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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Thrall-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Rickÿ Distinct AdvantageThrall-US2425Not updated
2Burtreynolds Group TherapyThrall-US2401Not updated
3Euler IntentThrall-US2327Not updated
4Preserve IntentThrall-US2326Not updated
5Doublede Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2260Not updated
6Kecleonswag  Thrall-US2228Not updated
7Bathsalt Distinct AdvantageThrall-US2222Not updated
8Gutshuffler Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2219Not updated
9Matt is a cutieThrall-US2217Not updated
10Jukah MoviThrall-US2211Not updated
11Vixsin NotoriouzThrall-US2206Not updated
12Níke Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US2204Not updated
13Wholyburger ControlThrall-US2203Not updated
14Bonejanglez Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2200Not updated
15Sûlly Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2196Not updated
16Ilovemycatxo  Thrall-US2170Not updated
17Lolmynameis Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2165Not updated
18Åpotheosis Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2158Not updated
19Stonies Group TherapyThrall-US2155Not updated
19Butterynodes Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2155Not updated
21Warriortroll SkillThrall-US2140Not updated
22Lockytwin Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2137Not updated
23Rookxfool Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2131Not updated
24Azl TalentThrall-US2124Not updated
25Lolmynameiz Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2121Not updated
26Makerz Group TherapyThrall-US2118Not updated
27Drees ÄvalancheThrall-US2117Not updated
27Shambulànce  Thrall-US2117Not updated
29Suffokateqt Group TherapyThrall-US2109Not updated
30Dangboi Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2106Not updated
31Nollesia InsanityThrall-US2103
32Parishealdin AncalagonThrall-US2098
33Totemaidz Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2083Not updated
33Worldpèàcè SkillThrall-US2083Not updated
35Therelen Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2081Not updated
36Tøxín Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2078Not updated
37Elessde  Thrall-US2067
37Steewiee DNAThrall-US2067
39Árès Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2061Not updated
40Dína  Thrall-US2044
41Drusyn Group TherapyThrall-US2041Not updated
42Cptbluebeard Event HorizonThrall-US2040Not updated
43Frísky DNAThrall-US2037Not updated
44Háwkéye Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2032Not updated
45Lèonidas For Blood and HonorThrall-US2030
46Sukisama GrievanceThrall-US2028Not updated
47Crêspo Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2027Not updated
47Affectíon Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2027Not updated
47Arlothel TalentThrall-US2027Not updated
50Shavik AscentThrall-US2024Not updated
50Gvainj Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2024Not updated
52Mixkoatl Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2023Not updated
53Anarkie Sweet VictoryThrall-US2022Not updated
54Búbzmage First DegreeThrall-US2020Not updated
55Modify Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2016Not updated
56Fhlank AscentThrall-US2013Not updated
57Chaningtotèm DNAThrall-US2010
58Brillgates TalentThrall-US2009Not updated
59Abracadavèr  Thrall-US2007Not updated
60Imnothealinu Player Vs PizzaThrall-US2004Not updated
61Usirian  Thrall-US2003Not updated
62Dawnlynn Warlords of InsanityThrall-US2002Not updated
62Bstmstryftw  Thrall-US2002Not updated
64Aandro Paradise FoundThrall-US2000Not updated
65Spirituàl  Thrall-US1999Not updated
66Greendued Player Vs PizzaThrall-US1997Not updated
67Riot Player Vs PizzaThrall-US1992Not updated
68Soduh  Thrall-US1991Not updated
69Utìvìch Afro Sheen DeluxThrall-US1990Not updated
70Alaesong Sweet VictoryThrall-US1983
71Lòst Player Vs PizzaThrall-US1982Not updated
72Kebka KILLTHEMEThrall-US1981
73Opstotem Afro Sheen DeluxThrall-US1980Not updated
74Thimblelina Reign in PowerThrall-US1978
74Vathar Into the FrayThrall-US1978Not updated
76Ellighouldng Player Vs PizzaThrall-US1977Not updated
77Drizzi Into the FrayThrall-US1975Not updated
77Shardster Into the FrayThrall-US1975Not updated
77Milch Into the FrayThrall-US1975Not updated
77Vinid Into the FrayThrall-US1975Not updated
81Tehcake AbsoluteZeroThrall-US1974
82Guvwen Into the FrayThrall-US1973Not updated
82Kyroze TalentThrall-US1973Not updated
84Vinylscrátch TalentThrall-US1970Not updated
85Sumatra Challenge AcceptedThrall-US1969Not updated
86Jolts Into the FrayThrall-US1968Not updated
87Polio  Thrall-US1967Not updated
88Mistweaving Afro Sheen DeluxThrall-US1965Not updated
89Leavez Afro Sheen DeluxThrall-US1963Not updated
90Axisomni Group TherapyThrall-US1962Not updated
90Excrusio Event HorizonThrall-US1962Not updated
92Sigyn Ooken DookersThrall-US1960Not updated
93Stummps TalentThrall-US1956Not updated
94Joshie SwarmThrall-US1950Not updated
95Cazzette The A GameThrall-US1949Not updated
96Myocarditis Action Team BroforceThrall-US1947Not updated
97Immortalelf TalentThrall-US1945Not updated
98Crimnosh Anger MismanagementThrall-US1942Not updated
99Drizzijr Into the FrayThrall-US1940Not updated
100Alluvium Action Team BroforceThrall-US1939

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