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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Northernlite NeroThrall-EU2581Not updated
2Vanyy critical ludersThrall-EU2495Not updated
3Møjin NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU2350Not updated
4Daisychainx W H FThrall-EU2334Not updated
5Bluefôx Vision QuestThrall-EU2304Not updated
6Seikillos MS NiveauThrall-EU2279Not updated
7Lôis W H FThrall-EU2218Not updated
8Nastendir MS NiveauThrall-EU2172Not updated
9Demolitios MS NiveauThrall-EU2150Not updated
10Leger W H FThrall-EU2134Not updated
11Vamox AnotherColdDayThrall-EU2131Not updated
12Jøee Steakhouse OrgrimmarThrall-EU2116Not updated
13Quxlîke FrequencyThrall-EU2083Not updated
14Finestgift Freunde der NachtThrall-EU2081Not updated
15Nathork Freunde der NachtThrall-EU2074Not updated
16Darastes StadtreinigungThrall-EU2070Not updated
17Veganerorc FrequencyThrall-EU2059Not updated
18Kanesh NeroThrall-EU2037Not updated
19Stickyfingrs GOOFYSQUADThrall-EU2036Not updated
20Sekoy All hope is GoneThrall-EU2035Not updated
21Madfrozen NewAgeThrall-EU2033Not updated
22Schandrich W H FThrall-EU2022Not updated
23Vênòm Memento MoriThrall-EU2019Not updated
24Chouz SUN TZU The Art of WarThrall-EU2018Not updated
25Asræll Such a ThingThrall-EU2016Not updated
26Genetiic Memento MoriThrall-EU2015Not updated
27Bigyiatch DEVICEThrall-EU2013Not updated
28Destrôyêr heroicThrall-EU2006Not updated
29Übelzord Legio ScorpioThrall-EU1997Not updated
30Noxtarius W H FThrall-EU1986Not updated
31Mentox Tod und TeufelThrall-EU1971Not updated
32Rwr FrequencyThrall-EU1955Not updated
33Numidion ZerstörungswahnThrall-EU1949Not updated
33Fâmous Drakkar NoirThrall-EU1949Not updated
35Schamouflage corruptedThrall-EU1948Not updated
36Teytrax TephraThrall-EU1946Not updated
37Méaras TaoThrall-EU1943Not updated
38Bavariasturm Legio ScorpioThrall-EU1929Not updated
39Dorkl DamagecontrolThrall-EU1927Not updated
40Hekarti Tod und TeufelThrall-EU1923Not updated
41Iluviel ReforgedThrall-EU1920Not updated
41Platinumx NaitomeaThrall-EU1920Not updated
43Arya Star KnightsThrall-EU1917Not updated
43Æxørzist DamagecontrolThrall-EU1917Not updated
43Serafiné Tod und TeufelThrall-EU1917Not updated
46Syrac NeroThrall-EU1914Not updated
47Symbiónt DamagecontrolThrall-EU1911Not updated
48Trzz Vision QuestThrall-EU1910Not updated
49Speedydomi Tod und TeufelThrall-EU1908Not updated
49Âsunî DREAM phYsiCalThrall-EU1908Not updated
51Loran FrequencyThrall-EU1907Not updated
51Béowûlf The Rising PhoenixThrall-EU1907Not updated
53Arepo DamagecontrolThrall-EU1905Not updated
54Clÿde MOXThrall-EU1904Not updated
55Laqunga ReforgedThrall-EU1902Not updated
56Brägan corruptedThrall-EU1901Not updated
57Føxx DamagecontrolThrall-EU1896Not updated
58Azucar Revenge of the HordeThrall-EU1894Not updated
59Tschila DamagecontrolThrall-EU1890Not updated
60Lovexcia RaidclanThrall-EU1887Not updated
61Sworls AbvectioThrall-EU1886Not updated
61Skalgor DamagecontrolThrall-EU1886Not updated
63Soulseekér Tod und TeufelThrall-EU1885Not updated
64Ðõñtårmørÿmë SelectedThrall-EU1881Not updated
65Scurrgo TephraThrall-EU1880Not updated
66Rushtard W H FThrall-EU1879Not updated
66Smallballs Two and a half MainThrall-EU1879Not updated
68Hôlymikê heroicThrall-EU1871Not updated
69Gaari TephraThrall-EU1870Not updated
69Ayrihsa TephraThrall-EU1870Not updated
69Luciferò TephraThrall-EU1870Not updated
69Bullroc TephraThrall-EU1870Not updated
69Jägêrmeister TephraThrall-EU1870Not updated
74Shokazu ReforgedThrall-EU1869Not updated
74Avankra DamagecontrolThrall-EU1869Not updated
76Zarrow DamagecontrolThrall-EU1868Not updated
77Dranduri Memento MoriThrall-EU1863Not updated
78Pebb Higher QualityThrall-EU1862Not updated
78Vouxify NeroThrall-EU1862Not updated
80Cryptoknight Unfähig und Spaß dabeiThrall-EU1859Not updated
81Caricowl W H FThrall-EU1855Not updated
82Zulying DamagecontrolThrall-EU1848Not updated
83Wöller Umbrella CorporationsThrall-EU1846Not updated
84Pinchogordo DEVICEThrall-EU1843Not updated
84Jâeven DamagecontrolThrall-EU1843Not updated
86Tríxsí DEVICEThrall-EU1842Not updated
87Atherus Children of KornThrall-EU1839Not updated
87Priestlî Umbrella CorporationsThrall-EU1839Not updated
89Pitschnass UnpredictableThrall-EU1838Not updated
90Sounds  Thrall-EU1835Not updated
91Jarlik DamagecontrolThrall-EU1834Not updated
92Syràc NeroThrall-EU1832Not updated
93Dschingiz ImpulsThrall-EU1831Not updated
94Nâjs Erben des SargerasThrall-EU1829Not updated
94Mentrox Tod und TeufelThrall-EU1829Not updated
96Meridus DEVICEThrall-EU1825Not updated
96Káelen senseThrall-EU1825Not updated
96Saliandra Punctum SaliensThrall-EU1825Not updated
99Wannebe Nightmare AsylumThrall-EU1824Not updated
100Giganteus Canus ravus pantheraThrall-EU1822Not updated

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