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Stormscale-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Maddøg Rolls In A Chevy Six FoStormscale-EU2551
2Wapsik LÏKÈ Â ßÂWZStormscale-EU2491
3Nukëla lob a moronStormscale-EU2455
4Lazerdisease I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2426
5Ðmxx lob a moronStormscale-EU2420
6Héxdóctór Got LobbedStormscale-EU2403
6Flùme YåspresentStormscale-EU2403
8Prayzstation  Stormscale-EU2401
9Yoquz I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2399
10Moondawn I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2392
11Loserating PsychitudeStormscale-EU2384
12Tryckerpådai  Stormscale-EU2370Not updated
13Morkkisjr I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2367
14Reidzen I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2365
15Nebrasko I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2364
16ßullys Guild Of ThronesStormscale-EU2363
17Kawasumiqt hey im avgStormscale-EU2361
18Nebb I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2354
19Bôby  Stormscale-EU2352
20Djflappers Guild Of ThronesStormscale-EU2350
21Noctyfer I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2345
22Rèem MMRStormscale-EU2338
22Reckstorminc  Stormscale-EU2338
24Felic SidewaysStormscale-EU2329
25Brobeansqt  Stormscale-EU2322Not updated
26Celstiusd MMRStormscale-EU2320
27Shiverzx PsychitudeStormscale-EU2318
28Fainttnt I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2317
29Kagrey The Darkest RedStormscale-EU2308
29Doctóre hey im avgStormscale-EU2308
31Morkkisx  Stormscale-EU2307
32Scylla hey im avgStormscale-EU2306
33Tafsiri lob a moronStormscale-EU2305
34Djpokemon hey mom look im famousStormscale-EU2304
34Healidan high im hiStormscale-EU2304
34Suchlock PawnstarsStormscale-EU2304
34Charglol shadow nightStormscale-EU2304
38Emopandaa Rolls In A Chevy Six FoStormscale-EU2298
38Óv ExhaleStormscale-EU2298
40Dúkefreezem  Stormscale-EU2296
41Alléria Awkward SilenceStormscale-EU2294
42Squz I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2293
43Híddenbrain SidewaysStormscale-EU2289
44Ribsjr SidewaysStormscale-EU2288
44Namqtirl YåspresentStormscale-EU2288
46Shockñorris hey im avgStormscale-EU2287
47Khynn hey im avgStormscale-EU2285
48Àléx hey im avgStormscale-EU2281
49Lhuu hey im avgStormscale-EU2279
50Darqstrom YåspresentStormscale-EU2278
51Jackofblade Undisputed PvPStormscale-EU2272
51Nexuskjeld  Stormscale-EU2272
53Faintnt The Big BangStormscale-EU2266
54Graymist MonsterStormscale-EU2265
55Leeburridge hey im avgStormscale-EU2264
56Tupanik hey im avgStormscale-EU2263
56Meowth FatGnomesAreHardToKidnapStormscale-EU2263
58Johnqtlolx  Stormscale-EU2262
59Alàna hey im avgStormscale-EU2259
60Pokaboo hey im avgStormscale-EU2258
61Gromaburst hey im avgStormscale-EU2257
62Diamondheart  Stormscale-EU2256
62Koviss hey im avgStormscale-EU2256
64Blazeqtlol SidewaysStormscale-EU2251
65Shaunlol namStormscale-EU2250Not updated
65Djchicken hey im avgStormscale-EU2250
67Nyxel MMRdcoreStormscale-EU2249Not updated
68Djskelly hey im avgStormscale-EU2248
69Hotméup The Darkest RedStormscale-EU2246
70Arrive PsychitudeStormscale-EU2245
71Yoquit Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2244
71Nakasha hey im avgStormscale-EU2244
73Raekonz MMRdcoreStormscale-EU2243
73Shlouha The Big BangStormscale-EU2243
75Fíngertips MMRStormscale-EU2241
76Paox KaarmaStormscale-EU2239
77Nebq MMRStormscale-EU2238
78Lickei Eat My CritStormscale-EU2235
78Revoked MMRdcoreStormscale-EU2235
80Gigana ExplosiveStormscale-EU2234
81Wargód Booty BaywatchStormscale-EU2233
82Cerebrux IntrinsicStormscale-EU2231
82Jnzy MMRdcoreStormscale-EU2231
84Gummyßear  Stormscale-EU2228
85Rahtra hey im avgStormscale-EU2226
86Havocx namStormscale-EU2225
86Icdéädhåtêrs hey im avgStormscale-EU2225
88Starslol MMRStormscale-EU2222
88Nightmàrèz KaarmaStormscale-EU2222
90Papercat MMRdcoreStormscale-EU2220
91Velv hey im avgStormscale-EU2219
92Aurlia MMRStormscale-EU2218
93Doomster MMRStormscale-EU2216
94Fuzionz PsychitudeStormscale-EU2214
95Ârmageddon hey im avgStormscale-EU2212
95Lilabartig YåspresentStormscale-EU2212
97Marlkxlol Grand Theft ElekkStormscale-EU2211
98Beechee namStormscale-EU2210
98Acidflowz YåspresentStormscale-EU2210
100Greatcow intim hagridStormscale-EU2209

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