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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Battlecát Party On GarthStormscale-US2219Not updated
2Benzosx BlackdawnStormscale-US2218Not updated
3Pyrak BlackdawnStormscale-US2215Not updated
4Cynwise Makeout PartyStormscale-US2182Not updated
5Jiyeonlol Daichin TengriStormscale-US2110Not updated
6Purplepuddin Daichin TengriStormscale-US2100Not updated
7Baitz Daichin TengriStormscale-US2092Not updated
8Wildgrowth Violent TendenciesStormscale-US2080Not updated
9Taurenofpain  Stormscale-US2070Not updated
10Nephela  Stormscale-US2055Not updated
11Hajh Daichin TengriStormscale-US2050Not updated
12Grapepunch Wicked KnightsStormscale-US2049Not updated
13Témüjin Daichin TengriStormscale-US2018Not updated
14Taurenhunt Violent TendenciesStormscale-US2010Not updated
15Imtank Wicked KnightsStormscale-US2002Not updated
16Hokusmokus Wicked KnightsStormscale-US2000Not updated
17Ashsin BlackdawnStormscale-US1994Not updated
17Seçkzy Daichin TengriStormscale-US1994Not updated
19Nalilya Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1976Not updated
20Raçewar Daichin TengriStormscale-US1954Not updated
21Ash BlackdawnStormscale-US1944Not updated
22Werecat Daichin TengriStormscale-US1941Not updated
22Treetarded  Stormscale-US1941Not updated
24Neugdae Daichin TengriStormscale-US1937Not updated
25Celtics BenedictionStormscale-US1911Not updated
26Bigtail Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1906Not updated
26Pastime Daichin TengriStormscale-US1906Not updated
28Imboss Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1888Not updated
29Asirus Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1884Not updated
30Cyanne Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1870Not updated
31Arianrhoda Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1868Not updated
32Desdan Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1866Not updated
33Galarsh Daichin TengriStormscale-US1861Not updated
34Hàtchet Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1858Not updated
35Labya Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1853Not updated
36Altheia Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1840Not updated
37Shadowßeast The HerdStormscale-US1836Not updated
38Chublove Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1813Not updated
39Artielange Dun Morogh MafiaStormscale-US1808Not updated
40Seckzydevil Daichin TengriStormscale-US1793Not updated
41Viopriestess Feral AggressionStormscale-US1788Not updated
42Tyriam Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1771Not updated
43Rakahan Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1766Not updated
44Felis Sapere AudeStormscale-US1765Not updated
44Blinkyoudie Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1765Not updated
46Clanhuntr Dun Morogh MafiaStormscale-US1747Not updated
47Mavelf Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1734Not updated
48Theoct BaconStormscale-US1723Not updated
48Yalipaw Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1723Not updated
50Jugulator Sapere AudeStormscale-US1717Not updated
51Jurrak GravityStormscale-US1706Not updated
52Glöw Pa Tin PretStormscale-US1702Not updated
53Blorgkrong KaoticStormscale-US1696Not updated
54Rakaneeshew Sapere AudeStormscale-US1671Not updated
55Shotsting Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1670Not updated
56Chojin W R A T HStormscale-US1667Not updated
57Barrakas Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1666Not updated
58Cowadinchris CausticStormscale-US1656Not updated
59Cyabehindyou MandirigmaStormscale-US1653Not updated
60Druidsingh Daichin TengriStormscale-US1645Not updated
61Hurried Sapere AudeStormscale-US1631Not updated
62Practical Foxy ShazamStormscale-US1625Not updated
63Azumora Foxy ShazamStormscale-US1624Not updated
64Half GuileStormscale-US1619Not updated
65Eldgar Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1617Not updated
66Savras GothicStormscale-US1592Not updated
67Reagan Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1532Not updated
68Starvingcat Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1505Not updated
69Ragejunky A Horde Without HerosStormscale-US1504Not updated
70Bphophix Forgotten ShadowStormscale-US1494Not updated
71Arlee Divine CrusadeStormscale-US1476Not updated
72Littlebeard Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1430Not updated
73Emerus GothicStormscale-US1392Not updated
74Kitefordays Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1341Not updated
74 Daichin TengriStormscale-US1341Not updated
76Catholicism Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1317Not updated
77Reagann Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1299Not updated
78Chibby GothicStormscale-US1291Not updated
79Neons Elite Waffle SquadStormscale-US1149Not updated
80Heallyz Legion of BoomStormscale-US1148Not updated
81Kreate Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1147Not updated
82Fidgety BlackdawnStormscale-US1145Not updated
83Zercies Legion of BoomStormscale-US1144Not updated
84Thormagni Darkmoon CarniesStormscale-US1142Not updated
85Blkgodapollo PvPnessStormscale-US1140Not updated
85Kittentreats EightySixedStormscale-US1140Not updated
87Talik Wicked KnightsStormscale-US1138Not updated
88Crazyeyes Sapere AudeStormscale-US1132Not updated
89Prass Guardians of the AetherStormscale-US960Not updated
90Kahn Wicked KnightsStormscale-US959Not updated
90Chameetri Makeout PartyStormscale-US959Not updated
90Haoth Daichin TengriStormscale-US959Not updated
90Liquidacid Daichin TengriStormscale-US959Not updated
90Rÿú Wicked KnightsStormscale-US959Not updated
90Lovepunches Daichin TengriStormscale-US959Not updated
96Aryâstark Valar MørghulisStormscale-US957Not updated
97Mythrension BlackdawnStormscale-US956Not updated
97Unstoppablee EightySixedStormscale-US956Not updated
99Greglioush Wicked KnightsStormscale-US955Not updated
100Chrisykhoi Sapere AudeStormscale-US952Not updated

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