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Stormscale-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Wy Itinerant LegionStormscale-US2250
2Diddyriese BlackdawnStormscale-US2116
3Pepprdgefarm BlackdawnStormscale-US2105
4Py BlackdawnStormscale-US2061
5Pyrak BlackdawnStormscale-US2034
6Hokusmokus Wicked KnightsStormscale-US2024
7Merryfistmas Thuggin LoveStormscale-US2022
8Pygrr BlackdawnStormscale-US1995
9Grapepunch Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1984
10Hotbuns Thuggin LoveStormscale-US1959Not updated
11Treetarded Daichin TengriStormscale-US1948
12Imtank Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1946
13Dreadfang Daichin TengriStormscale-US1945
14Yourchampion Thuggin LoveStormscale-US1936Not updated
15Socolata Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1935
16Sidmurda Thuggin LoveStormscale-US1932
17Suplifting We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1930
18Heavenblade Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1916
19Imboss Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1911
20Twittah We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1905
21Movarok  Stormscale-US1902
22Koree Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1896
23Winscar Daichin TengriStormscale-US1895
24Pookangkang Thuggin LoveStormscale-US1894Not updated
25Asirus Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1884
26Flashbomb Thuggin LoveStormscale-US1882
27Känvikt We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1876
28Pastime Daichin TengriStormscale-US1872
29Celtics BenedictionStormscale-US1863
30Jølanity Daichin TengriStormscale-US1860
31Specialist RipeStormscale-US1858
32Fortitute  Stormscale-US1848
33Heatin Itinerant LegionStormscale-US1842
34Hàtchet Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1841
35Clanbustacap We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1837
36Boostewil  Stormscale-US1832
37Harthan Divine CrusadeStormscale-US1827
38Klanmanimal We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1825Not updated
39Tooyoungdk We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1818
39Krylle Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1818
41Nalilya Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1816
42Kridava Daichin TengriStormscale-US1813
43Locktacid  Stormscale-US1809
44Artielange We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1808
45Kazarev Sapere AudeStormscale-US1803
46Eatthissuka Devils AdvocatesStormscale-US1797
47Padmé Mad DecentStormscale-US1786
48Akrias Akrias Fan ClubStormscale-US1781
48Badbish Mad DecentStormscale-US1781
50Healsuraz  Stormscale-US1779
51Littlechit Mad DecentStormscale-US1777
52Taterdots We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1775
53Sheldar Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1773
54Tyriam Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1771
55Rakahan Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1766
56Felis Sapere AudeStormscale-US1765
57Oria Sapere AudeStormscale-US1759
58Randpaul Mad DecentStormscale-US1758
59Olai W R A T HStormscale-US1754Not updated
60Vexxer Ninjas With AttitudeStormscale-US1750
61Aléxandros Mad DecentStormscale-US1749
62Stvitus Devils AdvocatesStormscale-US1748
63Clanhuntr We Be Smackin BassStormscale-US1747
64Braegan GuileStormscale-US1746Not updated
65Blitskreig The Warlords of TimeStormscale-US1744
66Stoptrying Mad DecentStormscale-US1742
67Desdan Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1739
68Arianrhoda Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1737
69Mercydeniied Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1736
70Odynn Sapere AudeStormscale-US1735Not updated
71Monkeypus Mad DecentStormscale-US1732
72Herkules Mad DecentStormscale-US1731
73Gyyna Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1730Not updated
74Khansi CausticStormscale-US1728
75Funk Mad DecentStormscale-US1726
76Theoct BaconStormscale-US1723
76Yalipaw Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1723
78Leyara Mad DecentStormscale-US1718
78Wiid Mad DecentStormscale-US1718
80Jugulator Sapere AudeStormscale-US1717
81Soulsunder Mad DecentStormscale-US1715
82Vairne Divine CrusadeStormscale-US1714
83Ullrîs Mad DecentStormscale-US1710
84Labya Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1709
85Chublove Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1708
86Ash BlackdawnStormscale-US1703
87Glöw Pa Tin PretStormscale-US1702
88Novabelle Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1700
89Hålf Prestige World WideStormscale-US1699
90Blorgkrong KaoticStormscale-US1696
90Albyz The Lazy RangersStormscale-US1696
92Cyanne Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1694
93Mavelf Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1690
94Tinmiedo Pa Tin PretStormscale-US1689Not updated
95Caylle Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1682
96Redneckguy Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1676
97Robman ResurgenceStormscale-US1672
98Rakaneeshew Sapere AudeStormscale-US1671
99Fèar Mad DecentStormscale-US1670
99Shotsting Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1670

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