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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Kadatric BrewtalityStormscale-EU2572Not updated
2Wapsik LÏKÈ Â ßÂWZStormscale-EU2524Not updated
3Héxdóctór We did itStormscale-EU2497Not updated
4Noctyfer Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2479Not updated
5Lazerdisease Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2473Not updated
6Redbaguette Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2467Not updated
7Marlkx Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2466Not updated
8Whitebaguete Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2463Not updated
9Hotméup Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2458Not updated
10Alléria Awkward SilenceStormscale-EU2451Not updated
11Incredibade I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2450Not updated
12Bubztko Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2391Not updated
13Cameltotemx  Stormscale-EU2371Not updated
14Downgrade Z A OStormscale-EU2367Not updated
15Njuppi SkånetrafikenStormscale-EU2365Not updated
16Lyría Z A OStormscale-EU2362Not updated
17Shruxx Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2347Not updated
18Ðibbz  Stormscale-EU2346Not updated
19Reckstorminc  Stormscale-EU2338Not updated
20Kishvard ExplosiveStormscale-EU2337Not updated
20Icdéädhåtêrs Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2337Not updated
22Scylla Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2332Not updated
23Shinigãmi Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2315Not updated
24Noktýn Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2313Not updated
25Chocx Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2312Not updated
26Doctóre Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2308Not updated
27Ctepie Z A OStormscale-EU2306Not updated
28Foxxilol Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2305Not updated
29Bullxo Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2304Not updated
29Notbasco The HordeStormscale-EU2304Not updated
29Healidan high im hiStormscale-EU2304Not updated
29Elizabethtwo YåspresentStormscale-EU2304Not updated
33Seeraa Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2303Not updated
33Shaølingødx Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2303Not updated
35Zephye I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU2302Not updated
36Djskelly Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2301Not updated
36Nakasha Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2301Not updated
38Shockñorris Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2295Not updated
39Uglypreist Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2293Not updated
40Lieuténantx Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2292Not updated
41Zurphx RespireStormscale-EU2289Not updated
41Greybox MMRdcoreStormscale-EU2289Not updated
43Ribsjr Z A OStormscale-EU2288Not updated
44Sevenoaki ExplosiveStormscale-EU2285Not updated
45Razaquu YåspresentStormscale-EU2283Not updated
46Pinkbaguette Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2282Not updated
47Oûtlaw Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2274Not updated
48Cambrid Going NowhereStormscale-EU2271Not updated
49Tanksinátra Rebellium LuxuriaStormscale-EU2269Not updated
50Shinaru Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2267Not updated
50Chibsx we love pilavStormscale-EU2267Not updated
52Jackofblade Z A OStormscale-EU2265Not updated
53Nyxel Z A OStormscale-EU2264Not updated
53Leeburridge hey im avgStormscale-EU2264Not updated
53Herakless Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2264Not updated
56Lihanne lmagineStormscale-EU2263Not updated
57Marlkxlol Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2260Not updated
58Colopos Undisputed PvPStormscale-EU2255Not updated
59Devilíx The Big BangStormscale-EU2251Not updated
59Faintnt The Big BangStormscale-EU2251Not updated
61Alàna Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2246Not updated
62Shlouha Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2245Not updated
63Prambo Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2239Not updated
63Loser Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2239Not updated
63Paox KaarmaStormscale-EU2239Not updated
66Lhuu Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2236Not updated
67Emtée Z A OStormscale-EU2234Not updated
68Shikatoxc I Lucky Ones IStormscale-EU2231Not updated
68Cravineef PímpMyRNGStormscale-EU2231Not updated
68Jnzy YåspresentStormscale-EU2231Not updated
71Johnqtlolx MMRdcoreStormscale-EU2229Not updated
72Gigana ExplosiveStormscale-EU2225Not updated
73Oohdamm The Big BangStormscale-EU2223Not updated
74Foxarna The SupremacyStormscale-EU2222Not updated
74Nightmàrèz KaarmaStormscale-EU2222Not updated
76Isoz Arena On FireStormscale-EU2221Not updated
76Bonlol Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2221Not updated
78Frisc Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2219Not updated
78Asylumdance I AM A DOLPHIN HIRHIRHIIStormscale-EU2219Not updated
78Combofixer MeclisStormscale-EU2219Not updated
81Jeezy Z A OStormscale-EU2217Not updated
82Zaclon Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2216Not updated
83Chilloút Earthbound EaglesStormscale-EU2214Not updated
83Carryplz Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2214Not updated
85Beechee namStormscale-EU2210Not updated
85Ðenzo Z A OStormscale-EU2210Not updated
87Wheepx SidewaysStormscale-EU2209Not updated
88Indilaa AlternateStormscale-EU2207Not updated
89Korapika Z A OStormscale-EU2206Not updated
90Combodamage MeclisStormscale-EU2204Not updated
90Bullysx Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2204Not updated
92Sharock FörsvarsmaktenStormscale-EU2203Not updated
92Coularx Z A OStormscale-EU2203Not updated
94Crezzer Undisputed PvPStormscale-EU2202Not updated
94Bonfireboy Glads N DropoutsStormscale-EU2202Not updated
94Becky The Big BangStormscale-EU2202Not updated
97Naalh intim hagridStormscale-EU2201Not updated
97Bloodzacker Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU2201Not updated
97Åléx hey im avgStormscale-EU2201Not updated
100Moonqúéén Z A OStormscale-EU2200Not updated

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