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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Tarren Mill-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ast AmplexusTarren Mill-EU2599Not updated
2Nammyn NihilumTarren Mill-EU2551Not updated
3Fluffarn  Tarren Mill-EU2475Not updated
4Vyneth  Tarren Mill-EU2470
5Fabric OmgWtfBBQTarren Mill-EU2451
6Pringli Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU2450
7Saiyko GØDMØDETarren Mill-EU2354
8Bullslammer InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2340
9Kjelsrud InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2316
10Imyoona Day FourTarren Mill-EU2307
11Bullxo Day FourTarren Mill-EU2304
11Owlstylez Invictus MortemTarren Mill-EU2304
13Kolognex InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2292
14Arianagrandé Thieves and BeggarsTarren Mill-EU2291
15Bladebeam Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU2290
16Meganlockqt GØDMØDETarren Mill-EU2281Not updated
17Ongié DeathTarren Mill-EU2279
18Ronmcdonald  Tarren Mill-EU2262Not updated
19Doq FalloutTarren Mill-EU2261Not updated
20Wodark Invictus MortemTarren Mill-EU2256
20Warriorqt Invictus MortemTarren Mill-EU2256
22Hideyoshí Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2252Not updated
23Modify United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2249Not updated
24Kologneqt InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2233
25Shew SublimeTarren Mill-EU2228
26Bawier Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU2225
27Thralltheman Gods of the ArenaTarren Mill-EU2222Not updated
28Ratflusherx Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU2217
29Gonefishing InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2207
30Chillton PrimeTarren Mill-EU2201
30Vonschedvin  Tarren Mill-EU2201
30Hotsausage PrimeTarren Mill-EU2201
33Gozzie PrimeTarren Mill-EU2194
34Abaitor NihilumTarren Mill-EU2193
35Articinferno HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU2192
36Rizzly SublimeTarren Mill-EU2180
37Goku  Tarren Mill-EU2175Not updated
38Duckface Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2174Not updated
39Bakkishp Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2162Not updated
40Vodkablock Legio ExcisioTarren Mill-EU2161
41Plateroller InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2158
42Dw Red CrossTarren Mill-EU2153
43Naps InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2152
44Zylvon InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2151
44Overextended Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2151Not updated
46Illiminatus Red CrossTarren Mill-EU2150
47Wards United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2149Not updated
48Jaendle PrimeTarren Mill-EU2147
48Aldonoth PrimeTarren Mill-EU2147
50Chamuel InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2145
50Narcoliez PrimeTarren Mill-EU2145
52Nathiz NollTvåTreTarren Mill-EU2133
53Boomler  Tarren Mill-EU2131Not updated
54Hankmoodyxqt SublimeTarren Mill-EU2130
54Kologne InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2130
56Theylon United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2129Not updated
57Tyraniüs InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2128
58Treezus Red CrossTarren Mill-EU2125
58Beerpoong Red CrossTarren Mill-EU2125Not updated
60Xelite InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2124
61Yullz AngeredTarren Mill-EU2122
61Teenagedream  Tarren Mill-EU2122Not updated
63Bakkisfrozen Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2116Not updated
64Steroidx InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2115
65Temutai InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2114
66Kìttypurry Invictus MortemTarren Mill-EU2112
66Harrìbel Invictus MortemTarren Mill-EU2112
66Blondieqt Invictus MortemTarren Mill-EU2112
69Livelord Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU2109
70Hälsopedagog DiscoveryTarren Mill-EU2108
71Nemzr IridiumTarren Mill-EU2106Not updated
71Ricketo  Tarren Mill-EU2106Not updated
71Shockthérapy United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2106Not updated
74Nashky Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2103
74Proletarn DiscoveryTarren Mill-EU2103
76Fury AngeredTarren Mill-EU2100
77Bansee CerberusTarren Mill-EU2096Not updated
78Putri United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2095Not updated
79Fistbumped Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2094Not updated
80Óberyn Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2092Not updated
81Sparkofrage United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2091Not updated
81Allium United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2091Not updated
83Zenteria United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2090Not updated
83Kolognez InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2090
85Svenole  Tarren Mill-EU2089Not updated
85Liquoqt United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2089Not updated
87Telrodan Dark ReckoningTarren Mill-EU2088Not updated
88Icylol United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2087Not updated
89Azalyth  Tarren Mill-EU2085Not updated
90Cytax United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2084Not updated
90Ridikul EdgeTarren Mill-EU2084Not updated
90Ninjabakkis Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2084Not updated
93Badgér InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2083
94Licentia United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2082
95Orkida United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2080Not updated
96Katsuraxde Do You Even DispelTarren Mill-EU2079Not updated
96Kentckyfried InsigniaTarren Mill-EU2079
98Satudarah United by HonorTarren Mill-EU2078Not updated
98Ckaymanqt Red CrossTarren Mill-EU2078
98Krokz De FactoTarren Mill-EU2078

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