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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Suramar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Feluccaz FriendsSuramar-US2217Not updated
2Issy LogicSuramar-US2203Not updated
3Bæst Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US2108Not updated
4Korahem UmbraSuramar-US2101Not updated
5Stonedmonkey UmbraSuramar-US2092Not updated
6Sneakylover Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US2091Not updated
7Nitromonster LogicSuramar-US2066Not updated
8Proclord FriendsSuramar-US2056Not updated
9Apperatus RoCSuramar-US2049Not updated
10Smäshadin RoCSuramar-US2043Not updated
11Abattoir UmbraSuramar-US2041Not updated
12Pv UmbraSuramar-US2038Not updated
13Pyrocaln RoCSuramar-US2036Not updated
14Brokenbladez Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US2031Not updated
15Bossbiscuit  Suramar-US2029Not updated
16Paze UmbraSuramar-US2027Not updated
17Spicyheals UmbraSuramar-US2026Not updated
18Schnooklet The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US2022Not updated
19Ragarof RoCSuramar-US2020Not updated
20Jokez UmbraSuramar-US2017Not updated
21Abatwah UmbraSuramar-US2015Not updated
22Bigholycow RoCSuramar-US2014Not updated
23Rippendrain UmbraSuramar-US2013Not updated
24Siamesegunz Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US2011Not updated
24Felucca FriendsSuramar-US2011Not updated
26Jcvp UmbraSuramar-US2007Not updated
27Yewzaho LogicSuramar-US2002Not updated
27Lornaya Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US2002Not updated
29Mcburst  Suramar-US2001Not updated
29Dolan RoCSuramar-US2001Not updated
31Hellafoxy LogicSuramar-US1999Not updated
32Wheels RoCSuramar-US1990Not updated
33Creambeard Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1985Not updated
34Hakloo RoCSuramar-US1982Not updated
35Ashelinara RoCSuramar-US1981Not updated
36Uthgor Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1979Not updated
37Zatox UmbraSuramar-US1975Not updated
38Flowerpowers RoCSuramar-US1974Not updated
39Caristarlah Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1971Not updated
40Scorchedice RoCSuramar-US1970Not updated
40Tinkerbèll RoCSuramar-US1970Not updated
42Tronarculo RoCSuramar-US1969Not updated
43Vieksie RoCSuramar-US1964Not updated
43Koaa The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US1964Not updated
45Blackhexen Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1961Not updated
46Kroaked RoCSuramar-US1959Not updated
47Nicromancer RoCSuramar-US1954Not updated
48Duranngo RoCSuramar-US1951Not updated
49Crimsonsoul Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1948Not updated
50Pünk RoCSuramar-US1947Not updated
51Froggles RoCSuramar-US1945Not updated
52Swiz The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US1944Not updated
53Cerá RoCSuramar-US1941Not updated
53Banktoan RoCSuramar-US1941Not updated
55Feijon RoCSuramar-US1929Not updated
56Nrguser RoCSuramar-US1928Not updated
57Froginator RoCSuramar-US1927Not updated
58Remara  Suramar-US1921Not updated
58Paris LogicSuramar-US1921Not updated
60Emergency From ChaosSuramar-US1918Not updated
61Nucro RoCSuramar-US1916Not updated
62Jonnathan TheElementSuramar-US1915Not updated
63Mirddin Holy Knights of AntiochSuramar-US1913Not updated
64Lkspet RoCSuramar-US1907Not updated
65Tranor Samurai Dragon SlayersSuramar-US1901Not updated
66Gammstein From ChaosSuramar-US1900Not updated
67Lillolmourn RoCSuramar-US1895Not updated
68Dau RoCSuramar-US1891Not updated
69Kbart LogicSuramar-US1877Not updated
70Subzeroz Special SauceSuramar-US1871Not updated
71Marxmenship RoCSuramar-US1857Not updated
72Incinerating RoCSuramar-US1856Not updated
73Agøny UmbraSuramar-US1845Not updated
74Zakurò LogicSuramar-US1825Not updated
75Zombience RoCSuramar-US1824Not updated
76Yeahbo  Suramar-US1821Not updated
77Fumie RoCSuramar-US1819Not updated
77Zundor The Obsidian OrderSuramar-US1819Not updated
79Mùlán Multifarious IncSuramar-US1817Not updated
80ßabes RoCSuramar-US1813Not updated
80Sellvetarm RoCSuramar-US1813Not updated
82Kyrex UmbraSuramar-US1803Not updated
83Dirtyrosales AnomalySuramar-US1802Not updated
84Obfuscius From ChaosSuramar-US1785Not updated
85Astonishment RoCSuramar-US1773Not updated
86Roundrox One JobSuramar-US1747Not updated
86Reignarose LogicSuramar-US1747Not updated
88Korvetta Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1745Not updated
89Joular The Knights of KhrylSuramar-US1742Not updated
90Uthgar Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1730Not updated
91Bubbinator RoCSuramar-US1728Not updated
92Herbalremedy UmbraSuramar-US1726Not updated
93Healaria The Three KingdomsSuramar-US1724Not updated
94Kbartley LogicSuramar-US1703Not updated
95Proudhon UmbraSuramar-US1700Not updated
96Elcohaulic Keep it Simple StupidSuramar-US1697Not updated
97Singaia AnomalySuramar-US1687Not updated
98 Womb RaidersSuramar-US1667Not updated
99Epona RoCSuramar-US1653Not updated
100Sett UnkemptSuramar-US1643Not updated

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