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Terenas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bowwflex Terenas MVPsTerenas-US2023
2Níz Terenas MVPsTerenas-US2011
3Terrorized MonsoonTerenas-US1971
4Saltysaylor ArcanumTerenas-US1967
5Bøøméráng Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1959
6Primalfurye Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1958
6Bigbootybare Vicious CycleTerenas-US1958
8Darkchronos Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1947
9Kïra Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1939
10Times Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1931
11Vanfuuren Thats How We RollTerenas-US1920
12Cheiru LegendTerenas-US1915
13Purponic MonsoonTerenas-US1914
14Sleepiihead Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1866
15Dontheal Vicious CycleTerenas-US1860
16Webin Opera non VerbaTerenas-US1858
17Coronson Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1856
18Deathsrucker Causa MortisTerenas-US1837
19Dipandotz HostilityTerenas-US1834
20Erana Causa MortisTerenas-US1825
21Vividchaos Vicious CycleTerenas-US1820
21Fedallah  Terenas-US1820
23Fattylol Crimson RetributionTerenas-US1817
24Caoz  Terenas-US1816
25Jiwa Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1813
26Hunttokill Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1812
27Priestman  Terenas-US1810
28Myrocion LegendTerenas-US1802
29Spinaltickle Causa MortisTerenas-US1801
30Tbrookent Causa MortisTerenas-US1795
31Selfie Vicious CycleTerenas-US1786
32Guloon Causa MortisTerenas-US1779
33Craqer HostilityTerenas-US1778Not updated
34Vrynne Causa MortisTerenas-US1777
35Dotdotpass Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1774
36Wizzkid Causa MortisTerenas-US1766
37Corinus Born from ChaosTerenas-US1765
38Tastemycrit Vicious CycleTerenas-US1761
39Killers Causa MortisTerenas-US1759
40Voliton Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1750
41Kakarotgt  Terenas-US1746
42Totesmahottd Causa MortisTerenas-US1732
43Severheads Gladius de DeusTerenas-US1724
44Nadale  Terenas-US1718
45Ieetank Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1713
46Tklock Vicious CycleTerenas-US1707
47Dapally MonsoonTerenas-US1703
48Silentkhaos Vicious CycleTerenas-US1702
49Dythea HostilityTerenas-US1696Not updated
50Naturesturd Vicious CycleTerenas-US1693
51Çhill Vicious CycleTerenas-US1691
52Slingbow Causa MortisTerenas-US1685
53Meterslong Vicious CycleTerenas-US1677
54Deathbybooty Vicious CycleTerenas-US1667
55Potsontheah Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1666
56Hisahide Vicious CycleTerenas-US1665
57Chaotik Vicious CycleTerenas-US1659Not updated
58Darkkill Causa MortisTerenas-US1642
59Silentwun Vicious CycleTerenas-US1638
60Crowan The UnresolvedTerenas-US1631
61Pryrates Vicious CycleTerenas-US1614
62Vitto Causa MortisTerenas-US1588
63Stacie Causa MortisTerenas-US1587
64Màgñètò Crimson RetributionTerenas-US1568Not updated
65Sabeltian HostilityTerenas-US1563
66Dolwyn Upside DownTerenas-US1530
67Fallengrace ResurgenceTerenas-US1529
68Landsliide Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1525
69Donotkillme MonsoonTerenas-US1519
70Xeleratted HordestarzTerenas-US1505Not updated
71Killindruid Causa MortisTerenas-US1501
71Faizen Vicious CycleTerenas-US1501
73Bufferzone Thats How We RollTerenas-US1498Not updated
74Slamwich  Terenas-US1487Not updated
75Chaoticrage Vicious CycleTerenas-US1459
76Idnar Slayers of KhaosTerenas-US1390
77Reflexed Terenas MVPsTerenas-US1330
78Washi Vicious CycleTerenas-US1324
79Darknoon Causa MortisTerenas-US1147
79Posioner HostilityTerenas-US1147
79Lilchaos Vicious CycleTerenas-US1147
82Funkyrooster Vicious CycleTerenas-US1144
83Darkmenace Vicious CycleTerenas-US1143
84Finkin Gnome RavagersTerenas-US1142
85Dkinaböx Thats How We RollTerenas-US1141
86Xclaive Causa MortisTerenas-US959
86Killindragon Causa MortisTerenas-US959
86Säcredheals Gnome RavagersTerenas-US959
86Saadpaandaa Terenas MVPsTerenas-US959
86Grumbli Gnome RavagersTerenas-US959
91Dafok Terenas MVPsTerenas-US958
91Insidous Vicious CycleTerenas-US958
91Dæstro Vicious CycleTerenas-US958
94Banger Really Bad PlayersTerenas-US957
95Shockx Terenas MVPsTerenas-US768
95Nadladd Causa MortisTerenas-US768
95Alailyssa HostilityTerenas-US768
95Cailee Slayers of KhaosTerenas-US768
95Pinchnduces Vicious CycleTerenas-US768
95Xolies Thats How We RollTerenas-US768

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