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The Maelstrom-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Väläys XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2216
2Susomoc XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2166
3Bashed XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2150
4Lightberg XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2148
5Friwz XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2138
6Biblesmasher XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2136
7Orbán XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2119
8Ðaisy XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2118
9Mageriox XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2116
10Annäh XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2114
11Pegasushaman XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2110
12Frostflavour XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2105
13Bellathiel XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2092
14Susoblock XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2084
15Worstshammy XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2081
16Buttslurp XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2078
17Isorion RisKThe Maelstrom-EU2054
18Edvinalin XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2049
19Hemeroid XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2030
20Venívídívicí XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2023
21Kræde XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2011
22Óf XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU2000
23Superdots XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1993
24Magu XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1991
25Vulnustwo XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1986
26Hexsona The PandemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU1983
27Trikki XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1975
28Wekee XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1973
29Aimbôt XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1960
30Hotsfordots RisKThe Maelstrom-EU1953
31Ncarkade XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1951
32Forestkeeper XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1943
33Gnobliterate XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1942
34Ðoodlebug XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1941
34Scootee XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1941
36Venglinskyi XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1931
37Ðee XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1921
38Azteria XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1910
39Webspider Voice of ReasonThe Maelstrom-EU1908
39Drama EmbersThe Maelstrom-EU1908
39Deepshift XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1908
42Demhealzyo XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1905
43Aekathens XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1901
44Honeypaws Sunny NightmareThe Maelstrom-EU1897
45Dench XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1893
46Stîngz XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1889
47Pequeña Cats on IceThe Maelstrom-EU1883
48Burmur XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1880
49Bunkerboo XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1879
50Kerdal XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1871
50Shadefury XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1871
52Grzesio Noobs from ProlandThe Maelstrom-EU1869
53Winnypoo XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1868
54Anachrøn XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1863
55Bennahon XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1860
56Athletes XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1859
57Schmiddy Rocky VillageThe Maelstrom-EU1840
58Azerol XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1835
59Knollén XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1827
60Lapidem XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1822
61Jonkn SnutjagThe Maelstrom-EU1804
62Deepweb XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1802
63Zenadra The OutcastThe Maelstrom-EU1798
63Leniox XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1798
65Emmertje Haunted HeavensThe Maelstrom-EU1797
66Agolx Cats on IceThe Maelstrom-EU1796
67Susolock XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1795
68Mythdrannor Party GrenadesThe Maelstrom-EU1793
69Warlockanatr XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1788
70Blapa Killing TimeThe Maelstrom-EU1787
71Iarehealer Dawn of WarThe Maelstrom-EU1786
72Obiezyswiat Noobs from ProlandThe Maelstrom-EU1780
73Khayris XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1775
74Halfdemon XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1768
75Carm Storm PiratesThe Maelstrom-EU1752
76Psilocybs XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1749
77Ryora The PandemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU1745
78Kinkybit XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1744
79Arria HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU1741
80Thoralf XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1727
81Thubs The FrontlineThe Maelstrom-EU1725
81Fledjik SnutjagThe Maelstrom-EU1725
83Downloads MidnightThe Maelstrom-EU1718
84Darduum XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1699
84Magicbéán The OutcastThe Maelstrom-EU1699
86Breanainn Noobs from ProlandThe Maelstrom-EU1692
87Bubblepynk HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU1688
88Equations Did You See It ComingThe Maelstrom-EU1681
89Oxqt Dragon OathThe Maelstrom-EU1672
90Valstag Killing TimeThe Maelstrom-EU1657
90Tsunadesaama BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU1657
90Wickedmethod The PandemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU1657
93Zatuzik XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1655
94Hoshpak Noobs from ProlandThe Maelstrom-EU1654
95Arvix Rocky VillageThe Maelstrom-EU1653
96Asyndra The Inner CircleThe Maelstrom-EU1637
97Blantoholik Noobs from ProlandThe Maelstrom-EU1633
98Garrbee Project ParadoxThe Maelstrom-EU1622
99Warrgazm XXL BumsThe Maelstrom-EU1615
100Panidoktor No SurrenderThe Maelstrom-EU1611

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