Vosil Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2565
12Blakeydoodle In The CloudsTichondrius-US2564
13Lillterio  Tichondrius-US2556
14kaskå  Tichondrius-US2555
15Ståystrong hey im mvpTichondrius-US2549
16Rookere hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2546
17Flummoz hey im mvpTichondrius-US2544
18Sscoops In The CloudsTichondrius-US2543
19Generic one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2533
20Izotov  Tichondrius-US2532
20Kambar one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2532
20Ozzyquickblt Ozzy BigboltsTichondrius-US2532
23Xaryu Y U DEDTichondrius-US2530
24Shrekt one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2529
25Bornduelist one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2520
26Feàrfactory Dingo ate me RouterTichondrius-US2519
27Thelordtyler Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2518
28Poormanx one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2516
29Catieminxo the ladder grinderTichondrius-US2515
29Pickupdasoap Dingo ate me RouterTichondrius-US2515
29Kadrixx hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2515
29Fullnasty Elite Boosts GamingTichondrius-US2515
33Nesterov  Tichondrius-US2514
34Bailamos  Tichondrius-US2513
35Gosutko one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2508
36Billgatezz Oo KillemTichondrius-US2507
37Janitko one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2506
38Buleh In The CloudsTichondrius-US2503
39Phaymiss BattlehammerTichondrius-US2502
40Màldiva Honey I Shrunk MaldivaTichondrius-US2501
40Zumoch hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2501
40Taurengodx ok she looked eighteenTichondrius-US2501
43Bubbez lxxiTichondrius-US2499
44Velati  Tichondrius-US2497
45Datacus hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2495
46Lxxy lxxiTichondrius-US2492
47Jenss one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2485
48Staystrong hey im mvpTichondrius-US2484
48Bailamoxyz one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2484
50Laxeus hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2483
50Lxxi one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2483
50Trashkingrat In The CloudsTichondrius-US2483
53Odoub hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2482
54Whiteknight Respect WomenTichondrius-US2481
54Proxy one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2481
56Kriix AFKTichondrius-US2479
56Skratchqt Elite Boosts GamingTichondrius-US2479
58Stàystrong hey im mvpTichondrius-US2477
58Kaskä hey im mvpTichondrius-US2477
60Hewty hey im mvpTichondrius-US2476
60Sweatyfingrs In The CloudsTichondrius-US2476
62Slothlordx hey im mvpTichondrius-US2475
63Hotissuelol Most dominant everTichondrius-US2473
64Flapjacksx one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2471
64Zvxcnvzcnvzx Treasure house of IamzodTichondrius-US2471Not updated
64Àustin Keko Main TeamTichondrius-US2471
67Jknoblock Respect WomenTichondrius-US2469
68Kâmbar one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2468
69Jordonz one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2467
70Verdantstorm Respect WomenTichondrius-US2464
70Pikupdasoap Dingo ate me RouterTichondrius-US2464
72Sharpstorm Respect WomenTichondrius-US2463
73Borngood one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2462
74Thegodofrbgs WAR MACHINETichondrius-US2456
75Cocojambo one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2455
75Lilgeneric one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2455
75Kording  Tichondrius-US2455
78Bigmoran hey im mvpTichondrius-US2454
79Explode VisceralTichondrius-US2453
79Icyweedbolts Elite Boosts GamingTichondrius-US2453
81Cruical hey q gob abnTichondrius-US2452
82Katyperryxx  Tichondrius-US2451
83Morphagain one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2448
83Flayzzx one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2448
85Captncrunchw In The CloudsTichondrius-US2446
85Hopzilla AJTichondrius-US2446
85Bronz one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2446
88Hansol hey im mvpTichondrius-US2445
88Ðiseâsed VisceralTichondrius-US2445
88Siinzchair  Tichondrius-US2445
88Soâpy The NerdslayerTichondrius-US2445
92Equilol one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2444
93Folarin  Tichondrius-US2443
93Honorbuddy Elite Boosts GamingTichondrius-US2443
95Astranna Elite Boosts GamingTichondrius-US2442
96Fatalitý ExcellenceTichondrius-US2440Not updated
97Imistyou The NerdslayerTichondrius-US2439
97Nofeàrfactry Dingo ate me RouterTichondrius-US2439
99Smplyshrdedx  Tichondrius-US2438
100Discobarbie one lesson per dayTichondrius-US2437

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