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Tanaris-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bobthehefty SlainteTanaris-US2478
2Bobxjrs The UnnamedTanaris-US2207Not updated
3Nyxlie LiberationTanaris-US2151
3Bobsrs The UnnamedTanaris-US2151Not updated
5Yukimist LiberationTanaris-US2140
6Badbon JadedTanaris-US2043
7Thephobia  Tanaris-US2033
8Monkyang WoWTanaris-US2027Not updated
9Accretion We Carry in WSGTanaris-US1966
10Aeonblaze Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1938
11Ventar Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1908
12Exiö LockDownTanaris-US1891
13Kaeekorr Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1888
14Sarumman Enduring VisionTanaris-US1874
15Treesum DefianceTanaris-US1870
16Seansenberg AIA Car WashTanaris-US1863
17Sephlrothh LockDownTanaris-US1862Not updated
18Valerisa Enduring VisionTanaris-US1857
19Solicer JadedTanaris-US1848
20Noobstatz  Tanaris-US1841
21Ignîte Enduring VisionTanaris-US1824
22Wilyumwallus LockDownTanaris-US1816
23Máximus Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US1811
24Zoosh Subjected to a BeatingTanaris-US1808
25Almostbroken Eighty SixTanaris-US1807
26Shamzywow Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US1806
27Mothor JadedTanaris-US1799
28Swêrvê SecessionTanaris-US1793
29Galvick LockDownTanaris-US1786
30Seanadin AIA Car WashTanaris-US1784
30Missbessie JadedTanaris-US1784
32Bozman JadedTanaris-US1775
33Kwahono JadedTanaris-US1773
34Xiv ExcellenceTanaris-US1766
35Lostrat JadedTanaris-US1765
36Temujinn JadedTanaris-US1763
37Deadrekoning Candy Coated KillahzTanaris-US1757
38Aalicya JadedTanaris-US1753
39Dumpsterdan Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1752
40Talsromeo Enduring VisionTanaris-US1748
40Wep LockDownTanaris-US1748
42Hexagrammos JadedTanaris-US1747
43Daganet JadedTanaris-US1746
43Halfbaked SecessionTanaris-US1746
45Ishajunya JadedTanaris-US1742
46Linanar Tao of OdinTanaris-US1741
47Nÿmph LockDownTanaris-US1724
48Zailought SecessionTanaris-US1722
49Hillkill LockDownTanaris-US1720
50Herc The UnnamedTanaris-US1716
51Deadthrom AmeliorateTanaris-US1712
52Wackydude Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1707
53Törgar Control Alt EliteTanaris-US1704
54Potionmastaa Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US1702
55Profetz LiberationTanaris-US1699
56Grîmstônê South of HeavenTanaris-US1693
57Iatrogenic Wave of MutilationTanaris-US1690
58Bananno Control Alt EliteTanaris-US1681
59Darkpassnger Candy Coated KillahzTanaris-US1679
59Jelme JadedTanaris-US1679
61Kalishka SecessionTanaris-US1673
62Erynnus Enduring VisionTanaris-US1668
63Tendario LockDownTanaris-US1666
64Midorisun Elven FateTanaris-US1663
65Profitz LiberationTanaris-US1661
66Scythic because the internetTanaris-US1659
67Highntight JadedTanaris-US1650
68Thromok AmeliorateTanaris-US1647
68Sujim South of HeavenTanaris-US1647
70Kurnbrez South of HeavenTanaris-US1645
71Nushie LockDownTanaris-US1637
72Althamon South of HeavenTanaris-US1635
73Maximiley LockDownTanaris-US1633Not updated
74Stjude LiberationTanaris-US1631
75Koshi South of HeavenTanaris-US1629
76Yap LiberationTanaris-US1625
77Kazgrom South of HeavenTanaris-US1624
78Undeadbono JadedTanaris-US1611
79Mizprez Candy Coated KillahzTanaris-US1606
79Mouriir SecessionTanaris-US1606
79Gunilja Tao of OdinTanaris-US1606Not updated
82Tallyblue Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1594
83Vexxon Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1591
84Hobscortana South of HeavenTanaris-US1585
85Superhuman Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1572
86Critneyfears AnubisTanaris-US1561Not updated
86Jossi Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1561
88Meöw Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1539
88Shockasean AIA Car WashTanaris-US1539
90Titmonlee South of HeavenTanaris-US1537Not updated
91Veedar Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US1526
92Randomdeath  Tanaris-US1519
93Pacem LockDownTanaris-US1513
94Jameshuman Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1512
95Warlockjames Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1502
95Angelicâ Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1502
97Kendrek LockDownTanaris-US1493Not updated
97Gnomepuntr SecessionTanaris-US1493
99Stiffysword Kitchen Table KnightsTanaris-US1481
99Barrbarric  Tanaris-US1481

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