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The Forgotten Coast-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Mvpsoltp MathematicalThe Forgotten Coast-US2124
2Icekîng MathematicalThe Forgotten Coast-US2109
3Gatzar MythicThe Forgotten Coast-US2105
4Shadowscale jackin it in san diegoThe Forgotten Coast-US2092
5Shocktartz Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US2055
6Jetwings jackin it in san diegoThe Forgotten Coast-US2041
7Cojâ Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US2035
8Endlessrain Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US2034
9Kayllee  The Forgotten Coast-US2028
10Prowessj SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US2013
11Naaiy Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US1983
12Zhaoshanhe Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US1975
13Marcelinè MathematicalThe Forgotten Coast-US1963
14Sàdura Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1942
15Douetu WOW SUCH SKILLThe Forgotten Coast-US1931
16Cinderellà Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US1924
17Rendarr At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1923
18Erth Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1918
18Flatlined PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US1918
20Vidsalvation  The Forgotten Coast-US1911
21Devinci Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1909
22Wickedryder Blood IncThe Forgotten Coast-US1907
23Devinch  The Forgotten Coast-US1903
24Soundtribe MacabreThe Forgotten Coast-US1900
25Prowessjen  The Forgotten Coast-US1890
26Orryon Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US1876
27Avenged MythicThe Forgotten Coast-US1874
28Lichwhisper Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US1869
29Stormwhisper Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US1864
30Windstrom Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1860
31Queline At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1857
32Braindonor  The Forgotten Coast-US1852
33Cairia At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1839
34Ambur Hostile ActsThe Forgotten Coast-US1834
35Swolenator  The Forgotten Coast-US1832
36Dayuanbao SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US1830Not updated
37Gaelen Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1829
38Meckoboy Rat LeagueThe Forgotten Coast-US1826
39Därkesthour PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US1825
40Bluntmobile MythicThe Forgotten Coast-US1820
41Goosegoose Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US1819
42Arktos Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1805
43Hiddenfears Hostile ActsThe Forgotten Coast-US1801
43Superdaddy Glorious Of KingdomThe Forgotten Coast-US1801
45Sisilol SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US1792
45Nbkk Glorious Of KingdomThe Forgotten Coast-US1792
47Supercorn GET SUMThe Forgotten Coast-US1788
47Funki  The Forgotten Coast-US1788
49Darkfang A Glass Of MilkThe Forgotten Coast-US1786
50Fàtál MacabreThe Forgotten Coast-US1784
51Paraðox At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1781
52Fright MacabreThe Forgotten Coast-US1775
53Ûndertow MythicThe Forgotten Coast-US1774Not updated
54Emze MathematicalThe Forgotten Coast-US1771
55Elmohunter At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1767
56Kriptonyte  The Forgotten Coast-US1766
57Sadomasochis PestilenceThe Forgotten Coast-US1765
58Arcfault AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US1763
58Captafk Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US1763
60Jinsing Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1762
61Amoraci At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1761
62Byrnem Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US1759
63Impyria Knights of InsomniaThe Forgotten Coast-US1758
64Wondermus Psychiatric WardThe Forgotten Coast-US1754Not updated
65Nardru At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1753
66Alødy Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US1747
67Tygerstrike At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1744
68Rayina At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1741
69Rohin Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US1739
70Criara At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1736
71Shaðe At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1735
72Heàlz At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1734
73Machete  The Forgotten Coast-US1733
74Shalana At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1731
75Aelinah At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1728
76Flowcontrol  The Forgotten Coast-US1724
77Dissolved Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US1720
78Menàce Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1715
79Critinaa At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1714
80Evella At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1706
81Blinkythebad At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1702
82Sheetzu DRIVENThe Forgotten Coast-US1693
83Tetrahydro Demoni SorteThe Forgotten Coast-US1692Not updated
84Yojimba Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1685
85Fàllén MacabreThe Forgotten Coast-US1684
86Banner At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1683
87Tillman Super HighThe Forgotten Coast-US1681
87Earfshock Forgotten KingsThe Forgotten Coast-US1681Not updated
89Malyss Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1675
90Insanesnow Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US1667
91Acylies Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1666
92Marinated  The Forgotten Coast-US1665
92Chârge Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1665
94Ayabloodwing Dirty Little SecretThe Forgotten Coast-US1664Not updated
95Etimgorf Blood IncThe Forgotten Coast-US1663
96Gizmosis Rat LeagueThe Forgotten Coast-US1660
97Tzpaladin Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US1650
98Zedria  The Forgotten Coast-US1641Not updated
99Toragon Ðark SocietyThe Forgotten Coast-US1628
100Arcwave At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US1623

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