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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Sylvanas-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Lurtex NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2671
2Gelußaba After LifeSylvanas-EU2595Not updated
3Razaquuxd TEAM SOMALIASylvanas-EU2589
4Sergijus Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU2540Not updated
5Unbella Nosferatu VIllSylvanas-EU2537Not updated
6Bafurious Go back to ratschoolSylvanas-EU2523Not updated
7Healingstat SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2519
7Shakemilk SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2519Not updated
9Clickz DepthcoreSylvanas-EU2514Not updated
10Snaggelina TyrantSylvanas-EU2506
11Nieze SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2504Not updated
12Crittykittyx  Sylvanas-EU2484Not updated
12Sadstory After LifeSylvanas-EU2484Not updated
14Klärit Bloodthirsty KillersSylvanas-EU2475Not updated
14Pylleröx  Sylvanas-EU2475Not updated
16Buubzz PlaymatesSylvanas-EU2469
17Pyllerøx  Sylvanas-EU2455Not updated
18Tastemyrolls DepthcoreSylvanas-EU2445
19Pyllerox  Sylvanas-EU2442Not updated
20Sadstøry After LifeSylvanas-EU2429Not updated
21Jülebrus TEAM SOMALIASylvanas-EU2425Not updated
22Hannibalbarc PvP AcademySylvanas-EU2421Not updated
22Momine we hug in the showerSylvanas-EU2421Not updated
24Pyllerø  Sylvanas-EU2397Not updated
25Lurtéx NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2395
26Bbypaq  Sylvanas-EU2394Not updated
27Gtfomyfaceyo TEAM SOMALIASylvanas-EU2392Not updated
28Mojovoodoo We are RebornSylvanas-EU2389
29Urviel NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2387
30Fille Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU2386
31Bxtchpleeze TEAM SOMALIASylvanas-EU2369Not updated
32Jîn NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2365
33Hotméup hey im mvpSylvanas-EU2361
34Natußòóbie  Sylvanas-EU2360Not updated
35Bmanx  Sylvanas-EU2333Not updated
36Maîtreyøda SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2330Not updated
37Slicendíce THUGZ MANSIONSylvanas-EU2328Not updated
38Razaquu TEAM SOMALIASylvanas-EU2318Not updated
39Ziggyzaggyqt SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2311Not updated
40Abígail Silent VisionSylvanas-EU2308
41Aytikz The InsigniaSylvanas-EU2304Not updated
42Twerkkin PlaymatesSylvanas-EU2301Not updated
43Vlavlipz  Sylvanas-EU2297Not updated
43Clarize Im sick npSylvanas-EU2297Not updated
45Caròline  Sylvanas-EU2294Not updated
45Clicked DO ITSylvanas-EU2294
47Maydie  Sylvanas-EU2293Not updated
48Skyfâll RenegadeSylvanas-EU2288
49Morithil SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2285Not updated
49Partyurviel Im sick npSylvanas-EU2285Not updated
51Mindcrackêr SarmageddonSylvanas-EU2284
52Ðjblock Im sick npSylvanas-EU2282Not updated
53Noezy PvP AcademySylvanas-EU2278Not updated
54Badfather  Sylvanas-EU2277Not updated
55Câmptiy PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU2275Not updated
56Palapop THIS IS KOBANÊSylvanas-EU2270Not updated
56Bilderberg DO ITSylvanas-EU2270Not updated
58Dardiuz MainstreamSylvanas-EU2266
59Aeroftw PVP CompanySylvanas-EU2265Not updated
60Shôrtest No Hype for WipeSylvanas-EU2259Not updated
61Dyne LucidiumSylvanas-EU2256
62Lîx Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU2255
62Hífriend SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2255Not updated
64Yünözwei Im sick npSylvanas-EU2253Not updated
65Ceille Night GuardSylvanas-EU2249Not updated
66Surelockz Im sick npSylvanas-EU2247Not updated
67Jnzy NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2245
68Saylin Team ZimbabweSylvanas-EU2237Not updated
69Vlavlipx Fearless CombatSylvanas-EU2232
69Morilith SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2232Not updated
69Insyliax  Sylvanas-EU2232
72Azurma SquirtlesSylvanas-EU2231Not updated
72Lolunfair MainstreamSylvanas-EU2231
74Emmastown  Sylvanas-EU2228Not updated
75Antartic UFC PVPSylvanas-EU2227Not updated
76Góuda LØVELYSylvanas-EU2225Not updated
77Aneel  Sylvanas-EU2221
77Sadzoe After LifeSylvanas-EU2221Not updated
79Hankstar End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU2217
80Executioner  Sylvanas-EU2216Not updated
81Dramica SparkSylvanas-EU2214
82Chosén NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2212Not updated
82Scherbowsky SparkSylvanas-EU2212Not updated
84Dreamzforeal SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2211
85Ènigma Loyal TraitorsSylvanas-EU2210Not updated
86Lomani The Power RangersSylvanas-EU2209
86Akkatest PvP AcademySylvanas-EU2209Not updated
88Reflex DepthcoreSylvanas-EU2206Not updated
88Drblaze NOBODY LIKES USSylvanas-EU2206Not updated
88Inkia  Sylvanas-EU2206Not updated
91Chastyy SparkSylvanas-EU2204Not updated
91Shuíchi SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2204Not updated
93Joefernandes SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2203Not updated
93Lillanía SparkSylvanas-EU2203Not updated
95Lightank  Sylvanas-EU2201Not updated
96Shìvâ DisputedSylvanas-EU2197Not updated
97Nythix DO ITSylvanas-EU2190
98Crazé SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2187Not updated
98Clogs MainstreamSylvanas-EU2187
100Shuichiqt SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU2186

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