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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

The Underbog-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Faldridan Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US2285Not updated
2Tokés  The Underbog-US2134Not updated
3Heckadots PoisonedThe Underbog-US2125Not updated
4Faldrimonk Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US2124Not updated
5Dripps PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US2118Not updated
6Toro PoisonedThe Underbog-US2104Not updated
7Smokebum  The Underbog-US2099Not updated
8Shamvisper PoisonedThe Underbog-US2086Not updated
9Ayon PoisonedThe Underbog-US2084Not updated
10Gábby PoisonedThe Underbog-US2072Not updated
11Cozycone PoisonedThe Underbog-US2068Not updated
11Bubblerun PoisonedThe Underbog-US2068Not updated
13Ninluv PoisonedThe Underbog-US2065Not updated
14Faldrilan Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US2056Not updated
15Sgtpain Frugal InspirationsThe Underbog-US2047Not updated
16Claeryc RebornThe Underbog-US2003Not updated
17Henley Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US2002Not updated
18Imbredjed PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1997Not updated
19Shoulin  The Underbog-US1981Not updated
20Energyzer Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1975Not updated
21Melanarus  The Underbog-US1963Not updated
21Tadakátsu Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1963Not updated
23Yiu Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1958Not updated
24Natori PoisonedThe Underbog-US1956Not updated
25Isildúr Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1953Not updated
26Archerpvp Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1946Not updated
27Kaalisaarema Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1944Not updated
28Baphomèt Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1942Not updated
29Talented  The Underbog-US1941Not updated
30Fear  The Underbog-US1933Not updated
31Rupriest Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1932Not updated
32Hamûûl Grounded For LifeThe Underbog-US1925Not updated
33Mathyas Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1917Not updated
34Baaloch Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1912Not updated
35Ootaz PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1898Not updated
36Uded Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1894Not updated
37Aegnor  The Underbog-US1891Not updated
38Calabria PoisonedThe Underbog-US1889Not updated
39Takadá Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1887Not updated
40Oneapplepie  The Underbog-US1883Not updated
41Amrylin  The Underbog-US1879Not updated
42Cenobia Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1858Not updated
43Captnomnomqt PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1855Not updated
44Freezeincity PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1849Not updated
45Allowan Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1839
46Serandel  The Underbog-US1838Not updated
47Azuk Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1836Not updated
48Qie  The Underbog-US1830
49Idtapthat Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1829Not updated
50Wonshawt PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1828Not updated
51Ukobach Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1813
52Phreakshow PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1793Not updated
52Mundunugù Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1793Not updated
54Kyudan  The Underbog-US1792Not updated
55Advent  The Underbog-US1788Not updated
56Xeo PoisonedThe Underbog-US1773
57Kapitall  The Underbog-US1766Not updated
58Shadowbinge Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1763Not updated
58Estekene  The Underbog-US1763Not updated
60Harlloo PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1752Not updated
61Elderspry Grounded For LifeThe Underbog-US1731Not updated
62Nuckchorris PoisonedThe Underbog-US1719Not updated
63Mogoo PoisonedThe Underbog-US1702Not updated
64Shyy ThunderdomeThe Underbog-US1696Not updated
65Liquorshots Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1693Not updated
66Spryguy Grounded For LifeThe Underbog-US1690Not updated
67Preacherman ANGELS OF DARKNESSThe Underbog-US1679Not updated
68Dracvoo The MechaniquesThe Underbog-US1678Not updated
69Imarahmadeep PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1664Not updated
70Acklax  The Underbog-US1659Not updated
71Celenê  The Underbog-US1643Not updated
72Deenø  The Underbog-US1615Not updated
73Sonogo Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1612Not updated
74Bufster Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1585Not updated
75Thetalented SabotageThe Underbog-US1569Not updated
76Nocme Exiled LegionThe Underbog-US1560Not updated
77Conath Cimmerian NationThe Underbog-US1551
77Axslayer Cimmerian NationThe Underbog-US1551Not updated
77Winlex Cimmerian NationThe Underbog-US1551
77Athaiah Cimmerian NationThe Underbog-US1551
81Juranda Cimmerian NationThe Underbog-US1546Not updated
82Hiyori Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1528Not updated
83Ashès  The Underbog-US1509Not updated
84Shadina SabotageThe Underbog-US1494Not updated
85Zirf Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1493Not updated
86Batul SabotageThe Underbog-US1393Not updated
87Rhyme Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1341Not updated
87Eddàrd  The Underbog-US1341Not updated
89Buddie PoisonedThe Underbog-US1337Not updated
89Soshadow PoisonedThe Underbog-US1337Not updated
91Syeta  The Underbog-US1336Not updated
92Pandamònium PoisonedThe Underbog-US1326Not updated
93Beârzlol PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1151Not updated
94Equipaje Tainted SoulsThe Underbog-US1150Not updated
94Deaduem PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-US1150Not updated
96Belzac  The Underbog-US1149Not updated
97Mewkz  The Underbog-US1147Not updated
98Nighwolf ThunderdomeThe Underbog-US1146Not updated
99Blinkerez ThunderdomeThe Underbog-US1143Not updated
100Elementare We Wipe Front to BackThe Underbog-US1138

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